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How Area Pages Can Improve Your Site’s Organic Traffic

Here is a Case Study of How we got Huge Traffic to Your Website by Just Adding Area Pages to improve the website’s organic traffic on SERPs in Google Search




How Area Pages Can Improve Your Site’s Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is vital to run a successful website. And there are a bunch of factors which are responsible for organic traffic to your website such as informative content, authenticity, Search engine optimization, link building, and marketing etc.

But Area pages can also give rise to a substantial number of users to your website. That’s given. Here, we are going to reveal how area pages can bring a higher number of visitors to your site. Alright, let the cat come out of the bag!

Here is a Case Study of How we got Huge Traffic to Our Website by Just Adding Area Pages

organic traffic on SERPs in Google

Here, we are going to delve into how area pages can improve the organic Traffic to your site. Recently, we experimented with one of our websites comprising cargo services from the UK to Pakistan by just adding area pages.

A few months ago, we experimented with one of our websites that covered cargo services by adding area pages. Who would have thought that it could be a very successful move and attract a massive number of visitors to our website? That’s interesting. Before we get into our case study, let us have a look at the terms linked with our case studies.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Gone are the days when you had much to do in order to run a successful website. These days, it takes a considerable amount of polish and elbow grease before a brand new site appears on the search engines. Whenever people make use of the search engines, they’d most probably pick out the results that appear within the first five suggestions on Google, Bing, or whichever search engine they decide on to use. That being the case, things have become much trickier. For a new website to get a high number of visitors, Search Engine Optimization is something you can’t miss out on.

Well, before getting into the most used approaches of Search Engine Optimization, let’s spend a moment just defining SEO. Alright, Search Engine Optimization (Most commonly called as SEO) is a term that covers all the techniques and approaches to ensure that the website you are working on presents itself on the search engine results pages.

On-page SEO and off-page SEO are two most used approaches of Search Engine Optimization. On-page SEO involves optimizing your website to maximize the level of Traffic. It’s fundamentally about making the site as search-engine-friendly as possible but requires constant revision of the site to maintain its ranking. There are several different methods within on-page SEO, such as optimization of Keywords, title, and links, etc.

For the case of off-page SEO, it’s all about fostering the website via other channels. It depends upon other web pages to gain traffic to your site. Off-page SEO uses a fusion of strategies used to improve the website’s rank in the search engine results page (SERPs).

2. So, what precisely the term Organic Traffic refers to?

If we spend a moment just talking about Organic Traffic, it refers to the visitors who discover your website by entering specific words into the search engines. These words are called Keywords, and you can make the argument that keywords play a role that no one can shake a stick at in attracting visitors towards the websites of particular niches.

Organic Traffic analytics allow you to see how good your website is performing when it comes to attracting visitors. You would be able to increase the organic traffic by just probing into the errors and then correct the flaws and removing the unnecessary delays. That’s how things work.

So, what exactly the term Organic Traffic refers to?

3. Here’s the Case Study

Now that you know about the importance of SEO for any website, you can make the case that organic Traffic to your website is as essential as the water to a fish. More visitors means more impressions, service acquisitions, and sign-ups. That’s what every single admin would be hoping for.

We started running a website a couple of years ago, with a focus on offering cargo services from the UK to Pakistan. After a short while, we just decided to stretch out the services and make them available to all over the UK. Be that as it may, we did not add specific areas to the site in the first instance.

4. The importance of Adding Area Pages

The importance of Adding Area Pages

Soon after that, we thought of adding locations and area pages to our website, where we provided our services. Our team looked through the latest keywords that people used to fill the search boxes to send cargo from particular areas of the UK.

As a result, we have drawn up a list of most entered keywords for the particular areas and constructed pages with add on areas. To give an example, Cargo to Pakistan from London, East Ham, Birmingham, Glasgow, East Riding of Yorkshire and Leicester shire, and so on. The aforementioned move did an excellent job of attracting organic traffic towards our website.

5. Increased Organic Traffic

It turned out to be an excellent move. With Traffic of 1000 visitors initially, the number just crossed 6500 visitors within a short period of time. That’s mind-boggling, isn’t it? Right after that, the website we worked on, started ranking at the top position for all the main keywords. Our team soon analyzed that there was an immense upsurge in our service acquisition and, ultimately, in the revenue generation. Whoa!

6. Increased Conversion Rate

A quantum leap was also observed in the conversion rate. That means a considerable percentage of visitors signed up for the website after the area pages were added. Our analytical team soon revealed that the conversion rate increased from 16% to stinking 25% just due to the addition of area pages. Resultant, we managed to get more and more customers in a shorter period of time.

7. Insertion of Images on Area Pages

Another thing that we tried was the insertion of the images of landmarks belonging to that specific area on the area pages. It was, although, a novel idea, yet it garnered great results and gave our website a massive boost. These images offered the visitors to select the area without reading all the stuff, thus made our website more user-friendly and helped to boost the conversion rate.

These endeavors helped us in various ways and can do the same for yours too. For example, the insertion of area pages to the website can:

  • Direct visitors to your site
  • Increase organic traffic manifolds
  • Draw more local customers to your brand
  • Target perfect customer base
  • Alter impulses into sales
  • Improve the search engine ranking
  • Help you measure the output

8. Things you need to follow on Area Pages

Things you need to follow on Area Pages

Keeping close weather on the significance of Area Pages, there are some essential things that should be kept in mind to make them more vigilant and useful.

9. Keywords

Keywords are the essential ingredient of content in your area pages. Try to maintain appropriateness in their use. Try to use the keywords in the title of area pages to engage more and more Traffic to your website. The unsuitability of the usage of the keywords can severely affect the Traffic due to which the ranking, instead of being higher, starts to decrease. Therefore, it is recommended to use weighty and renowned keywords in the content of the area pages.

10. Maps

Remember, you are adding Area pages to your website. Then how can somebody know the exact location of the area? In this age of digital advancement, it is definitely Maps that will help your customers in a great deal to approach you and acquire your services in their locality and boast even improved importance of your area pages. This not only assists your customers in locating your point, but it is also beneficial for your website resulting in an improved search engine result ranking.

11. Presence on the Social Media

The outreach of your business can only be increased due to the presence of your services on social media. When all the services you offer can be founded on the social media pages, it can help people who most probably use social media sites to acquire your offers by visiting your website. So, this presence, in one way, can enhance your website ranking; therefore, make sure to grab the maximum advantages of social media.

12. Analytics

Google Analytics Platform

Are your services being acquired by the targeted audience? Are you addressing suitable customers? These two queries require huge attention. To cope up with these, make sure to keep analyzing traffic on the area pages of your website by using Google Analytics platform. It is a must to do a job to make sure that required customers are reaching your site, and you are addressing the most fitting clients. Keeping close weather on the analytics, you can run your area pages and website in a better way.

13. What do we say?

When you run your website in the right way, then it appears to be as easy as falling off a log. Unequivocally, certain things matter when it comes to fine-tuning the position of your website in search engines. Still, the area pages occupy their unique weight in addressing the right customers in the right way and at the right time. And if you want to enhance your business and improve the ranking and reach of your website, ensure to develop the area pages with having appropriateness of content and keywords in your website- no two ways about it.

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I am an Instructor, Broadly Skilled Modern Full Stack Web Developer, Freelancer, Tech Blogger, and Tech SEO Specialist.

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Digital Marketing

What Are Privacy-Friendly Website Analytics Tools?

I have listed the top 5 privacy-friendly website analytics tools that will help you evaluate your website better and safely without getting concerned about data theft or your security.




Web Ranking For Your Website

With the increasing dependence on technology, the concern of online data breaches and fraud relating to personal data is also increasingly bothering internet users.

Though many web analytics tools are available in the industry, they are a bit complicated and privacy-invasive. Regarding facial recognition, personal data, and location tracking, the privacy concern list is too long. The same concern goes for online website analytics tools.

It’s essential to choose a web analytic tool that is privacy-friendly as well as hassle-free to use. This article lists the top web-analytics tools that offer analytics services without invading users’ privacy.

Let’s begin!

A. How are Privacy-Friendly Website Analytic Tools Important?

Here are the top reasons to opt for a privacy-safe website analytic tool:

  • Ensures you keep your data safe: Before using your data, these web analytics tools ask for your consent, and even after the consent, the control is in the hands of the user.
  • Offers transparent data collection and processing: Private-safe web analytics tools are transparent about where your personal information is stored and how they use it, which minimizes the chances of data misuse.
  • Provides data security and protection: Privacy-friendly analytics tools minimize the risk of data leaks and breaches, prevent malicious attacks, and protect your data from human errors. They safeguard your data from unauthorized access, corruption, and online theft.

B. Top 5 Privacy-Friendly Websites Analytic Tools

Here are the top 6 privacy-friendly web analytic tools:

1. Fathom

Fathom is a privacy-focused Google Analytics

Fathom is a privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative that helps you make better business decisions and understand your web visitors better to generate leads and more sales without compromising your privacy.

They have a simple UTM builder to create and track campaigns to increase traffic. Fantom also offers uptime monitoring for free.

Top Features:

  • Provides real-time website insights
  • Compliances with GDPR and cookie directive
  • Offers to track files through super fast CDN
  • Offers to track goals like specific pages or clicks, newly signed-up email lists, and more
  • Provides shareable dashboards and password-protected links


  • Free trial and all the plans include up to 50 sites, uptime monitoring, ad-blocker bypassing, and unlimited email reports.
  • Fantom paid plans start at $14/month with up to 100,000 monthly page views.

2. Finteza

Finteza is a comprehensive web analytics tool

Finteza is a comprehensive web analytics tool that tracks and analyzes your website traffic, sales funnel, conversions, landing pages, and advertising campaigns by keeping your privacy safe.

Top Features:

  • Offers detailed traffic analysis
  • Uses special tools for webmasters
  • Offers optimization of conversion rate
  • Provides smooth data export feature
  • Identifies referral sources
  • Tracks real-time traffic sources


  • Finteza’s analytical service plan costs around 10 EUR per 100,000 unique visitors.
  • Their advertising engine plan is priced at 4 EUR per 100,000 ad zone impressions.

3. Plausible

Plausible is an open-source web analytics

Plausible is an open-source web analytics with no cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PEC designed in Europe owned by cloud infrastructure. It is one of the top Google Analytics alternatives.

Top Features:

  • Reduces your cookie banners
  • Provides shareable links to statistics
  • Offers password protection feature for shareable links
  • Provides seamless integration with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Ghost, Google, and many more.


  • Plausible pricing starts at $9/ monthly pageviews, which includes 50 websites, custom events, email/slack reports, unlimited data retention, 100% data ownership, and unlimited team members.
  • You will have to pay for services according to your need for monthly pageviews.

4. SimpleAnalytics

Simple Analytics is a privacy-first web analytic tool

Simple Analytics is a privacy-first web analytic tool that encrypts your data and provides no cookie banners for your visitors.

Their business model is based on privacy protection and complies with all privacy policies, including GDPR, PECR, CCPA, and many more.

It shows you crucial website data such as total viewed pages, referrers, number of page views, screen sizes, and more to better your customer experience.

Top Features:

  • Provides a smooth and straightforward interface
  • Offers analytics report directly to your email
  • Shows you the original traffic-driving referrer tweet
  • Bypasses Ad blockers
  • Provides easy accessibility to export data in CSV files or aggregates with JSON API
  • Offers two modes of operation, i.e., dark mode and light mode


  • Simple Analytics basic plans start at $9/month with 100,000 data points per month, a single user, ten websites, and aggregated reports.
  • Their business plan costs $49/month, allowing ten users, 100 websites, and basic level export.
  • Simple Analytics offers enterprise plans that cost around $99/month, allowing more than ten users, 100+ websites, and faster email support.

5. Insights

Insights is a privacy-safe web analytics

Insights is a privacy-safe web analytics and easy-to-use tool for developers. They provide faster-loading speed, page views tracking, and anonymous event tracking for your website to gather as much insight about your brand performance as possible.

Top Features:

  • Provides you with a customizable script that refrains you from navigating through multiple reports and pages
  • Offers faster performance in terms of page loading speed
  • Displays page statistics such as page visits, bounce rates, scrolling rate, and session time without saving your IP data, personal information, and cookies
  • Offers transparent services by entering open-source Insights.js code on Github, and you can also view data they collect from your website


  • Insights offer a free plan that includes up to 3k events or page views per month.
  • Their paid plan starts from $12/month, which allows up to 100k events or page views.
  • Insights offer their startup plan costing $29/month, allowing up to 1 million events or page views.
  • Their business plans cost around $79/month, which allows 10 million events and page views.

Final Thoughts

Privacy concerns are increasingly growing all around the world. Privacy-safe analytics tools help you analyze your business numbers better without worrying about your personal and visitors’ data breach.

I have listed the top 5 privacy-friendly website analytics tools that will help you evaluate your website better and safely without getting concerned about data theft or your security.

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