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Write For Us – Information Technology (IT), AI, IoT, ML, Telecom, VOIP, VoLTE, 4G, 5G, Android & iOS Apps, Cloud Computing, DevOps, BigData, Data Science, VR, AR, MR, Blockchain, Digital Marketing, SEO and Business Guest Post Articles @TwinzTech. TwinzTech always welcome all writers who want to guest post or contribute articles regularly. Guest Bloggers are always welcome here @TwinzTech.

Guest Posts Submission Requirements:

  • 1. Your articles must be original and free from copyright infringement. They also should not be reproduced anywhere else including your own blog.
  • 2. Your Content should be at least 800 words with headings and make sure the content is free from grammatical mistakes.
  • 3. Make Sure Blog post Title should be Attractive and less than 60 characters.
  • 4. Provide the unique featured image with HD Quality. Include other images if necessary for the content body. For reference, our blog is 720px (width) & 480px (height).
  • 5. In the content body, 1 or 2 internal links to your website or blog are accepted.
  • 6. Send Articles as an HTML file or in Microsoft Word Document format (no PDF files, please), as email attachments.

You could write about any of the following topics:

  • 1. Technology News & Updates and Digital Trends
  • 2. Gadgets, Mobile Apps, Android & iOS Apps, Reviews, & Ratings
  • 3. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), & Internet of Things (IoT)
  • 4. Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency & Ethical Hacking
  • 5. Cloud Computing, DevOps, & BigData
  • 6. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), & Mixed Reality (MR)
  • 7. Holographics & Oleophobic Displays
  • 8. Analytics, Data Science and Growth Hacking
  • 9. Telecommunication, Science and Technology
  • 10. Telecom, VOIP, 4G, 5G, LTE, 4G LTE, & VoLTE etc.
  • 11. Web Technologies (Javascript, React JS & jQuery etc.)
  • 12. Software Programming & Instructions
  • 13. WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • 14. Business News & Updates
  • 15. Blogging Tips & Tricks
  • 16. SEO, Technical SEO, & SEO Audit Tools
  • 17. Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing Tools
  • 18. Infographics, Case Studies, & Checklists
  • 19. Top 10’s and Top 20’s
  • 20. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Smart Home Automation & Security Systems
  • 21. Guides, Strategies, Tactics, Trends, Tips, Tricks and more!

What Articles we don’t accept:

  • 1. Topics that have already covered on our blog. Please search our site before submitting your articles.
  • 2. Topics that are irrelevant to our site.

How to submit your articles:

We will be very happy if you contribute content to TwinzTech. Please feel free to email us at twins@twinztech.com. Make sure the subject of your email includes the phrase “Guest Posts at TwinzTech” and write a short description to introduce yourself. If you have any queries regarding guest posting at TwinzTech, do let us know via the contact Us form or at twins@twinztech.com.

Sponsored Posts, Technology & Product Reviews:

If you are interested in sponsored posts or product/app/tech reviews, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. Just send an email to twins@twinztech.com and TwinzTech will get back to you.