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Site Kit: Google’s official WordPress Plugin – Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, Tag Manager, PageSpeed Insights and More

Site kit WordPress plugin is the best plugin from google, by using Site kit plugin WordPress users can get All google product information directly in the WordPress dashboard.




Site Kit WordPress plugin from Google

Site Kit the official WordPress plugin from Google, Site Kit plugin Google Released and available on Thursday, October 31, 2019, for all WordPress sites, officially available for everyone!, with the help of this you can get insights information from Google Analytics, Google Search Console (webmasters), PageSpeed Insights, AdSense, Tag Manager, Optimize, etc, you can monetizing your all Data and also check how to improve your site performance etc.

The advantage of this WordPress plugin you can directly get insights data in your WordPress dashboard. how to install Site Kit in your site, visit this link to install site kit plugin. You can also install from WordPress plugin directory.

Site Kit WordPress Plugin by Google

1. Why use site kit plugin for your WordPress website

The site kit makes easy to use, configure and set up, directly get google insights data on your WordPress dashboard, with the help of this plugin you can get and access Google Products directly and quickly.

2. The site kit Plugin for WordPress brings the all google products (tools) to WordPress dashboard

The site kit plugin contains powerful features by using these google products smoothly and Flexible.

  • By using site kit plugin you can get all statistics directly in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • All google products like Insights, Trends, Analytics, Google console (webmasters), AdSense and Admobs, etc. Site kit is an all in one Dashboard for all google products (tools).
  • The main advantage of this plugin, you can get comfortable and fast setup for Multiple Google Products (Tools), without add or edit source code of your site.
  • You can get all metrics data of your site and for different pages and posts etc.
  • With the help of this plugin, the site owners can easily manage and also grant the permissions or privileges of all google products through WordPress.

3. Site Kit supported google services

Site Kit shows full data insights and metrics data from multiple google products (tools).

Google data insights and metrics services

3.1. Google Search Console (Google Webmasters):

Google Search Console, provides online free web service from Google. Google Search Console allows webmasters to check the indexing site URL’s status and also optimizing the online visibility of your websites or webpages you can track your website Data or information and also get website Performance (website health report).

3.2. Google Analytics:

Google launched Google Web Analytics service in 2005 November 14, by using google web analytics service you can get or track and reports of all website insight traffic information, like bounce rate, session duration and pages per session, etc. and also track Active Users right now and real-time Analytics information, You can track All Traffic coming from all channels like social and other channels, etc. and also get users information coming from different country. And track What pages did users visit most.

Access Google’s unique insights information and Machine learning capable features to make the maximum of your data.

3.3. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense Cross-platform web-based application online advertisement service, it is free for participants and an easy way to use and earn money online by placing ads on your website. Google network provides different types of advertisements like images, video, or interactive media advertisements are target the online site content and audience, this service is initially released on June 18, 2003, developed and maintained by Google.

3.4. Google PageSpeed Insights:

Google PageSpeed Insights is a Google’s, PageSpeed Tool, this tool analyzes the content of the web page this tool specially designed to help the website’s performance optimizations, PageSpeed Insights introduced in the year of 2010 by Google, PageSpeed Insights can analyzes the both Mobile and desktop versions, and raises the issues, to solve, by using this tool you can make webpages of your site faster then previous.

3.5. Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that is provided by Google that allows you to manage & deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on your website (or mobile app) without modifying the code. Here’s a straightforward example of how Google Tag Manager works.

Google Tag Manager is a Tag management system (TMS) That allows users to authorize or manage the HTML and Javascript tags, custom templates and snippets, It is helpful for digital marketers (users) can easily make changes like add and remove HTML and Javascript tags by own, you can make changes without touching the main source code like add Analytics Tracking code, managing the AdSense tags and tracking pixels, etc.

3.6. Optimize Google tools:

No code required, Without writing, adding or editing the source code you can get site data on your dashboard. It will create free A/B tests that help you drive metric-based design solutions to your website.

Advantages of Site Kit Plugin

4. Advantages of Site Kit Plugin:

Site kit plugin helps the WordPress site owners to make ease of use and get all google Products (tools) insights data in a dashboard without need of a small bit of code add or write or edit.

The Connection, Disconnection and Manage sites services on WordPress Dashboard is as shown in below screenshots.

Permissions - Site Kit by Google

  • Easy to verify site ownership
  • comfortable and easy to use and access
  • you can get multiple google product insights (Analytics, Google Console (webmasters), AdSense and Admobs, etc)
  • No source code required (the easiest way to get install and manage all google Products (tools)

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Digital Marketing

Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords

Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords. Google Adwords network takes approximately 33% and Facebook has over 1.18 billion active users every day.




Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

Many businesses use both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. In our opinion, they are the best advertising platforms to expand business globally. When it comes to search engine usage, Google is the most popular search engine around; it has been serving more than 40,000 searchers per second.

Google Adwords network takes approximately 33% of digital ad revenue globally. On the other hand, Facebook has over 1.18 billion active users every day.

1. What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are called Google AdWords. It’s a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing network that tracks advertisements funded by businesses. These advertisements appear on the Google website in the search results or other websites using Display Network or Search Partners of Google.

Search Networks are fundamental to Google Ads. It allows businesses to advertise their business information, like their services or the products they sell. Users who are constantly searching for services or products can easily view an advertisement placed in Google Ads.

Using the related keywords, you can search in the Search Network. Choose the keywords related to your business or product, and when the user searches for a product or service using the keyword, they will activate an ad that appears on the SERPs.

What are Google Ads

If the user is interested, they can click on the link and get the required information. Whenever the user clicks on an ad, the advertising has to pay a certain amount of money.

This process is called “Pay-Per-Click” marketing. You will give each keyword a “Max CPC,” informing Google how much you want to pay when a user clicks on the business ad.

Mainly, the goal of marketing on Google is to get existing or new customers to your business website who are constantly searching and actively looking for the service or product you provide.

2. What are Facebook Ads?

Similar to Google, Facebook Ads are paid ads that – you guessed it – appear on Facebook. Facebook Ads also works similar to Google; the users who click on the ads get paid by the business advertiser.

You can also choose to pay per 1000 impressions if you wish. With Facebook Ads, you don’t have keywords as you do with Google. Instead, you can narrow down your audience by their interests. For example, if you own a gym, you can only target people interested in health and fitness.

Facebook Ads can show up in various places like:

  • Instagram Newsfeed
  • Facebook Newsfeed
  • Video Feeds
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Messenger Inbox
  • Right-hand Column

Facebook is considered highly competitive over the years as it has a large number of active users monthly compared to any other social media platform. That is why Facebook is creating prime space for a range of businesses to promote their business on Facebook.

What’s best for your business will depend on the type of product or service you are providing and your audience’s demographic and age. Some businesses will find a better return from Google Adwords, while others, Facebook, will be a better option. The best option is to test and measure the results or seek a qualified digital agency like Increaseo.


When it comes to spending your money to promote your business, it can be challenging to know what to do. Do you choose Google Ads? Do you choose Facebook Ads? The good news is Facebook ads, and Google AdWords are good options that can help you get more visitors to your website. Ideally, you’d use a combination of the two!

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