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Top 5 SEO Audit Tools You Should Use For Technical Analysis

Top 5 SEO Audit Tools You Should Use For Technical Analysis. SEO website analyzer tools for technical analysis” to improve website ranking on Google SERP



SEO Audit Tools

Are you just like me thinking about how can I conduct a website audit without using SEO audit tools? I researched it for a long time but unable to get the conclusion which works without Audit tools. Yes, it is not as easy as it seems to conduct a technical analysis of a website, but with the right tools, you can get the job done with optimal results. Using a free or premium “SEO website analyzer tools for technical analysis” is the most effective way to improve website ranking on Google. Free SEO audit tools or paid website checker software will also help you stay right on track as it analyses your site and will provide tips & suggestions to boost your search engine tactics and Google rankings.

Why In Depth Website Technical Audit is Crucial?

Why In Depth Website Technical Audit is Crucial?

Technical analysis of websites means a lot for a business person if his entire business is just relying on the website. Because a website is the most important marketing asset your business has. That means, if you want to see your business to the peak of the business heights then your website should appear on the top on the search engine first. Whether you work on it by implementing SEO or other marketing techniques. It’s important for you to devote right methods, proper time and planning. However, when it comes to a successful SEO strategy it all begins with the structure analytics and content of your website. If it is not well structured for on-page SEO, then the chances might all your other SEO efforts will directly suffer. This SEO audit report is a high-level report to offer you the tools and direction you need to follow to improve your SEO.

Best 5 SEO Audit Tools For Effective Website Analysis are here

Best 5 SEO Audit Tools

1. Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is the #1 SEO audit tool for effective technical website analysis. This amazing tool helps you by tracking down your site’s search performance. More than just a website audit tool, it is a free service offered by Google to help businesses monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot their website’s presence in Google Search results. This tool doesn’t require any signup, you can use its features without any signup as you already have been using google account. The best thing about this audit tool is it helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site and improving various aspects essential for a site like:

● Site errors
● Sitemaps
● Keyword ranking
● Page rankings
● Indexation problems
● Structured data
● Links

Google Search Console

Benefits of Google Search Console:

● It offers proper data & configuration control for your site as well as a wide range of visitor metrics.
● It gives you direct insight from Google that how the search engine sees your site.
● This amazing tool also helps you discover issues which impact your search result rankings, websites performance, and user experience.

2. SEOptimer:

SEOptimer is also one of the most popular SEO audit tools that are good for website technical analysis. With this amazing tool, you just enter your URL and it will give you tips with recommendations to further improve your SEO strategy. Apart from that, this ultimate SEO audit tool will not only give you outstanding scores on how well your site is laid out for SEO, but also offer you amazing user experience with mobile friendliness, social media, and other security features. We can just say that SEOptimer will give you a complete guide and information on what we need to improve for an effective SEO strategy. Title tags, header tags, meta tags, and meta descriptions are just a few important SEO aspects that SEOptimer will assess for you. Regardless of on-page optimization SEO recommendations, it will also assess the site’s overall backlink portfolio and sitemaps to ensure your website is working well and is optimized correctly.


Benefits of SEOptimer:

● It increases the number of page views.
● It increases the number of web pages search engines crawl and index.

3. Screaming Frog:

Another important SEO audit tool that you can find beneficial for the technical site is audit is Screaming Frog. It is not fully an SEO audit tool but more like a crawling tool, it crawls your site and comes up with all the possible SEO issues with your site. Not being a fully SEO audit tool, it still works as a complete site auditing tool that reports on nearly 35 specific parameters including meta tags, descriptions, response time, anchor text, outlines, and security. If you have approximately 500 pages, then this tool stands out from the crowd to give you the optimum results and best performance ever. Once it is done with the technical audit, you can view, analyze and filter the information hassle-free as it gathered and update the information continuously in the programs user interface.

Screaming Frog

Benefits of Screaming Frog:

● It crawls your sites’ URLs and fetches key elements to analyze and audit technical, onsite SEO on time.
● It thoroughly collects key onsite data to enable SEOs persons to make informed decisions.
● It saves you tons of work and time as it manually analyzes managing each page of your website can be quite challenging and time-consuming.

4. Semrush:

It is another SEO auditing tool mainly used to track the targeted keywords, PPC keywords, competitor research, and backlink of the competitors. To have an amazing technical SEO audit, you can use this tool to track the competitor’s data and can implement those in your SEO efforts in order to boost our website ranking. Apart from just tracking, it crawls a domain from the web browser and creates a real-time online report to show where there are potential SEO issues and how to resolve them easily. According to my personal experience, my favorite feature of this superb audit tool is the “historical & comparative sections”. Using these reactions, you can easily analyze whether changes to your website have had a positive or negative impact on its SEO potential or not?


Benefits of using Semrush:

● It focuses on saving your time, money and provides you the best opportunity to get marketing results faster.
● This tool offers you a transparent, strong and ready to build on the platform to attack your competitors from.
● With an eye on competitors as well as on your website, it plays a valuable role outside marketing strategy including for analysts, startup founders, and developers.

5. GTMatrix:

GTMatrix is also one of the important technical SEO audit tools. Its main objective is to test your website speed and find opportunities for further performance improvements. “Website speed together with a user-friendly interface” of this amazing tool will not only attract visitors but will also keep them sticking on your website for a long time. And if you are a business owner, then you definitely know how website speed means a lot for your website positive results. You can just say that speed and performance are two critical essentials that maximize your SEO efforts. The reason behind the majority of the users lose their interest is the speed of the website that doesn’t load in a few seconds. It irritates and enforces them to switch your site as soon as possible.


Benefits of using GTmetrix:

● It gives you insight into how well your website loads.
● It provides on-demand & quick recommendations on how to optimize the site’s speed & performance.
● It gives you a precise flowchart on how your website loads and helps you detect where bottlenecks are.

Get Started Now!

I don’t think it’s too early to implement the above top 5 SEO audit tools for your technical website analysis. These tools will scan your entire website and uncover the ways to increase search visibility. Many SEO problems arise in a marketing business if you do not analyze it on time and fixing it for better performance. The only analysis isn’t just enough anymore, it also needs time and efforts. Until and unless you do not understand the issue from the depth, you will never be able to resolve that issue. So, know the problem first and then implement the right methods or tools to fix that problem.

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James Silverwood is the SEO and marketing manager for a seo company in Saudi Arabia. He helps clients grow their web visibility through all aspects of digital marketing.

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