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5 Hottest Social Media trends that are must watch in [2019]

Social Media trends that improve & influencing digital marketing strategies. 5 Hottest Social Media trends that are must watch in 2019.



5 Hottest Social Media trends

Facebook was the first social network to have more than 1 billion active users in the year 2012. Facebook has shaped the social media landscape since its launch and has reportedly had over 2.32 billion active users in March 2019 only.

After social media became optimized for mobile browsing, most people find social media as their preferred companion for engagement. Statistics show that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide and the number is increasing with time (Emarsys, 2019).

The equation could be measured as 42% of the current population and the reason is, improvements in the mobile possibilities, making social media access even simpler no matter where you are. As social media is getting more and more integrated with our daily activities, it unveils numerous opportunities for businesses which are looking to reach the maximum audience through social media marketing. Social media not just maximize your reach but also expose your brand to a wider audience building their trust.

Many brands have included social media in their marketing strategies, either through influencing marketing or story ads. 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing are ‘somewhat effective’ or ‘very effective’ for their business (Buffer, 2019).

Measuring social media’s impact on different platforms could be difficult. 54% of social browsers use social media to research for products and most of them look for reviews and recommendations. Thus, for nurturing trust it is important to have transparent discussions with your followers.

Excellent customer service can influence other customers to spread your product through word of mouth.

Four communication says 49% of consumers depend on influencer’s recommendation. 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media would likely recommend the following brand to their friends and family (Lyfemarketing 2018).

Marketers implement a multitude of ways to interact with users to keep them happy. They’ve started to connect with their users in a collective form where they can reach all the users at once rather reaching them out individually. In the coming months, we can expect to see these marketers spending less time in social media posting publicly and more time on groups.

Social media and smartphones together have proliferated the essence of delivering the content through videos.

Conclusively, Social media has the potency to provide marketers a substantial value.

Likewise, there are many factors of social media that’d be in trend this year to help strengthen the engagement of your audience.

1) Voice Search on Social Media

The ease of using voice assistant is that it makes us easily forget that they are new tools driven by cutting-edge technologies using sophisticated natural-language processing & powerful machine learning to enable rapid queries. A futuristic element – ‘voice search’ may enhance the potential of social media marketing.

The growing influence of social media commerce

Brands, influencers and bloggers who run ad campaigns, may add a voice recording to complement the ad and also make the payment for ‘PPC’(PAY PER CLICK) completely hands-free. Moreover, all the tech inclusive wearables may get linked to the voice searches.

2) The growing influence of social media commerce

Social platform has always been the primary way for individuals to consume media, interact with brands, seek recommendations and ask for help.

It is also a platform for consumers to make buying decisions.

A recent study by ‘Curalate’ states that 76% of US consumers have purchased goods through a social post they saw and 40% decide on what to buy based on reviews and recommendations on social platforms.

The growing influence of social media commerce

Instagram’s ‘Checkout’ feature has made the shopping experience seamless for the users. This beta feature allows the user to find & purchase the product they love and also receive their order notification through the Instagram app itself.

3) The growth of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is evolving and making a huge push towards becoming an informative business for content sharing & connection nurturing network.

LinkedIn offers stability, civility & real value that’s sorely needed on some social platforms.

Statistics says that 40 million business decision-makers spend their time on LinkedIn as it offers 3 times better conversion rate than any other social media platform.

The growth of LinkedIn

From blogging to video publishing, LinkedIn has come forth with group functionality. Moreover, it offers premium data analysis & targeting capabilities-insight into those viewing your profile currently and many more.

LinkedIn has aggressively remade itself behind the curtains. Its data and profile are now integrated with a full range of Microsoft products from consumer apps to enterprise CRM software.

4) More strategic employee advocacy programs

Much like personal branding/marketing, when done with an influencer, it gives a human voice to the brand.

Due to a surplus of fraudulent marketers, genuine users prefer following friends, family, and acquaintances on social media. 61% of customers are more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend or family member compared to a celebrity endorsement.

To nurture trust and build brand awareness, companies encourage their employee advocate to create authentic connections.

More strategic employee advocacy programs

As surveyed, employee-created content receives 8 times more engagement than the content shared by the company itself.

This approach of marketing seems less direct than traditional marketing but is found capable to connect with customers more effectively.

5) Micro-Influencers are the next big influencers

Micro-influencers are those who possess a handful of people to say 1000 or more as their followers, either in social media or in physical society, who could be easily influenced through them by either using word of mouth or any other means of communication.

They could be on any social media platform, either food blogging, traveling, or fashion industry, etc. as these people are usually experts in their respective niche.

Micro-Influencers are the next big influencers

Statistics say an influencer with 1000 followers has the capacity to generate 85% higher engagement than those of higher followers.

This statement may not be looking factually correct but the percentage of reach for those who have less number of followers is found higher.

Rather being cost-effective, they are reliable, trustworthy and they have the ability to connect with the audience on a higher level as well.

To Conclude

Social media acts as a bridge to build trust among consumers for the brand. The trust relationship between brands and consumers could be rebuilt by creating private groups, transparency reports, and employees as influencers. Thus, learning these trends will help you to adapt better with a rapidly evolving market.

Since social media platforms have evolved into full-blown communication channels, more brands have started relying on it to reach their target audiences. Businesses that’s why are embracing social media platforms to build a seamless connection with their audience and increase their reach.

As every brand nowadays is using social media in their marketing strategy to captivate the user’s attention, it has become difficult for a customer to stick to a single platform. Thus, any brand has to have a peculiar approach to attract users.

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Astha Sharma is a content writer at MAAN Softwares INC. She has been with this company for the past 2 years. She has good experience and knowledge in writing articles on mobile app development, web design, and technology trends. She finds covering the tech world an exciting and engaging experience, as each day brings new and groundbreaking technologies to explore and write about.

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How to Buy Instagram Followers (Guide)

In today’s digital world, credibility and visibility are crucial, and Instagram followers emerge as reliable supporters for those seeking to enhance their Instagram following seamlessly and efficiently.





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In today’s digital world, credibility and visibility are crucial, and Instagram followers emerge as reliable supporters for those seeking to enhance their Instagram following seamlessly and efficiently.

1. Step-by-Step Process: How to Safely Purchase Instagram Followers

When you buy followers for Instagram, it’s crucial to approach it thoughtfully and carefully. The social media service provider you choose is a significant factor in the safety and success of this endeavor. With so many options available to boost your follower count, it’s essential to establish specific criteria for selecting a provider.

Factors like reliability, service quality, security measures, and customer support are crucial to ensuring a safe and effective process. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explore key considerations to keep in mind while choosing a provider to buy followers for Instagram.

2. Evaluating Providers: What to Look for in a Follower Service

It is important to carefully evaluate and choose an Instagram service provider that meets your needs and expectations before you buy followers for Instagram. By doing so, you can ensure a safe and successful experience while avoiding the potential risks associated with untrustworthy services. Several vital criteria can guide your selection process, as included in Instafollowers’ services:

High-Quality Followers: Ensure that the service provider delivers followers who are genuine, active, and likely to engage with your content.

Fast Delivery: Opt for a service that delivers prompt followers, allowing you to see results and impact your Instagram presence quickly.

No Risk of Decrease: Choose a provider that guarantees the permanence of the followers you acquire, minimizing the risk of a sudden decrease in your follower count.

Refund Guarantee: A reputable service should offer a refund guarantee if they cannot deliver as promised, providing a safety net for your investment.

Secure Payment Methods: Prioritize providers that employ secure payment methods to protect your bank account during the transaction process.

No Password Required: A trustworthy service should not request your Instagram account password, ensuring the security of your account.

Various Packages and Affordable Pricing: Look for providers offering a variety of packages with different follower quantities and pricing options, allowing you to select a plan that suits your budget and goals.

24/7 Live Support: Select a service with accessible and responsive customer support available around the clock. It ensures assistance in cases of issues or queries throughout the entire process.

By carefully examining providers against these criteria, you can decide and proceed accordingly, knowing you bought followers for Instagram safely and aligned with your objectives.

3. Understanding Pricing and Packages for Instagram Followers

Now, let’s discover how to buy Instagram followers via Instafollowers. When you buyInstagram followers from Instafollowers, the platform offers a user-friendly and customizable experience. First of all, Instafollowers provides two distinct options: high-quality followers and premium followers, both of which consist of real followers, ensuring organic growth and increased impressions.

However, as the name implies, Premium Followers come at a higher cost, offering additional benefits for those seeking a more premium experience. The various packages have been designed to meet different requirements, enabling users to buy at least 10 to a maximum of 50,000 high-quality followers in a single transaction. For Premium Followers, the available quantity extends from 50 to 50,000.

One thing to note about Instafollowers is that it offers discounts on larger purchases, with the discount rate increasing in proportion to the package size. This flexible pricing structure allows users to invest in a way that aligns with their goals and budget. Additionally, the platform provides transparent estimated delivery times. So, users can understand when they can expect their brand-new followers when they select a package and enter the desired quantity.

4. The Risks and Rewards of Buying Instagram Followers

Before focusing entirely on the benefits of buying Instagram followers, let’s list the risks and the rewards.

Before listing the risks of buying Instagram followers, it should be noted that these risks are related to unreliable service providers, not the practice itself. You can prevent any possible risk by simply choosing reliable service providers like Instagram, which offers top-quality services. However, here are the risks of buying fake and inactive Instagram followers from unreliable providers for your information:

  • Low Engagement: Purchasing fake followers can result in low engagement due to a lack of genuine interest in your content.
  • Algorithm Trouble: Social media algorithms can spot fake followers, affecting how often others see your posts. It can especially risk your account in some cases. Therefore, selecting reliable websites like Instafollowers is crucial to ensuring your safety.

On the other hand, the rewards of buying Instagram followers are quite extensive:

  • Quick Boost: You can get an instant increase in followers, making your account look popular and potentially attracting more authentic followers.
  • More Visibility: A higher follower count might make your posts appear more often on people’s feeds, increasing your overall visibility.
  • Brand Attention: Businesses might notice you more if you have many followers, leading to potential collaborations or partnerships.
  • Proof of Popularity: A large follower count can act as proof that your content is popular, encouraging others to follow you.

Increase Web Traffic Instagram Followers And Likes

5. Maximizing the Benefits: Integrating Purchased Followers into Your Strategy

Integrating purchased followers into your social media strategy can be a powerful move when you buy followers for Instagram. So, make sure you prioritize quality over quantity. At this point, Instafollowers offers the advantage of delivering real and high-quality followers, ensuring that your boosted follower count translates into genuine engagement.

These authentic interactions enhance your online credibility and contribute significantly to organic impressions. By investing in real followers, you amplify the impact of your content, creating a snowball effect that extends beyond the initially purchased audience.

6. Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Instagram Followers

Now that we know how to buy followers on Instagram, let’s list some of the most frequently asked questions about buying Instagram followers.

Are the followers real people?

Reputable services, such as Instafollowers, provide real and high-quality followers. However, selecting a trustworthy provider is crucial to ensuring that you purchase genuine and engaged followers.

Is It Safe to Buy Followers for Instagram?

Purchasing Instagram followers can be safe if you choose a reputable and trustworthy service. It’s crucial to prioritize providers that deliver real followers, offer secure payment methods, and do not compromise your account security. For example, when you buyInstagram followers from Instafollowers, you can rest assured that you are safe.

Will My Follower Count Decrease Over Time?

Reliable services, such as Instagram followers, provide guarantees against a decrease in followers. Choosing a provider with a refill policy is essential to ensure the longevity of your boosted follower count.

What Happens If I Encounter Issues With My Purchase?

Reputable services provide customer support to address any issues or queries. Instafollowers offer 24/7 live support through various channels, ensuring assistance throughout the process.

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