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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

5 Tech Trends That Will Influence Your Marketing Strategies

Tech Trends That Will Influence Your Marketing Strategies If you want your company to become a unique innovation era, up to date with the Tech Trends.




Tech Trends That Will Influence Your Marketing Strategies

Don’t allow your business to become the next tech dinosaur. Unfortunately, we have continually witnessed numerous firms who were relatively too slow in adapting to modern technology slowly getting overshadowed and ultimately becoming non-existent. If you want your company to make it through the unique innovation era, you will have to stay up to date with the newest tools, services, and of course technology! Be ready for the changes that are being made as well as how they may affect your industry.

5 Tech Trends That Will Influence Your Marketing Strategies

Here are 5 tech trends that may very well be the break or make of your business this year.
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Rise of Authentic content marketing

While content marketing is not a new phenomenon, it, however, remains a fantastic marketing tool for typically small businesses that are tight on funds. By incorporating a blog to your site, you can spark interest in your services and products while also establishing your brand as a leader in the industry. One of the great ways of creating customer loyalty and brand awareness is writing about topics that interest your clients.

With the popularity of content marketing on the rise, it is crucial for your content to be authentic. Whether it is your blog post or social media post, ensure that there is a proper balance between pitching items to your clients and taking time to assist them to boost their business with some actionable advice.

Increase in demand for chatbots

65% of US millennial according to Capterra’s survey want to make use of chatbots when engaging with brands. With clients continuing to go online, you must establish the best possible online customer experience as you can. Chatbots running on your site ensure that clients can effectively get their questions answered at any time of the day/night even if you are doing different tasks.

AI-powered chatbots can work well in customer support, spectacularly expanding contract strategy with distinct controlled messages. These chatbots not only collect useful data but also evaluate and offer actionable data which can be used in enhancing the customer experience.

Voice search is slowly getting its footing

With the popularity of voice services such as Amazon’s Alexa, slowly rising, voice search is finding more and more usage across industries. As such, if your business is already online, people may find content marketing products or website through voice search now and years to come. Google outlines that more than 50% of typical searches are mobile searches. As such, marketers will have to start adapting to voice searches that currently comprise 20 % of typical mobile searches, something that is expected to continue its growth just as how mobile has.

Your marketing team must adjust their exclusive content strategy to not only answer the questions clearly but also be conversational. One way you can do this is working to offer FAQs (clear answers to queries) that clients occasionally have about their services/products to your website.

Video Wall for Marketing

Established in the 1980s, these are CRTs or televisions that render the gap found between screens seemingly unnoticeable. Video walls have multiple unique attributes and benefits including unmatched flexibility and display capacity.

Video walls offer your business a unique way to offer branding or some other useful marketing data or information to your clients subsequently creating a positive impact in a typical space while also capturing the attention of everyone on the distinct information or images you are displaying.

What’s more, because they are a group of displays, video walls may also be used in creating a complete image or subsequently dissected into varying parts so that multiple images can appear on individual screens. It is a worthwhile investment for your business marketing strategy.

AI for marketing

It is highly anticipated that artificial intelligence will play a significant part in marketing not just now but in the future. As part of this trend and evolution, we expect to witness brands incorporate human intelligence to AI making it more actionable and applicable to precise business goals.

While the advancement of technology does not alter the core marketing concepts, new technology however does nonetheless to magnify every failure and triumph, hence the need to get familiar with these five tech trends which will influence your marketing strategies.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How to Apply Artificial Intelligence in Chat Filters

In this article, we shall discuss how to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in chat filters. If you are building a chat room, you need to create a chat filter to remove offensive words from the conversation.




Top 10 Startups In India That Use Ai To Solve Daily Problems

In this article, we shall discuss how to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in chat filters.

If you are building a chat room, you need to create a chat filter to remove offensive words from the conversation. A chat filter is a script commonly used in chat rooms for automatically scanning the users’ comments. This process starts immediately after posting the comments, and filters remove or censor inappropriate words. These filters also decide the flow of the chat in a conversation.

Suppose you want to make a Career in Artificial Intelligence. In that case, you should have a strong foundation of statistics and mathematics, one programming language, preferably Python, and the fundamentals of machine learning and its various algorithms. It would help you to start a career in AI.

The people who are already in the AI and related industries can pursue the AI Program Leader. It will help them upgrade themselves to the latest trends and technologies related to AI and machine learning.

Career in Artificial Intelligence Programming

Image Credit: geeksforgeeks

As technology is advancing with time, the application of AI is increasing in every domain. Human beings capabilities like understanding the complexities of various languages, computer vision, speech, and building new intelligent ideas are now possible using AI technology. For that, we have to update with the latest developments in AI and its advanced areas.

Here, we will discuss the application of Artificial Intelligence in chatbot filters.

There are two categories of chat filters used in chat rooms or internet forums – the basic and advanced chatbot filters. The basic bot filters scan only for particular strings of letters and censor them. It doesn’t take care of the meaning of those letters in the context of the sentence.

Advanced chatbot filters examine the letters or words in the sentence context, and hence, their filtering is more sophisticated. Some more advanced chatting filters use a regular expression to find and replace terms in a sentence.

1. Types of Chat Filters

There are five different types of chatbot filter:

Attribute: In this type of filter, you have to create your quality to create a rule.

Lifespan: In this type, the bot acts based on the lifespan value.

Score: Here, we use the confidence score value to choose the response that should allow the bot trigger.

Resolve Query: In this filter, the bot responds depending on the user’s input.

Trigger: Determine trigger to activate bot responses and actions.

These are the different filters that may apply to a chatbot. We can use multiple filters for a single response. A user can see the reactions only if they meet the criteria in the filter.

2. Need for Artificial Intelligence in Chat Filters

Artificial Intelligence changed the way we think about data. It changed the people’s paradigm about how we integrate information and analyze data, and based upon the data, how to improve the decision-making ability of machines. AI is already interfering with our day-to-day life. From Google search results recommendations to Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, we use AI in every aspect of life.

Typically most filters use a binary allow/disallow list, but we know that languages are not binary. They are complex and modulated.

In many older internet forums, some common swear words will be allowed based on context. One can build a regular expression or RegEx tool, and it can filter the string out of terms, but it cannot distinguish between some critical phrases. For that, we need to apply artificial intelligence and natural language processing in creating chat rooms.

3. Application of Natural Language Processing in Chat Filters

In the case of chatbot filters, we use natural language processing. NLP is a sub-domain of AI that deals with the interaction between computers and human language. It helps the filters process and analyses the vast amount of natural language data that results in a machine capable of understanding the available content more clearly.

One can program our chatbots to reply according to the context of the conversation and the data about the user. For example, one may ask the visitor whether he/she is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian and display the menu based upon the visitor’s reply using chat filters.

Application of Natural Language Processing in Chat Filters

Image Credit:

In another example, consider a situation where you want your bot to forward registered users to your website and the new visitors to a registration form. Then, we have to create a flow to check if the user is registered or not.

Application of Natural Language Processing in Chat Filters

Image Credit:

If a user clicks on yes, it shows him one kind of bot response and if he chooses no, it would lead to a different action. We can implement all this filtering in a chatbot by using NLP.

It is not easy for computers to understand the rules that dictate information passing using natural language processing. Sometimes these rules may be highly complex; for example, when we use a sarcastic remark to convey the message. On the other hand, sometimes there may be situations where these rules may be low-levelled; for example, one can use the character “s” for the plural form of the word.

To comprehensively understand the human language, one needs to know the language and how the terms are connected to the sentence to deliver the desired message.

NLP necessitates the algorithms to identify and extract the natural language rules for converting unstructured language data into structured language data. This is how AI and NLP are applied to chat filters.

Overall, we can say that artificial intelligence can make chatbot filters very easy and efficient. However, the techniques deployed in a particular scenario would vary case by case.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a. What are the chatbots and chat filters?

Ans: Chatbots are software application for conducting an online conversation between humans and machines. It can be a text-based or text-to-speech-based system and can respond according to the user’s query.

A chat filter is used in a chatbot to censor the inappropriate words or sentences in a chat. Chat filters decide the flow of the conversation based on the user’s input.

b. What are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Ans: It can learn a specific task by a machine without explicitly programming for that task. AI systems are designed to make decisions by analyzing real-time data.

NLP is a subdomain of AI, specially programmed for interaction between humans and computers. Using NLP, a machine can read, decipher, understand, and make sense of a human language in such a practical manner.

c. How to apply AI into a chat filter?

Ans: Using a particular NLP algorithm, we can apply artificial intelligence into chat filters to smooth the undesirable content in a chat. There are different ways in which we can control the flow of the conversation in a chat room.

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