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Everything You Need To Know About Solar Parking Lot Lights

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Parking lot Lights, Among its commonly used products today are the solar parking lot lights




Everything You Need To Know About Solar Parking lot Lights

Technology continues to disrupt our typical way of doing things and the energy sector isn’t an exception. Solar technology, a cost-effective energy solution is taking huge strides in powering our devices and lighting our environs. Among its commonly used products today are the solar parking lot lights. They are a viable option compared to the conventional street lights connected to the main grid. It is definitely for a good reason that businesses are now turning to solar lights to address their lighting needs – they are energy efficient and affordable lighting solutions with minimal operation costs.

1. Understanding Solar Parking Lot Lights Basics

solar panel street lights

So, what are they? Simply put, they are a solar solution for lighting parking lots , pathways and recreational centers. In most cases they are normally installed in parking lots. The main features of these lights include a solar panel street lights, a LED light and a solar charge controller.

The installation of these types of lights eliminates the need for power cabling and trenching among other works applied in conventional lighting systems. Above all, this is an environment friendly solution that perfectly works for parking lots and such-like places.

Illuminating recreational centers, pathways and parking lots is key at night and this is just a glimpse of how useful the lights are. More than just lighting the environs, they also come with a sense of aesthetics and beauty to behold. Solar parking lot lights are good for security. They make parking lots and recreational areas useful during the night at minimal operational costs.

2. Why Use them?

Using solar parking lot lights has a life-changing experience especially for the reason that they are a reliable source of energy not connected to the main grid. These off-grid lights do not need any trenching, making their installation and use friendly to the environment. With minimal installation requirements, users spend less time and resources acquiring them. They are just the perfect option for parking lots since no damages will occur on the parking surface during installation.

Compatibility with different kinds of settings makes these lights a number one choice for modern commercial use and home settings as well. Being a green energy source, long term expenditure on energy is greatly reduced. When used for business outfits, they tag an eco-friendly aspect of your operations which is of great value on your brand image.

3. How much are the Installation Costs?

Solar lighting is often considered a great option due to the costs involved especially in the long-term. Looking at the service provided through solar parking lot lights, it is obvious that they are more affordable than conventional options that draw power from the main grid. Ideally, solar lights installation costs should be assessed based on the need and the duration for which they will be required.

There are different solar lighting packages that come with different costs based on a person’s need. Whatever option is picked, solar parking lot lights provide a cost-effective energy solution in the long term both for commercial and home use. The overall energy requirements are much less than traditional lights owing to this innovative technology. They come with a feature that turns on the lights based on the specifications you have set. In most cases if not all, parking lot lights enhance their efficiency by using LED.

4. How to Install Solar Parking Lot Lights

If you are satisfied that this is the kind of lighting solution you have been looking for, it is time to install them. A number of considerations have to be made towards this. First, establish the specifications of the kind of solar lighting you want. This touches on the blue prints of the parking lot to help engineers decide on the most prime location for maximum lighting.

Lighting requirements should also be listed in preparation for the installation of solar parking lot lights. Here, you will be required to factor in the amount of illumination required – they could either be for all night lighting scenario or for use within a specified period of time. Requirements may also be for dark sky compliant lighting or just normal lighting needs. These must be specified to guide the engineer when getting you the perfect solution.

Evaluate the lights available for your use. The company you are working with should factor in lighting levels, color temperature and lighting indicators before doing the actual installation for you. These will be arrived at based on the specifications you provided at the beginning. The choice of solar parking lot lights will be made based on these needs as indicated by the user.

Lighting specialists will be key in helping you get the best parking lot lights for your use. Important aspects that will also count in the selection include the quantity and quality of lights needed, light uniformity upon installation and the distribution paradigm – touching on the light density for each installation in the area.


Proper purchase, installation and use of solar parking lot lights is a great possibility when you engage professionals. Their work is to design and prepare a quote that matches your needs at no extra costs. Once installed, the operational costs for solar lights are very low giving you the security you need to use the parking lot and other recreational areas at night. These are arguably the best option to enhance and remodel your premises at an affordable cost!

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What Are Parking Management Systems? What is the Importance?

In this sense, it is necessary to implement a system that allows for better management of parking lots, but what do these systems consist of?




What Are Parking Management Systems What is the Importance

Millions of people lose precious minutes of their time related to their car for two simple reasons. The first one is finding an empty and suitable place to park their vehicle, and the second is traffic that occurs when people are trying to find a space to park their car.

In this sense, it is necessary to implement a system that allows for better management of parking lots, but what do these systems consist of?

1. What is a parking management system?

Parking access security systems make it possible to monitor vehicles that move through different areas and give access to authorized vehicles. These systems restrict entry for those who do not meet the established requirements. This way, control of all users can be achieved, not only in public parking lots but also in private and residential complexes.

Ticketless parking management systems are one example that reduces traffic when cars enter a parking lot. These systems use automatic nameplate recognition (ANPR), which scans a vehicle’s license plate before and after entry to issue the associated parking fee. This reduces the time users will have to sit in their car when gaining access to a parking lot because they don’t need to wait for a ticket. QR-based tickets can also be easily included in these systems if the client wishes.

These parking management systems are beneficial in places that generally work 24 hours a day, such as:

  • Hospitals.
  • Public car parks
  • Ports, railway stations, and airports
  • Leisure centers and hotels
  • Malls

Off street parking solutions


2. ‘Off street’ parking solutions

Applying ‘off street’ parking solutions are an essential aspect nowadays, with street parking becoming more scarce due to the increase in the number of cars. Implementing payment terminals at parking lot exits, which work with QR readers, TFT screen technology, credit card payments, or mechanized readers with magnetic strips, are also a significant financial incentive for property owners to invest in a modern parking access control system.

A modern parking system, commonly applied in some commuter towns, provides comprehensive solutions regarding the management and control of parking lots. By adopting modern parking technology, property owners can have remote capabilities when managing their lot, reducing the number of staff needed and common touchpoints in parking lots during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some advantages that can be enjoyed with modern parking control and management technology are:

  • Reduction in operations costs.
  • Integration with building management and door entry access control systems.
  • Remote, centralized management of the system.
  • Event data allows property owners to optimize the flow of their parking lot, which can also be used for accounting or audits.

With modern parking control systems, there are notable benefits for the property owner and end-users, from cost reduction to time saved when waiting through traffic in a parking lot. Make sure you do your research when choosing your next parking control system.

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