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Top Ten Blockchain Applications That Are Transforming Industries

Blockchain Applications that Are Transforming Industries, Blockchain has revolutionized financial dealings and transactions in our world.




Blockchain Applications That Are Transforming Industries

Blockchain has revolutionized financial dealings and transactions in our world. Indeed, William Mougayar, author of The Business Blockchain, described blockchain as the “tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force of its progression.”

So what’s the principle behind this revolutionary technology? To put it simply, through blockchain applications, your database can exist on different computers at the same time. As a new block is added to it, a timestamp links it to the previous block, forming a chain of all your records.

This article lists ten such blockchain applications that are metamorphosing some of the world’s major industries.

1. Smart Contracts

With the appearance of the Ethereum Project in 2013, smart contracts were introduced as a Blockchain application. These mini-programs provide a decentralized platform to carry out agreements between different parties after specific conditions are met. The best part is that they execute these agreements without any third-party interference and are considered completely fraud-free.

As it appears in the American Banker, these “self-automated computer programs can carry out the terms of any contract.” From stock trades to supply chain management to real estate transactions, smart contracts can prove to be helpful to a variety of businesses.

Through smart contracts, healthcare industries can even secure medical records so that only certain people can access them, and that too only under predefined conditions. Companies like Synaps are utilizing these contracts to make the syndicated loan market safer and more efficient. American Banker goes as far as to call smart contracts the future of Blockchain.

2. Cloud storage

This type of blockchain application stores your data in logical pools. Since data is stored on remote servers and can only be accessed from the internet, or cloud, you can rest assured that your data remains secure and is not deleted.

Plus, applications utilizing cloud storage guarantee that all the users’ data is stored in one place, thereby increasing ease of accessibility. Along with storage availability, data protection is also ensured so that users don’t have to utilize other technological applications for added protection.

Cloud storages are also energy efficient. According to a study published in ScienceDirect, businesses utilizing cloud storage can cut their energy consumption by up to 70%, and this will make them a more green business. Applications like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are examples of this type of Blockchain application which allow their users to store and secure their data in one place.

3. Ripple

When it comes to banking, Blockchain applications like Ripple and Bitcoin are not only reducing the costs of transactions, but they are also ensuring the security and transparency of the entire network.

However, while Bitcoin Revolution is a public system, Ripple is operated by a private company. While this makes Ripple more expensive, users belonging to one of the banks that are part of the Ripplenet are guaranteed cheaper, safer, and faster transactions internationally.

Plus, Ripple is also energy efficient; running a server on Ripple only consumes as much energy as is used by running an email server! Because of its fast and incredibly efficient payment/exchange network, Ripple was named as one of the Smartest Companies of 2014 by MIT Technology Review.

4. Bitwage

This is one of those areas where Bitcoin comes in handy. Since Blockchain is rooted in cryptocurrency, it is only logical that the system is used to atone for employees. Bitwage is one such Bitcoin-based payroll service that aims to reduce costs when transferring money internationally.

Those dealing with freelancers based in other countries find this application especially useful as apart from saving costs, it makes the fund transfer easier and faster, ensuring that employees are paid on time and in their national currency.

Plus, Bitwage’s founder Jonathan Chester guarantees that the entire transaction process is completely transparent, so that “you can see exactly where the money is throughout the process.” These advantages of using this type of Blockchain application are why Bitwage won the French Tech Ticket in 2017.

5. Gyft Block

Retailers all over the world are now starting to take advantage of Blockchain applications that offer loyalty programs and gift cards to make the process more secure and economical. One such application is Gyft Block, which issues a digital gift card that can be traded on the Blockchain’s public ledger.

Those who don’t have the time to buy and deliver gifts to their loved ones on their special occasions find this application extremely useful. This is because Gyft manages gift cards on almost all of the world’s greatest shopping platforms like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, and Target.

Not only does Gyft allow users to buy, send, and manage gifts from these top retailers, but it also awards loyalty points and other rewards to small businesses planning to invest in it.

6. Propy

While there are plenty of Blockchain applications like Brikbit, Safechain, and Ubitquity that are transforming the real estate industry by helping to keep track of and transfer land titles and property deeds, one deserves an honorary mention. This is Propy, which allows traditional transactions to take place in a more efficient and risk-free manner.

It ensures that all documents are signed online and secured on the internet to avoid any chances of fraud. Plus, deeds and other such contracts are not only recorded on the smart contract platform but are also documented on paper which is handed to both concerned parties. With over 9000 registered properties, Propy is quickly becoming one of the leading names in real estate marketing.

7. Learning Machine

When it comes to academia, Blockchain has already proved its significance by helping to reduce fraudulent claims of unearned educational credits. Learning Machine is one such startup that is utilizing Blockchain to improve the educational industry.

By collaborating with MIT Media Lab, it has launched Blockcerts toolset which verifies Blockchain-based certificates. Plus, the platform also creates and issues credentials to only those who deserve them after verifying all of their academic and personal information. Learning Machine works with educational institutes, companies, and the government to provide official records that are guaranteed to be legitimate and can be shared with anyone across the globe.

8. Augur

With the world moving towards what can be classified as the machine age, it becomes essential to be able to predict everything that can happen in the world, from stocks and sports results to even elections and natural disasters. Augur is one such application that is relatively new amongst other such apps which allows users to forecast future events.

Launched in July 2018, this decentralized platform allows users to create their prediction market, instead of betting on questions generated and chosen by other such platforms. By providing targeted insights and predictions, using machine learning algorithms for its users, and awarding them with gifts for guessing correctly, Augur has proved to be an invaluable addition to the forecasting industry.


Talent theft is a pretty common phenomenon in the music industry. Young artists previously had no proper method to ensure that their creative content wouldn’t get stolen. However, Blockchain applications today have guaranteed fairer content sharing for creators through smart contracts.

One such application is JAAK which connects creators and entertainment entrepreneurs, allowing them to convert their repository of rights, media, and metadata into smart content. Licensed contracts are formed and executed based on the smart content on the Ethereum Blockchain.

By pre-determining licensed agreements, JAAK works with music rights holders and other stakeholders in the entertainment industry to ensure that artists can share their work without the fear of it getting stolen.

10. Humanity

Patients sometimes feel that the security of their data is compromised by different healthcare organizations. This is because hospitals and other healthcare-related organizations have to share access across other networks, which can sometimes be a threat to data security.

Blockchain applications like Hu-manity have successfully resolved this issue by allowing members of any healthcare network to share data without marring data integrity.

By allowing users to make key decisions about how they want their data to be shared, Hu-manity ensures that ethical boundaries are maintained. Not only does the app give patients more control over their data, but it also allows them to profit once they have consented to share their data!


Blockchain applications are providing numerous advantages to all kinds of industries across the globe, be it education, healthcare, or even entertainment. As the CEO of IBM Ginni Rometty puts it, “anything that can be conceived of as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency- it doesn’t matter if its people, numbers, data, money.”

By ensuring that transactions conducted in every part of the business world remain fraud-free and safe, blockchain applications are slowly paving the way for a more secure future where people can feel protected when investing their time and money.

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Asim Rais Siddiqui is living his passion for emerging technologies and software as the Co-Founder and CTO at TekRevol LLC. An expert in next-generation technology and software solutions, he has over a decade’s worth of experience in development and enterprise digitalization.

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Perché Dobbiamo Utilizzare Un’Applicazione Antivirus Su Android?

Perché Dobbiamo Utilizzare Un’applicazione Antivirus Su Android? Rischi diversi, Vantaggi dell’utilizzo di applicazioni antivirus su Android





Una soluzione altrettanto fondamentale per garantire che il tuo dispositivo non venga infettato da questi programmi software malevoli (virus, trojan, adware, spyware) è il programma antivirus. Di conseguenza, il codice rileva e respinge anche l’app che può essere sviluppata in modo inefficiente dagli hacker. L’altra virtù è che può anche aiutare la tua macchina a essere sotto tiro e prevenire altri attacchi informatici da attacchi di phishing.

1. Rischi diversi

Android, essendo il sistema operativo mobile più utilizzato a livello globale, è diventato un obiettivo primario per i criminali informatici. Dal malware e ransomware agli attacchi di phishing e al furto di identità, le minacce sono diverse e in continua evoluzione. A differenza dei computer tradizionali, i dispositivi mobili spesso non dispongono delle solide misure di sicurezza inerenti ai sistemi operativi desktop, rendendoli suscettibili di sfruttamento.

a. Minaccia malware

Il malware, abbreviazione di software dannoso, comprende un ampio spettro di minacce progettate per infiltrarsi, interrompere o danneggiare un dispositivo o una rete. Nel regno di Android, i malware possono mascherarsi da applicazioni legittime, nascondersi negli app store o mascherarsi da download innocui dal web. Una volta installato, il malware può provocare danni rubando informazioni sensibili, spiando le attività degli utenti o addirittura rendendo il dispositivo inutilizzabile.

b. Insidie ​​del phishing

Gli attacchi di phishing, un’altra minaccia diffusa, mirano a indurre gli utenti a divulgare informazioni personali come password, numeri di carta di credito o credenziali di accesso. Questi attacchi spesso utilizzano tattiche di ingegneria sociale, sfruttando siti Web, e-mail o messaggi falsi per ingannare le vittime ignare. Con la comodità di accedere alla posta elettronica e navigare sul Web sui nostri dispositivi Android, il rischio di cadere preda di truffe di phishing diventa sempre presente.

2. Vantaggi dell’utilizzo di applicazioni antivirus su Android

a. Il ruolo delle applicazioni antivirus

Le applicazione antivirus gratuita per Android si rivelano indispensabili guardiani della nostra sicurezza digitale di fronte a queste minacce incombenti. Queste soluzioni software sono progettate specificamente per rilevare, prevenire ed eliminare programmi dannosi, rafforzando così le difese dei nostri dispositivi Android.

b. Protezione in tempo reale

Le applicazioni antivirus utilizzano algoritmi sofisticati e analisi euristiche per identificare e neutralizzare proattivamente le minacce in tempo reale. Monitorando continuamente le attività del dispositivo e i flussi di dati in entrata, questi strumenti fungono da sentinelle vigili, intercettando il malware prima che possa infiltrarsi nel sistema.

5 Cyber Security Trends You Can not Ignore

c. Scansione completa

Una delle funzioni principali delle applicazioni antivirus è l’esecuzione di scansioni complete della memoria, delle applicazioni e dei file del dispositivo. Attraverso tecniche di scansione approfondita, questi strumenti ispezionano meticolosamente ogni angolo del dispositivo, eliminando ogni traccia di malware o attività sospette. Eseguendo scansioni regolari, gli utenti possono garantire che i loro dispositivi Android rimangano liberi da minacce nascoste.

d. protezione della rete

In un’era in cui la navigazione sul Web è diventata parte integrante della nostra vita quotidiana, le applicazioni antivirus estendono il loro ombrello protettivo per comprendere le attività online. Integrando funzionalità di protezione Web, questi strumenti possono rilevare e bloccare siti Web dannosi, tentativi di phishing e altre minacce online in tempo reale. Che si tratti di fare acquisti, operazioni bancarie o semplicemente navigare sul Web alla ricerca di informazioni, gli utenti possono navigare nel panorama digitale con sicurezza, sapendo che la loro applicazione antivirus è al loro fianco.

e. Misure antifurto

Oltre a combattere malware e minacce online, molte applicazioni antivirus offrono funzionalità aggiuntive come funzionalità antifurto e generatore di password sicuro. In caso di smarrimento o furto del dispositivo, questi strumenti consentono agli utenti di localizzare, bloccare o cancellare da remoto il proprio dispositivo Android, proteggendo i dati sensibili dalla caduta nelle mani sbagliate. Grazie alla possibilità di tracciare la posizione del dispositivo o attivare un allarme da remoto, gli utenti possono mitigare le potenziali conseguenze del furto o dello smarrimento del dispositivo.

f. Reputazione e affidabilità

Quando si valutano le applicazioni antivirus, è essenziale considerare la reputazione e il track record dello sviluppatore del software. Scegli marchi affermati con una comprovata storia nella fornitura di soluzioni di sicurezza affidabili e aggiornamenti tempestivi. Leggere recensioni e testimonianze di altri utenti può fornire preziose informazioni sull’efficacia e sulle prestazioni dell’applicazione antivirus.

g. Impatto sulle prestazioni

Sebbene le applicazioni antivirus svolgano un ruolo cruciale nella protezione del tuo dispositivo Android, non dovrebbero andare a scapito delle prestazioni o della durata della batteria. Scegli soluzioni leggere e ottimizzate che riducono al minimo il consumo di risorse e funzionano perfettamente in background. Evita applicazioni eccessive che consumano le risorse di sistema o causano rallentamenti, poiché possono compromettere l’esperienza dell’utente.


Le applicazioni antivirus fungono da guardiani indispensabili, proteggendo la nostra oasi digitale da malware, attacchi di phishing e altre attività nefaste. Protezione Web e misure antifurto: questi strumenti consentono agli utenti di navigare nel panorama digitale con sicurezza e tranquillità. Mentre abbracciamo le infinite possibilità offerte dai nostri dispositivi Android, non dimentichiamoci di rafforzare le loro difese con l’armatura della protezione antivirus.

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