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This is How You Can Convert Excel Contacts into iPhone/ Android in 2 Minutes

The method mentioned here to convert/ import Excel Spreadsheet Contact to iPhone or Android is applicable for all the brands of Android and iPhone.




Convert Excel Contacts into iPhone Android

Applies to: The method mentioned here to convert/ import Excel Spreadsheet Contact to iPhone or Android is applicable for all the brands of Android and iPhone. For example Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, Google, ASUS, Micromax, Nexus, OPPO, OnePlus, Panasonic, Vivo, and others.

“Usually I save all my personal and professional contacts in two different Excel spreadsheets as they are easy to manage. But, nowadays I’m realizing that I can’t carry those Excel sheets everywhere I go so, I want to save my business contacts in my iPhone and personal contacts in Android phone. Now, the problem is I’m not getting any particular solution or technique to convert Excel contacts into iPhone and Android device. Can anybody please help me out as it’s very urgent?”

After analyzing so many forums, I found there are thousands of Microsoft Excel users (like above) who are looking the ways to transfer contacts from spreadsheet to iPhone and Android smartphones. This is so because mobile phones are equal or even faster and powerful than the computers we drive every day. Whether it be searching quick information queries on the Internet, reading emails or accessing social networks, smartphones fit best in each case. Since everyone needs their data on their fingertips today so, the queries like how to transfer contacts from Excel spreadsheet to iPhone/ Android phone are very common.

Convert Excel Contacts into iPhone/ Android in 2 Minutes

So, if you are one among those users who no longer want to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to save and manage their contact information then, this article is meant to you only. Here, we will show you an incredibly simple technique to import/ convert Excel contacts into iPhone or Android contacts. But, before directly explaining the method to save contacts in iPhone/ Android from Excel, we will discuss some basic things that you must know before performing such conversion. So, here we go!

What is an Excel Spreadsheet?

Let’s define the Excel file first. An Excel is a file used to store, manipulate and organize data. It stores data in cells, which is organized in rows and columns. Most of the people use these files to obtain contact information due to their ability to contain a large amount of data with several fields. Some of the most used Excel file extensions are the following:

XLS – Excel Spreadsheet
XLSX – Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
ODS – OpenDocument Spreadsheet
XLSM – Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
CSV – Comma Delimited
FODS – OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet
XLSB – Excel Binary Spreadsheet
XLTX – Excel Open XML Spreadsheet Template

An Excel File Cell can hold the data like:

  • Figures
  • Text
  • Date, Time
  • Boolean Data
  • Formulas

Why You Can’t Import Excel Contacts to iPhone or Android Directly?

The operating systems used in mobile phones is completely different from the OS used in computers. Also, each OS supports to import different file types due to its internal structure. If in case, you import Excel file to your mobile device, you will need to open the Excel file and copy the contact information each time to contact a particular person. Doing this will become more hectic if your Excel file contains thousands of contacts. Therefore, Android and iPhone devices use the vCard file format because it is designed according to their OS.

Now, you might be wondering…

vCard, What’s That?


Technology Write For Us (Guest Post)

Well, vCard/ VCF is a Virtual Contact File or Virtual Business Card used to store contact information. It contains the contact info like Person’s Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Address, Website, Job Title, Department, Pager and other. A vCard also supports images, digital ID, custom fields, and other media types and you can attach a VCF file in an email to share the contacts. Besides, there are so many other benefits of vCard like it can be accessed with various email clients/ applications, it’s portable, manageable, and can be imported in all iPhone/ Android brands directly.

This is How You Can Convert Excel Contacts into iPhone/ Android

Now, if you want to add contacts in iPhone/ Android from Excel then, you have to make Excel file compatible with iPhone or Android OS. This can be done by converting Excel into vCard file format. Below is an amazingly simple and efficient workaround to transfer contacts from excel to iPhone directly.

Import Excel Contacts into iPhone/ Android – 100% Safe & Best Professional Solution

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter is a powerful software to transfer contacts from Excel spreadsheet to iPhone/ Android supported vCard file format even without any data loss. No matter how many contacts and contact fields are saved in your Excel file, the software will convert all Excel contact fields including Name, Email, Home, Work, Family, Notes, IDs, etc. The software provides a mapping option to map all Excel contact fields with vCard fields and allows to create a single as well as multiple vCards for each Excel contact. The software can be installed and operated in any version of Windows OS and supports all Excel versions. Below is how this tool works:

=> Launch SysTools Excel to Mobile Contact Converter and click on the Browse button

SysTools Software excel to vcard converter

=> Add the Excel file that you need to convert and preview Excel file contacts

SysTools Software convert and preview Excel file contacts

=> Hit the Next button to continue further for transfer contacts from Excel to iPhone/ Android process

SysTools Software transfer contacts from Excel to iPhone and Android process

=> Select an Excel Contact Field from Excel Fields section

Excel Contact Field from Excel Fields section

=> Choose the respective Contact Field from vCard Fields section. Click Add

Contact Field from vCard Fields section

=> Repeat these steps to map all the Excel contacts and once done, click Next to convert Excel contacts into iPhone

convert Excel contacts into iPhone

=> Import Empty Email Addresses if you want and select the required vCard version. Click on Convert

Import Empty Email Addresses

=> Transfer contacts from Excel spreadsheet to iPhone/ Android process will begin right after this

Transfer contacts from Excel spreadsheet to iPhone and Android

=> Once add contacts in iPhone from Excel process becomes completed, the resultant vCards can be imported in any Android or iPhone device

vCards can be imported in any Android or iPhone device

Wrapping Things Up!

In this article, we have disclosed the best method to transfer contacts from Excel spreadsheet to iPhone or Android. The technique mentioned to convert Excel contacts into iPhone/ Android will be helpful for all the users who want to import all their Excel contacts into any iPhone or Android phone quickly. The discussed solution is completely safe and can be used by all technical as well as non-technical users.

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4 Concrete Projects To Raise Property Value

Whether you’re interested in raising your property’s value or not, it’s always a good idea to prepare for certain possibilities.




4 Concrete Projects To Raise Property Value

Generally, homeowners probably have an awareness of the rising economic force called home appreciation. Home equities are on the rise as properties become more saleable by the year. Still, any smart homeowner probably knows that home appreciation comes with the need for smart redesigning or renovations.

One good reason to commit to home renovations is to raise your property’s value. House renovations don’t only mean having a comfortable home for yourself, but they can also mean helping others acquire a safe, functional, and pleasing new home.

Whether you’re interested in raising your property’s value or not, it’s always a good idea to prepare for certain possibilities. You may opt for simple home renovations and redesigning, but nothing beats concrete projects to step up the aesthetics and functionality of your property.

1. Why Concrete?

Concrete has always been the preferred material for any construction project. The reason behind its viability is mostly attributed to concrete’s remarkable properties, making it the best material for any construction or architectural project.

For starters, concrete has 100% recyclability and performs well in the carbon emission reduction game–it doesn’t emit any toxic compounds and chemical residue that affect the environment. Its properties also allow it to be recycled as an aggregate, making it plausible to re-use and re-mix with other compatible materials, reducing the need to harvest new materials.

Contractors, like the Concrete Colorado Springs, put their faith in concrete for its durability. Since it’s often used in home construction, concrete is strong, resilient, and versatile in soil conditions and physical weathering. It’s also adaptable to aesthetic purposes as it can be dyed according to one’s needs and can be wielded for full functionality–all for low maintenance cost.

2. Concrete Projects For Your Property

Concrete is also one of the most abundant materials in virtually all locales around the world. This makes concrete your best bet for all your renovation and reconstruction projects.

To start with, here are some concrete projects that you can add to your property to raise its value:

3. Concrete Driveways

Driveways are among the first few key features of a house that people experience and appreciate. If you’re considering putting your house on the market at some point, it’s imperative that you’d want an attractive driveway to increase your home’s resale value.

4 Concrete Projects To Raise Property Value

Concrete driveways are the way to go for a few simple but powerful reasons. First, it costs little energy for concrete construction to take place. Added by the fact that concrete lasts long, maintenance also costs less while retaining its full functions. Furthermore, since it absorbs fewer UV rays and withstands heavy loads, such as automobiles, physical weathering is a non-issue. Thus, you can be assured that concrete driveways are one of the best investments for property resale.

4. Concrete Patios

Not all houses are built for patios, but it’s possible to rework space and construct a comfortable deck in any place. Patios serve as an alternative to dining areas and kitchens where families enjoy an outside experience for social and family gatherings. It’s an extra outdoor space that you could use for hosting guests and small intimate parties. Just a few items of furniture here and there and an outdoor stereo system, and your patio’s good to go.

Concrete patios are economical for the same reasons indicated above. But what makes concrete patios a gamechanger is their addition to your home’s complete and total aesthetics and functions. Concrete is durable in design–it can be stained for effect or stamped in just about any variety of looks. Gatherings will never be the same with a beautiful concrete patio.

5. Concrete Fireplaces

Who doesn’t like a nice fireplace? Just like with patios, concrete works both in design and use. Fireplaces are a great addition to homes if you still don’t have one. Apart from its obvious function, it brings a premium experience of cosiness that makes you feel truly at home.

Fireplaces are simple structures that perfectly work with concrete’s agile properties. Due to its versatility, concrete can be made to mimic looks and textures. It’s not a ‘cheap alternative’ for being an imitation, say, of brick walls or slate. It’s a wise and fool-proof alternative to more expensive but tenuous materials.

6. Concrete Retaining Walls For Stone Veneers

Stone veneers on retaining walls have gained traction for decades as a high-end exterior and interior design. The luxurious look is among the favourites of landscape architects. More and more, it has also become the staple preference among many homeowners.

Compared to simple, smooth, and plastered retaining walls, concrete masonry unit (CMU) blocks offer an efficient alternative to typical poured concrete. CMU blocks work well, especially if you want the stone veneer-look for your retaining walls. This is because run concrete poses certain risks, such as complete reconstruction, due to simple damages.

7. Takeaway: Raise Property Value For Less

Concrete’s main selling points have to be its cost efficiency and reliability. Raising property value doesn’t have to cost you too much. After all, the key to successful saleability isn’t overdoing what’s already sufficient. Adding or redesigning your property already goes a long way. Just remember that it only takes sound decisions and the right concrete plan.

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