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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) App Development Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered apps help business in predicting customer behaviors, smart decision making, and others, which are the most critical factors to increase sales and earn hefty profits.




10 Artificial Intelligence App Development Trends

Several technologies have impacted mobile app development to a greater extent – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those. App developers today leverage AI technology to build more advanced, intelligent, and smart apps to cater to multiple industries.

AI-powered apps help businesses in predicting customer behaviors, smart decision-making, and others, which are the most critical factors in increasing sales and earning hefty profits.

It has increased the demand for AI apps and thus encouraged developers to adopt the latest practices and trends to make apps more advanced. Let’s discuss here some popular artificial intelligence app development trends.

1. Personalization

There are many factors responsible for the massive expansion of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) – analyzing and predicting user behavior is one of them. And it helps business caters to customers’ personalized recommendations. This is the reason why Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) witnessed their fast adoption in multiple industries, apart from gaming.

Mobile application development agencies nowadays build AI-powered apps incorporated with business strategies, which offer personalization on a larger scale. The app personalizes user interaction and thus helps the business personalize the customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence App Development Trends

2. AI is Getting Closer to IoT, Blockchain, and Cloud

The year 2019 already witnessed the combination of artificial intelligence with various other technologies such as the Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud for mobile app development.

Meanwhile, these technologies are individually used for mobile app development as well and are famous for their attributes. For instance, IoT can predict customer behavior; Cloud offers vast storage space, and Blockchain technology is highly secure and maintains transparency.

Need not to mention; apps developed on these combined technologies will be more robust, advanced, and feature-rich.

3. AI Shares Space with Data Analytics

Getting a complete insight from data analytics and understanding it is a time-taking process. They witnessed the combination of artificial intelligence with data analytics. It helps businesses in getting smart data insight most naturally.

AI-based algorithms are highly efficient in generating insight from multiple channels and help businesses in gathering smart data. In other words, it makes the task of gathering insight, convenient, and less time-consuming.

Apart from this, it empowers business growth by improving decision-making efficiency, capability, and lots more.

AI Shares Space with Data Analytics

4. NLP Gets Boost with Speech Recognition

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables a computer program to communicate with humans. As a popular component of AI, NLP helps computer program quickly perceives human language.

It works on two essential factors, including syntax, which makes any sentences meaningful by arranging words, and semantics, which defines the meaning of words.

Be it sarcasm, emotion, or other things, NLP algorithms are capable of decoding everything. Besides, data extracted by voice assistants from speech can be combined perfectly with deep learning to gather the real meaning of the words expressed with emotions.

5. Explainable AI

Explainable AI is based on the concept of the black box in ML. It focuses on how black-box decisions in artificial intelligence are made. It discovers and understands several steps involved in making such decisions.

As discussed, AI improved the efficiency of the business in decision-making. So, explainable AI has a significant role in this arena. With this, business executives will be able to get the exact reasons behind certain recommendations that are made.

The credit goes to explainable AI for making the entire process of decision-making transparent and making decisions unbiased completely.

6. Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is another fast-growing technology that can easily recognize an individual from a digital image or video frame. Despite having specific challenges such as illumination, expression, etc., face recognition is considered to be the essential feature of AI-powered apps. Its demand is growing day by day. This prompts app developers to include face recognition to create resonating AI apps.

7. Quantum Computing

As the name suggests, quantum computing is involved in using quantum-mechanical phenomena including superposition and entanglement, for performing the computation.

Quantum computing is playing a vital role in enhancing the task of artificial intelligence and thus helps researchers and developers in solving near-term issues. The credit goes to Google AI Quantum for making quantum computing highly advanced by creating novel quantum algorithms and quantum processors.

8. Safety and Privacy

Safety and privacy are the most important things, which are always taken into consideration for AI app development. In the year, protection and confidentiality emerged as the hottest AI app development trends. App developers consider all critical security aspects of protecting apps from potential threats and building highly secured AI-powered mobile applications.

9. Neural Networks

Neural Networks

Also called artificial neural networks, neural networks work similarly to human brains. It can store essential data in a digital format and uses the data for classifying the information. Neural networks witnessed a growing demand in different fields that include stock market prediction, music composition, diagnosing health issues, etc.

Neural networks witnessed a growing demand for AI app development. The integration of neural networks makes AI apps more sophisticated and purposeful.

10. Deep Learning

Deep learning is called an essential subset of artificial intelligence, which can imitate the human brain when it comes to data processing and creating patterns used for decision-making.

Deep learning got more attention from app developers, who leverage this technology in AI app development more frequently to improve the app’s usability with features like automatic text generation and others.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

WORM-Compliant Storage: Exploring Write Once Read Many (WORM) Functionality

This is sometimes referred to as write once, read many, or WORM, compatible storage. With a name like that, it’s hardly surprising that many need help understanding it.




How does WORM storage work

Organizations generate an immense quantity of data, yet sometimes they need or want to preserve it in an unalterable format.

For legal reasons, a non-profit organization may desire to keep its financial information in this format regularly. An institution may desire to save graduation records in this manner in case the actual records are lost in an accident. Businesses may desire unalterable records to avoid tampering, which might cover up fraud.

This is sometimes referred to as write once, read many, or WORM, compatible storage. With a name like that, it’s hardly surprising that many need help understanding it.

We’re here to help you get a grasp on things. Let’s go!

1. What Exactly Is Write Once, Read Many?

The simplest explanation is that it is immutable storage. You may write data to the storage device or medium just once. Following that, no one may legally alter the data in any manner.

CD-R discs are a basic kind of WORM storage. You may add data to the blank disk, but it will remain in that state indefinitely. You may damage or destroy the disk to prevent someone from accessing it, but you cannot modify the data contained in it.

WORM storage allows for repeated reads of the data. Assuming the disk or drive isn’t destroyed, there’s no practical limit to how often you can access the data.

2. How does WORM storage work?

There are two options for implementing WORM storage in your business. The first technique is hardware, which uses tape or a similar form of media that permanently stores data, making physical destruction of the WORM storage device the sole way to delete it.

Nonetheless, with many solutions migrating to cloud and SaaS services, selecting particular hardware might be challenging. However, many of these service providers now provide software-defined WORM solutions, which combine the flexibility of software with the strictness, security, and indelibility of hardware-based WORM.

Whether you utilize software or hardware to achieve your compliance objectives, the idea is the same. When someone writes data to a WORM disk, it remains there eternally. The assumption that you cannot alter the data on a WORM drive only refers to anything that has already been saved there; the ability to add new data is always available as long as there is adequate storage space on the drive.

Do you need WORM-compliant storage

3. Do you need WORM-compliant storage?

Unless your company works in the securities or healthcare industries, which are subject to SEC or HIPAA laws, there is likely no legal need to adopt write-once, read-many (WORM) compliant storage solutions. However, legal requirements are only one motivator for using WORM storage systems.

WORM compliant storage provides a key role in addition to regulatory compliance. For example, if you want to keep a safe archive of historically important documents, WORM storage is a wise solution. This guarantees that once data is written, it cannot be changed or erased, protecting the integrity and validity of critical documents over time.

Furthermore, in situations where internal workers may tamper with corporate documents, WORM storage adds an extra degree of protection. Creating immutable copies of papers makes it easy to check the correctness and validity of records, reducing worries about possible manipulation.

Likewise, WORM storage may serve as a protection for proof of trade secrets or intellectual property, providing a snapshot of data at a given point in time and preserving valuable assets from illegal changes or access. In conclusion, although WORM-compliant storage is not legally required for all enterprises, it provides essential advantages for data integrity, security, and crucial information preservation.

4. What are the primary advantages of WORM storage?

WORM technology protects businesses against many of the usual difficulties associated with data corruption and loss. The primary advantages of deploying WORM storage include:

Compliance With Industry Regulations

Using WORM storage helps firms comply with recordkeeping rules and laws. More than simply archiving data is required. Businesses must store their data in the right, unalterable format to comply with regulatory requirements and avoid significant fines and penalties.

Risk Mitigation for Poorly Archived Data

Companies must have a robust procedure for archiving all data. If information is needed as part of an audit or lawsuit and the required data is lost or damaged, difficulties (and penalties) will arise.

Better Information Security

WORM Storage secures precious and sensitive data and, more critically, prevents it from being doctored or changed. It guards against occurrences such as data being accidentally or purposefully manipulated.

Better Data Governance

WORM storage contributes to the present business-wide practice of rigorous and well-planned data governance. It also enables you to better adhere to the Electronic Discovery Reference paradigm (EDRM), a paradigm that describes the steps of the eDiscovery process throughout an inquiry.

5. Use Cases of WORM Storage

Professional content distribution includes financial records, police investigations, court testimony, computerized voting, and other applications in which data files must be safeguarded against manipulation or deletion, particularly when material is accessed, relocated, or transferred. Organizations transfer all data given over to the data investigation business onto WORM disks, ensuring that nothing changes beyond that point.

Transferring a read-only file across a network using encryption and passwords does not ensure that the file is original or untouched. Furthermore, it is usually preferable to enforce something in hardware rather than software since when the program is not operating, the data may be tampered with.

  • Corporate records
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Intelligence collection
  • Law enforcement
  • Electronic Voting
  • Court Proceedings
  • Medical Records and Devices
  • Public Records
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber-attack protection
  • IT security and log files


Write once read many compliant storage enables enterprises to safeguard information in a method that no one can tamper with. This may occur with something as basic as a CD-R or with software-based cloud storage.

The size of the data typically influences the medium used. You can keep a few papers on physical media without issue. Petabytes of data need a strong in-house storage ecosystem or a cloud storage provider.

If you decide to use a cloud storage provider, be sure to inquire about the retention term choices and redundancies.

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