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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) App Development Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered apps help business in predicting customer behaviors, smart decision making, and others, which are the most critical factors to increase sales and earn hefty profits.




10 Artificial Intelligence App Development Trends

There are a number of technologies that have impacted mobile app development to a greater extent – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those. App developers today leverage AI technology to build more advanced, intelligent, and smart apps to cater to multiple industries.

AI-powered apps help businesses in predicting customer behaviors, smart decision making, and others, which are the most critical factors to increase sales and earn hefty profits.

It has increased the demand for AI apps and thus encouraged developers to adopt the latest practices and trends to make apps more advanced. Let’s discuss here some popular artificial intelligence app development trends.

Artificial Intelligence App Development Trends

1. Personalization

There are many factors responsible for a massive expansion of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) – analyzing and predicting user behavior is one of them. And it helps business caters to customers personalized recommendations. This is the reason why Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) witnessed their fast adoption in multiple industries, apart from gaming.

Mobile application development agencies nowadays build AI-powered apps incorporated with business strategies, which offer personalization to a larger scale. The app personalizes user interaction and thus helps the business in personalizing the customer experience.

2. AI is Getting Closer with IoT, Blockchain, and Cloud

The year 2019 already witnessed the combination of artificial intelligence with various other technologies such as the Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud for mobile app development.

Meanwhile, these technologies are individually used for mobile app development as well and famous for their attributes. For instance, IoT can predict customer behavior; Cloud offers vast storage space, and Blockchain technology is highly secure and maintains transparency.

Need not to mention; apps developed on these combined technologies will be more robust, advanced, and feature-rich.

3. AI Shares Space with Data Analytics

AI Shares Space with Data Analytics

Getting a complete insight from data analytics and understanding it is a time-taking process. They witnessed the combination of artificial intelligence with data analytics. It helps businesses in getting smart data insight most naturally.

AI-based algorithms are highly efficient in generating insight from multiple channels and help business in gathering smart data. In other words, it makes the task of gathering insight, convenient, and less time-consuming.

Apart from this, it empowers business growth by improving decision making efficiency, capability, and lots more.

4. NLP Gets Boost with Speech Recognition

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables a computer program to communicate with humans. As a popular component of AI, NLP helps computer program quickly perceives human language.

It works on two essential factors, including syntax, which makes any sentences meaningful by arranging words, and semantic, which defines the meaning of words.

Be it sarcasm, emotion, or other things, NLP algorithms are capable of decoding everything. Besides, data extracted by voice assistant from speech and can be combined perfectly with deep learning to gather the real meaning of the words expressed with emotions.

5. Explainable AI

Explainable AI is based on the concept of the black box in ML. It focuses on how black box decisions in artificial intelligence are made. It discovers and understands several steps involved in making such decisions.

As discussed, AI improved the efficiency of the business in decision making. So, explainable AI has a significant role in this arena. With this, business executives will be able to get the exact reasons behind certain recommendations that are made.

The credit goes to explainable AI for making the entire process of decision making transparent and makes decisions unbiased completely.

6. Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is another fast-growing technology that can easily recognize an individual from a digital image or video frame. Despite having specific challenges such as illumination, expression, etc., face recognition is considered to be the essential feature of AI-powered apps. Its demand is growing day by day. This prompts app developers to include face recognition to create resonating AI apps.

7. Quantum Computing

As the name suggests, quantum computing is involved in using quantum-mechanical phenomena including superposition and entanglement, for performing the computation.

Quantum computing is playing a vital role in enhancing the task of artificial intelligence and thus helps researchers and developers in solving near term issues. The credit goes to Google AI Quantum for making quantum computing high advanced by creating novel quantum algorithms and quantum processors.

8. Safety and Privacy

Safety and privacy are the most important things, which are always taken into consideration for AI app development. In the year, protection and confidentiality emerged as the hottest AI app development trends. App developers consider all critical security aspects of protecting apps from potential threats and building highly secured AI-powered mobile applications.

9. Neural Networks

Neural Networks

Also called artificial neural networks, neural networks work similarly to human brains. It can store essential data in a digital format and uses the data for classifying the information. Neural networks witnessed a growing demand in different fields that include stock market prediction, music composition, diagnosing health issues, etc.

Neural networks witnessed a growing demand for AI app development. The integration of neural networks makes AI apps more sophisticated and purposeful.

10. Deep Learning

Deep learning is called an essential subset of artificial intelligence, which can imitate the human brain when it comes to data processing and creating patterns used for decision making.

Deep learning got more attention from app developers, who leverage this technology in AI app development more frequently to improve the app’s usability with features like automatic text generation and others.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Construction Project Management & Other Construction Trends to Look Out For in 2021

As the construction industry is getting more competitive, you have to look out for the following construction industry trends that will prevail in 2021 and beyond.




7 Solid Tips to Strengthen Your Online Business Brand

After a turbulent year of adjusting to the pandemic’s changes and the changing online landscape, many businesses, including the construction business industry, are thriving to re-emerge and grow in 2021.

With the increased labour shortage and construction expenses, the construction industry is forced to integrate innovative tech solutions to stand out in the competitive industry niche and reduce the potential risks of error and construction-material waste. While more construction businesses are integrating construction project management software in their business model, they are also focusing on other aspects to improve their projects and meet the expectations of their clients.

With the latest tech-related adjustments, innovative technology trends continuously affect construction sites, improve construction projects, and boost sales and revenue. Certain construction trends are working at the core of construction businesses and frontline construction workers.

As the construction industry is getting more competitive, you have to look out for the following construction industry trends that will prevail in 2021 and beyond. Read on to learn more!

1. Safety Equipment

Safety comes first, particularly when it comes to dangerous occupations, such as working at construction sites. With innovative software and machinery, construction sites improve their safety measurements as the machinery can now detect safety issues before accidents can occur.

A strong internet connection and Wi-Fi are being made available that covers all areas of the construction site, which assists with the quick and immediate reporting of accidents if a worker falls or gets injured. Innovative machinery that is integrated with AI (artificial intelligence) has made its way to construction sites.

How To Recruit The Right People For Your Company

This machinery helps with the transportation and moving of hazardous materials., in addition, you are also more likely to expect AI (artificial intelligence) working at the core of the construction sites that also lay bricks and assist with construction.

When it comes to safety equipment, you will find headsets as an essential element on construction sites. The headsets keep the workers protected from noise pollution, which is common to see on construction sites. While watching workers from noise, the headsets also help the workers stay in tune with their work surroundings.

It is necessary to note here that contrary to the myth that AI (artificial intelligence) in the form of robots will soon be replacing humans, it is the opposite case with construction. The robots that you will find on the construction sites won’t be there to replace humans. On the contrary, the use of AI on construction is only to benefit the workers, reduce their loads, and keep them safe. That said, AI and robots are making room for higher-level jobs and new talent.

2. Efficient Use of Technology

As we mentioned before, we are moving into a different era dominated by technology. The biggest differences that you will find in today’s construction projects and the previous construction projects are the use of technology and how it is integrated into construction sites. Besides the use of construction project management software, you will also find the inclusion of smart contracts. In other words, the pandemic has shifted construction projects to technology construction.

The pandemic has performed an essential role in causing increased reliance on technology. The construction project management software, for instance, helps in keeping all employees on the same page as the milestones are marked. It also allows managers to manage all steps of the construction project remotely and effortlessly.

You can also expect drones to fly on construction sites. One essential benefit of construction drones is that they can cover areas that can effectively report and analyze the construction sites.

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