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Augmented Reality (AR)

How to Use Augmented Reality for Better SEO Results

How Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have overtaken the leads, From e-commerce and retail to medical and military use, AR is the buzzword of the 2020s



Augmented Reality for Better SEO Results

A few years ago, it seemed that virtual reality had a larger potential than its augmented counterpart. However, as time goes by, it’s clear that augmented reality has overtaken the lead. From e-commerce and retail to medical and military use, AR is highly likely to be the buzzword of the 2020s.

Its wider application in some fields causes changes in others, as well. As more and more business ventures are including AR in their tools, search engines also have to follow suit to meet their needs. Therefore, business owners should start using AR for better SEO results. So, stay with us to find out more about this matter.

1. Local business searches and AR

More and more people are looking for local businesses via search engines. If you don’t have a business page on social media or a website these days, it’s as if you’re living under a rock. What makes AR an element of this equation is its potential in local business queries and real-life searches.

Let’s say that you run a small coffee shop in a town attractive to tourists. As tourists pass by the shop, they might want to see what it’s like. Since their time is limited, they want to check out other people’s experiences before they decide if they’ll give it a try. They simply scan your place with one of the suitable AR apps and they get the basic information about your coffee shop, its menu, and other people’s experiences at the same time.

Google is already implementing augmented reality in its algorithms so it will be an important feature in the future.

2. Location-based outreach

The example from the previous paragraph works the other way around. In other words, it’s not only possible for tourists and passers-by to use AR to learn more about different objects on their route.

Business owners can send them their offers in real-time, as well. For instance, when you announce that the happy hour in your restaurant has just started, you can invite people in its vicinity to come and eat at your place.

This call can be performed through selected AR apps. As they’re approaching the restaurant, their mobile will register the image of the special happy hour offer you’ve just launched. That image is the essence of AR – a hologram-like visual that can be visible only through an app.

By using these marker-based AR elements, you’ll improve both your offline and online visibility. If the customers like what they get from you, they’ll spread the word on the Web. In turn, you’ll have more visitors both on the website and in reality. Eventually, implementing AR that way will ensure your further growth on SERPs.

3. Augmented impact of social media

If you’ve ever used the Facebook 360 option, you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to immersing yourself in social media experiences.

In line with that, Instagram has also announced that they’re going to allow third-party AR filters in their stories. Since social media and SEO are interrelated online entities, the more AR elements you add to your pages, the higher visibility you can expect.

Given that AR is already being used for different marketing purposes, business owners and marketers should start implementing these features in their business promotion. For instance, sharing promotional videos that contain AR elements on social media can attract more potential customers and improve your overall online status.

4. Web design in AR surroundings

What’s interesting about augmented reality is that it’s equally applicable in both online and offline environments. Likewise, it can affect your SEO status in both directions.

We’ve already explained its offline marketing potential in that coffee shop example.

When it comes to its online placement, it’s important to say that for now it can be used as an appendix to an existing website.

For instance, if you own an e-commerce website, AR features can improve the user experience on that website. Businesses selling clothes, furniture, office equipment, and other tangible goods will benefit from adding these elements to their online shops.

This is also where 3D modeling can come in handy, especially if you have a brick-and-mortar store, as well.

3D modeling and AR are complementary to some extent. So, you can find out more about the right choice for your needs from a web development Houston-based pundits to understand which technology to add to your website.

All these features can help you improve the UX experience on your website and, hence, its overall online rankings.

5. Conclusion

Augmented reality is here to help us find out more about the world around us by adding virtual images to it. As you’ve seen from this article, AR can enhance search engine optimization in many direct and indirect ways. From mobile apps and social media features to location-based outreach and web design, this technology can improve our online rankings on several levels.

The AR race has begun, which is why it’s vital to start using these features and keep your business present in as many online queries as possible.

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Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI in Education: Importance and Benefits of Using It

The potential is enormous, especially when artificial intelligence or simple AI is involved. It mimics the brain of the human and provides instant results and calculations.




Artificial Intelligence App Development Trends

Technology is widely used in merely all spheres of human activity. It serves people in a variety of ways. It simplifies many processes, provides tips, speeds up any function, enhances productivity, and so on. The potential is enormous, especially when artificial intelligence or simple AI is involved. It mimics the brain of the human and provides instant results and calculations. Therefore, it is no surprise this technology is used in education with huge benefits.

Lauren Bradshaw is a famous writer, professional researcher, and blogger employed at a leading essay writing service called CustomWritings. She covers many topics related to students, education, and technology. She has shared one exciting thought, and we want to provide it here:

“The use of artificial intelligence will sufficiently ease the life of students in many ways. Students will comprehend and learn new materials very fast. Smart technology will help to develop skills fast, and they will be applied correctly. The perspectives are enormous.” We understand the point of view of Lauren, because we think the same way. Our helpful blog post casts more light on the benefits and importance of AI in education.

1. Automation

One of the essential benefits of AI is the automation of merely all processes. It saves precious time and energy. AI can help students, as well as teachers and professors. For example, students can create interactive schedules that reflect all the tasks and grades they have. Thus, youngsters will know what should be done and how good their score is. AI will calculate the odds, and students will know if any adjustments and improvements are required.

Teachers and professors do not have to spend heaps of time checking the progress of their students. An intelligent program will take into account the grades of all students and will provide the average rates. Educators will not spend their energy doing that and will have more time to heed the students who need their support more.

2. Big Data Collection

Artificial intelligence may help learners and educators in finding the correct information. It works fast and ensures the desired results. Every time you place an online request, AI registers it and saves it in your browser’s history. This function helps to speed up the process of searching and makes it more accurate. After it gathers enough facts from the requests of all users, you receive instant targeted results. For example, you may write an “essay,” and the browser will provide you with all related products:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • How to write an essay;
  • Essay writing structure;
  • Essay outline;
  • How to write an introduction to an essay;
  • How to research an article, etc.

It hugely saves time, and users receive instant search options that are relevant for them. AI may provide recommendations of information sources that can be helpful for students. These are:

  • Learning courses and programs;
  • Educational websites;

3. Assistance for Disabled Students

As we all know, some students have specific disabilities. They appeared because of accidents, traumas, or genetic peculiarities. Students have problems with talking, walking, or writing. AI can overcome most of those complications.

Let’s review a few typical situations. A student has problems with gripping. He cannot hold the pen firmly, and it is impossible to understand what he writes. Thanks to special digital writing tools and AI, this issue can be successfully solved. A student should take a special pen and write with it on the screen. AI will analyze what is written and will type it.

Another example is related to students with speaking issues. They may not be able to pronounce all the words. Thus, a specific AI technology can speak instead of them using an intelligent, sensitive algorithm. It can identify the quietest sounds and pronounce them instead of a student. Steven Hawking used to utilize this unique technology. Mind that he could not speak and even move.

4. Interactive Assistants

AI software is brilliant and can become the most effective helper of students. It is used in various learning tools and helps to improve skills and avoid mistakes. The most widely used learning apps based on artificial intelligence are:

  • Grammar checkers. These intelligent apps scan the text and underline grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. They also show how to correct those mistakes.
  • Editors. Thanks to online editors, students receive editing tips to improve the readability of their texts.
  • Topic generators. If you have problems with choosing a topic, topic generators will help you. AI proposes the most relevant ideas after you specify at least one keyword.
  • Organizers. An intelligent organizer may become your assistant. It will schedule and adjust your routine. Thanks to its assistance, you’ll be able to control time and optimize your work.

5. Virtual Reality

Artificial intelligence allows using virtual reality or, shortly, VR. AI will create unique environments for students according to their needs and the goals of their educators. For example, nobody can travel back in time to observe Ancient Greece or Rome or travel to the time when dinosaurs lived. Thanks to a special algorithm, AI provides this opportunity.

They should only put on special glasses and headsets to feel the virtual world as accurate. Such use of artificial intelligence makes lessons more attractive and provides more details necessary for adequate comprehension. It encourages students to attend such classes and do their best to succeed in learning.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the potential of artificial intelligence in education is beneficial for educators and learners. It assists fast and precisely. Students can find the required data, optimize their schedule, improve learning skills, get brilliant prompts, and save heaps of precious time. It is only necessary to find the right software, optimize, and use it correctly. The positive results will appear almost in a blink of an eye. AI has the potential we cannot ignore. It should be used wisely.

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