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The 5 Most Reliable Ways To Build Backlinks in 2021

There are many ways to build reliable backlinks. The most tried and true method is outreach. The 5 most reliable ways to build backlinks.




SEO Tips to Gain Quality Links

Are you struggling to figure out your websites are struggling to rank? Everyone wants to be on the first page for terms buyers search for. Doing all the recommended on-page optimization and may still result in low rankings. The reason is your site’s backlink profile is likely weaker than its competitors. Keep reading, and we’ll show you five reliable ways to build links.

1. Natural Outreach Is A Proven Way To Build Backlinks

There are many ways to build reliable backlinks. The most tried and true method is outreach. This is the process of emailing other blog and website owners. Most consider this to be the most natural, ethical, and reliable way of gaining links.

The reason is you can expect to gain links based on the number of emails you send. You will also build relationships along the way. This link-building method also avoids outright paying for links.

That’s important since paying for links is against Google’s guidelines. Paying for links has caused thousands of sites to lose their rankings over the years. Many times this happens due to not doing their due diligence.

Have you ever clicked a link that goes to a page that no longer exists? You can be helpful by showing them content on your site that can fill the void. This is an excellent way of fostering trust and adding value.

The downside of this method is it takes time and skill. You might still have the lingering doubt about what sites are worth doing outreach to. This is understandable since analyzing a site’s backlink profile takes years to understand.

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Many less-experienced SEO practitioners overload their sites with links with ultra-strong metrics. This is a major red flag if they all come at once. It also seems odd that no smaller sites seem to pay attention to a site either.

This is why your SEO team needs to build a well-rounded and natural backlink strategy. It takes time to understand how it works.

Knowing your numbers gives you a predictable way of gaining links. You can expect a certain amount of positive responses for every 100 emails you send. The issue is webmasters are more careful about who they link to and trust.

It is usually better to outsource things like outreach to a professional if you have doubts. Outreach services have years of experience and existing relationships with established sites. You might consider contacting a service like Outreachz for more info.

2. Writing Great Content

Many of the so-called experts spout the gospel of writing great content. This half-truth fools many people. Self-proclaimed experts promise that if you build it, they will come. The problem is there are more ranking factors than content and keywords.

No one will find a site if it is not linked or shared somewhere on the internet. Great content is better served as a way of filling a knowledge gap in a niche. This makes people more willing to link to it since it adds value.

Five thousand words content only helps if it is relevant to the intent of the people it is in front of. Google uses links to understand what a page is about. For example, if a bunch of sports blogs link to a page, it likely has to do with sports. The link profiles of the sites linking to each other giving Google context.

Great content is more of a supplement than a way of building links itself. It should take a very long time for people to discover it on its own. Don’t let anyone fool you.

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3. Buying Links Is The Easy Path

Many beginners default to this method since the services are very cheap. This is when people go to SEO marketplaces and buy links. Buying from a marketplace is much shadier.

Sometimes a link-buying service will have a temporary boost to a website’s rankings. The problem comes from many of these providers being in it for a buck to fund their larger products. It is common for these cheaply purchased links to penalize domains in the long-term.

A penalized domain is much harder to rank again. Many experts recommend starting fresh if you are a beginner. Fiverr and its counterparts have a few ethical sellers. The problem is sorting the good from the bad takes lots of trial and error.

This is why some don’t see its reputation as reliable. You shouldn’t conclude all link services on places like Fiverr are suspect. The conclusion should be that finding a good service requires a lot of trial and error.

Five-star reviews are often for sale. Savvy marketplace vendors will bribe others to leave them a lovely review. Sometimes they give out free services, or they pay for the reviews.

It will help if you go with services that have been around for years. Another tip is to test a link service on less important sites of yours to watch the effect.

4. Scraping Domains – Effective But Becoming Expensive

Domain auctions have grown in popularity. They are a way of obtaining high authority backlinks with less effort. The industry has caught on to this trick.

Prices for expired domains with strong metrics continue to increase. Some people specialize in buying strong domains and reselling them for more. They find them using special scraping techniques.

This means people buy older domains someone forgot to renew. More aged domains have naturally gained backlinks. The new owner then points these at their existing site. “Link-equity” is then transferred where the new owner wants.

Passing the power of the backlink profile is less reliable than it once was. Google has caught on to this tactic. This means that paying double or triple digits for an expired domain does not work 100 per cent of the time.

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5. Sponsorship Links – Powerful But Use Wisely

This is like buying links. Non-profit organizations have many backlinks from news agencies. Their content is often shared on social media.

That’s why their backlinks are sought after. A link from an authoritative non-profit carries power. It is like a referral from a well-known person with good character.

Many agencies donate money on behalf of their clients. This buys them a mention on a page on the charity or school’s website. The problem is Google has also begun to catch on to this as well.

There’s a strong chance the link won’t carry much value if it is not relevant. The content on the organization’s page should relate to where it links. Google is always tweaking things to improve user experience.

Abusing this tactic also yields diminishing returns for each sponsorship gained. These sponsorships are rather pricey. A few links here and there helps, but they must be part of a well-rounded link profile.

Use A Well-Rounded Approach For Best Link-Building Results

These five link-building methods have existed for over a decade. Building a strong backlink profile will help a website rank. The key is understanding how to do so in the most natural and value-adding way possible.

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Digital Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Skills You Can Turn Into A Side Hustle

In this article, you’ll learn some of the most common digital marketing skills you can turn into a side hustle. Continue reading to get more information.




5 Digital Marketing Skills You Can Turn Into A Side Hustle

If there’s something someone shouldn’t lack, then it’s a side hustle. This not only brings flexibility to one’s life but also financial freedom. If your main job ends, it’s a good feeling when someone knows that they’ll continue earning. The first thing to remember is that one has to identify the best side hustle that won’t inconvenience them or interfere with their main job.

Many people possess different skills, which can be turned into lucrative side hustles. Some of these skills fall under the digital marketing spectrum.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the most common digital marketing skills you can turn into a side hustle. Continue reading to get more information.

1. Blogging And Copywriting

Blogging can be defined as photography, media, or writing which can be discovered online since it’s self-published. On the other hand, copywriting is the method of writing persuasive and promotional materials. The key goal of these written pieces is to motivate individuals to act, purchase, or click a given link, amongst others.

Copywriting and blogging are powerful digital marketing skills. To produce excellent content, one needs to be creative to pass a message on effectively.

Many companies own blogs. However, some don’t give them the required attention. One can approach these companies and earn money by copywriting and blogging on their behalf.

2. Social Media Advertising

Are you interested in advertising through social media? Can you come up with a uniquely targeted audience? If you can do certain two things, then you can turn them into a side hustle. All you have to do is see for clients and offer social media advertising on their behalf. This can be done on their online platforms of choice.

If you can create social media ads, this is an added advantage. This is because you can utilize the company’s brand and get a graphic designer to help you share the profit.

In this hustle, your major duties will be to create content, plan and arrange new campaigns. You’ll also be responsible for managing the company’s online communities and evaluating its reports. To be a social media manager, you don’t require a degree. You have to possess excellent skills in networking a thorough understanding of social media platforms.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a method of improving a website to boost its visibility on the Internet. It makes a business website rank and emerges as one of the top results when individuals search a keyword on Bing or Google. This is a vital ingredient in online marketing.

SEO is a method of improving a website

As an SEO expert, you won’t have to write or create content. The skills needed are for you to determine the links and keywords to use and the capability to structure a website’s data to rank in a better way in search tools. Companies compete daily. However, some of them haven’t discovered the power of SEO in their business yet.

If you’ve got SEO skills, turn this into a side hustle and increase your revenue. To be in a better position, ensure that you’re also equipped with content creation and copywriting skills. This will be crucial in highlighting the changes that need to be implemented on the content without affecting the general brand messaging.

4. AdWord Search, Set Up and Management

Google owns and operates Adwords. It’s the most used way of advertising. Many businesses utilize Google advertising to get new clients and, in turn, grow their companies. AdWord search involves advertising through pay-per-click. Advertisers check the given keywords relevant to their company’s goods and services and bid. They display them to consumers, who use the given words in Google as part of their search question.

Someone who works at an online marketing agency can turn this into a lucrative side hustle. You can pick the AdWords skills you incorporate in your job, then leverage them to assist small-scale businesses that appear in the Google searches. All you’ve got to do is liaise with the business owners to pay you when people click the ads.

5. Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social media marketing specialists help businesses establish great digital ads. Creating ads, targeting unique audiences, comprehending online buying patterns, identifying funnel methods, and optimizing the ads for companies is a vital skill in the modern digital world.

The skills required include knowing how adverts work on social media platforms and the ability to strategize content.


The Internet has a lot of information concerning side hustles. Though some require high-tech knowledge, the above-mentioned digital marketing skills don’t require anything too complex. If you maintain any of the above, you can begin your journey to financial freedom by choosing the one that perfectly matches your daily routine.

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