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The Process of Speeding Up Your WordPress Website

Process of Speeding Up Your WordPress Website – There are five significant steps to secure and speeding up your WordPress websites quickly.




Process of Speeding Up Your WordPress Website

The modern era is one born and bred with convenience. Consumers expect to have their needs and wants to answer quickly, especially when they’re online. This is why every second count when it comes to how quickly a website operates. In fact, Hosting Tribunal found that a delay of a single second can reduce a website’s page views by 11% and conversion rates by 7%.

In addition to this, how quickly a website loads factors into its search engine ranking. Faster sites rank higher and are more easily found by consumers. Alternatively, if a site is slow, it suffers and receives less search engine attention.

Luckily, if your company’s WordPress website is running slow, you aren’t completely out of luck. There are a number of methods that developers can use to reduce the delay that a site may have accumulated.

Speeding WordPress Websites

1. Install a Cache Plugin

WordPress has a variety of plugins that a WordPress web development company can use to increase the functionality of a site on the platform. If you’re interested in speeding your website up, one of the best choices you can make is to add a cache plugin.

These plugins speed up the process of the site finding the information it needs to react to user inputs. The faster it can find this information and use it, the faster the site will run.

2. Use Simpler Themes

It can be tempting to opt for higher intensity WordPress themes. However, the concept of “more means better” is a dangerous trap to fall into. As for speed, the downfall here is simple: the more things that are on a page, the longer it will take that page to load. The more powerful the page features are, the more difficult the loading time will be.

This is also affected by the type of features you have on a page. More complex items like videos and sliders will take longer to load than a text page. Developers don’t have to create a barren website, but reducing some of the unnecessary features can speed things up.

Speeding WordPress Website with Simpler Themes

3. Delete Unwanted Data

As just stated, unnecessary data can slow down a website. Sometimes, this isn’t attributed to needless features planted for a novelty factor. Instead, it can sometimes just be caused by trash. Just like a computer might slow down when the storage is full, a website can slow down thanks to files that were left in the end product that doesn’t need to be there. This could come in the form of content drafts, spam comments, and plugins that aren’t in use anymore.

4. Keep Your Security Updated

A cyber attack can be wreak havoc on the performance of a website. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you stay on top of the security performance of your business’ website. If any problems arise, make sure to fix them as soon as possible to keep the site running in top condition.

Speeding WordPress Websites with Security

5. Keep WordPress Updated

While popular, WordPress isn’t perfect. From time to time, there are factors that can be improved and even features that need to be fixed. WordPress recognizes this and addresses these potential problems with periodic updates. To ensure that the website is running on the latest version of WordPress, it’s best to make sure it’s updated regularly.

These steps are a great start to running a quick and responsive website. First, make sure to start with a simple but still pleasing and useful theme. From there, carefully choose the plugins, clear out any waste, and make sure to keep everything up-to-date. This will help ensure the site runs in top form.

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Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Designing Your Website

If you are thinking about building your website, whether yourself or with the help of a custom website design company, you should consider these 10 things before designing your website.




Designers man drawing website ux app development. User experience concept.

Investing in a website is a crucial decision to make as online presence plays a pivotal role in the growth of any business, small or large. A company’s creative website design helps the user decide whether to move ahead with the company or switch to another website.

Your website is responsible for a strong online presence of your business that attracts genuine users and helps you to grow it. The users could use your website as a validation of authenticity and trustworthiness. If your website lacks a creative layout, you might lose a few clients, leading to financial losses that you undoubtedly want to ignore.

If you manage to create a creative website design, your website could be your lead-generating machine and consequently turn your website traffic into quantifiable conversions. You could either make your website by yourself if you know how to design a website, or you could also take the help of the best website design company in India.

If you are thinking about building your website, whether yourself or with the help of a custom website design company, you should consider these 10 things before designing your website.

1. Purpose of your website

The first and most important thing to know is, what is the purpose of your website? If you are not clear about the purpose, you might not achieve the objectives you want from your website. For example, if you want to increase sales of your product via the website but are creating irrelevant content, you will ultimately fail to impact your audience. So, it is substantial to be clear with your purpose and plan your creative website design accordingly.

2. Choose the perfect domain.

Another important thing is to figure out your domain name. A domain name is a name that defines your company to the online community. The domain name of the website should justify your business goals or objectives. When you start designing your website, make sure you choose the perfect brand name for your website and check how your domain name ends, i.e., .com, .in, .co, etc. All these are prominent to consider when you are designing your website.

3. Identify your audience/users.

The website you are creating may benefit you, but it’s not for you but for your audience. They will interact with your website. It might seem like a big deal to choose the target audience. I will target “everyone.” Remember the quote, “you can’t make everyone happy,” same applies here.

Understand your target audience and design your website’s buyer persona accordingly. You should not target people who are not relevant to your product, but you should aim to reach those few people who will buy your product, and that’s why identifying your audience is essential.

Does your website have a poor conversion rate. Heres what could be wrong with it

4. Write original and unique content.

A creative website design is creative with the content as well. You must have heard that the content is the king, and this is true. Website design and development success highly depend on the content you are providing via your website. It must be related to your audience and add value to the life of your audience. If you are selling a technical product, you can write blogs about how to use the products and how they ease the life of buyers.

5. SEO-friendly code

We have discussed in the above point why creating creative website content is important, but what is the point of creating content if google or other search engines doesn’t index them in their search results? That’s why SEO is important.

SEO helps to rank your website in SERPs that are for free without incurring any extra costs. Incorporating SEO-friendly code while designing your website instructs search engine crawlers by giving them a clear picture of your website’s content that needs to be indexed.

6. Build a branding strategy

While building your creative website design, knowing how your brand will be recognized is vital, and building a strategy to grow your brand identity so your business can strengthen your online presence. Branding strategy could include your logo design, website theme template, creative web design content, etc. It would help if you tried to be more specific and clear about what your customer or website visitors think about your business after entering the website.

7. Mobile-friendly website design

According to Statista, more than 6.5 billion people have smartphones, more than 83 percent of the world. We know that we all count on mobile for small searches, from searching restaurants near me to investing in bitcoins. At such a time, you must create a website that is mobile-friendly and responsive to any device size. That means your website gives the same user experience, no matter on which device you open your website.

8. Structure your website scalability

The mistake that most website owners make is focusing on short-term goals and objectives. It is always advisable to never make a decision based on your current needs. There are always high chances that your website could bring you much more than you think, but the mistake you might make is either overestimating or underestimating it.

The best thing is to avoid single points of failure (SPOF). While building your website design, ask yourself where you will store the data collected, how you will access it, and how frequently you will back it up.

9. Add a call to action button.

The biggest mistake website owners commit while developing a creative website design is not knowing where to add a call to action button. The call to action button encourages your customers to connect with your business for a better understanding. With the help of the call to action button, you can even invite your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. It will help you to build a strong relationship with your audience.

10. Test your website functionality

We have covered all the important aspects of creating and developing a creative website design. We are at last, but not the most minor point, that is functionality. This step comes when your website design is complete, and now you need to check how your website is loading properly and doesn’t contain any broken links. Observing your website from the user’s point of view is significant to understand better the issues that need to be corrected.

Closing thoughts

Keeping these things in mind while developing your creative website design helps you better frame your website. With the help of little planning, you can create an impactful website design that attracts users and search engine crawlers as well.

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