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Must Know Google Analytics Data Hacks For Quick SEO Win

Google Analytics is a Web analytics software service that provides web statistics, Analytics & Data Insights. Must Know Google Analytics Data Hacks For Quick SEO Win in 2019.



Google Analytics Data Hacks

If you have planned an SEO strategy and have been implementing it for a while now, you need reports to check if your strategy works or not.

Google Analytics is exactly that; it provides you in-depth reports so that you can revamp your strategies and optimize your site better for improved outcomes. With a wide variety of features, here’s how you can use Google Analytics for a quick SEO win.

Google Analytics for a quick SEO win in 2019

1. Traffic Flow Optimization

There are so many websites that have web pages with incredible traffic flow. However, despite impressive traffic, there is hardly any conversion.

It is important for any site to have a strategy that directs this traffic to reasonable conversion. And if you want to come up with a strategy, you have to first know the incoming and outgoing traffic for every page on your website.

To have a record of traffic flow, follow what’s given below. Upon changing the settings to this, you will be able to track user flow. There are other intricate settings that you can change within this as well.

Audience >> benchmarking >> users flow

2. Link Opportunities Using Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is a reflection of the efforts you put into outreach. With more referral traffic, the reputation of your website increases. Monitoring referral traffic and links that you get from this can help you build more links in the future.

For this, it is important to get a referral traffic report. You can get referral traffic report by going to the option called ‘acquisition’ >> all traffic >> referrals.

3. Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization begins with identifying the intention of your audience. There are four kinds of keyword intent- navigational, informational, investigational, and transactional.

See what your audience looks for using queries report and make sure you are catering to their exact needs. Based on the nature of your website, you would want your website to rank for one of the types of keyword intents.

You can even unlock other data related to keywords using queries report on Google Analytics which would give you more insight into where the traffic flows.

However, when you make this change and unlock other keyword data, the filter applies to the new visits, excluding changes to historical data. You will find this control in ‘filters’ in admin option, in the left taskbar.

4. Track Conversions

It is the ultimate goal of any website to convert their visitors; and the process of converting users is called conversion rate optimization (CRO). There are many strategies that people follow to convert visitors, like, making them fill a form, sign up, downloading eBook, etc. You would also find a number of tools on Google Analytics that help you make conversions.

Visitor actions and behavior can give you an idea whether or not they are following the process of conversion. When you track the process and see what visitors are doing on your website, you would be able to lead your audiences to what you desire more conveniently.

5. Tightening Funnel

Having a funnel is having set steps to lead a visitor from being a mere visitor to being converted. This funnel helps you calculate the success rate of your strategy. The funnel should lead the visitor very efficiently from one level to the next level, making it a definite push and conversion.

For this, tightening the funnel might help more. This means, having a micro-perspective instead of a macro-perspective so that each step more intricately pushes the visitor down the funnel.

6. Track Events

When you track events, you would be able to see what visitors do on any specific page of your website, which would give you some more insight into what visitors want from you.

As a visitor visits a specific page on your website, you can track a link or an event. This can be done by using tracking codes. This can be a catch if you are not into technical stuff. If so, you can make use of a code generator and track events.

7. Detailed Insights

If you want to track factors, like click-through rate, the number of times your pages appear in the SERPs, or the average ranking of your pages in the SERPs, you would need a Google Search Console account and integrate it with Google Analytics for a detailed report.

Detailed Insights, Track Events & Conversions

8. Landing Page Reports

It is important to have an easily navigable landing page that lets people look for what they want effortlessly. For this, you would have to analyze your landing page and see where visitors might be finding it problematic to navigate to other pages.

Moreover, engagement has become a significant ranking factor; and landing page reports help in tracking engagement as well.

In order to get landing page reports, you have to go to the option ‘Acquisition’ >> Search Console >> Landing Pages.

9. Site Speed

You’re risking your conversion rate if your website takes too long to load. Furthermore, Google emphasizes the page loading speed in its algorithm as a major ranking factor.

And since people access websites on their phones more often than systems these days, you have to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

To know how many people use their phone to access your website and what is the loading speed for your site, you can go to Behavior >> Site Speed >> Overview.

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10. Customized Alert

Every time there is an algorithm update, you can expect fluctuations; even if it is a faint fluctuation. You can’t really tell if or not your website would be impacted by an algorithm update. That way, getting notified might be able to save you. You would find out sooner and would be able to make changes before it is too late.

Go to admin and look for the custom alerts option. Once you click on ‘new alert’ and configure the settings, you would be notified every time there is a significant change in analytics.

11. Customized Seo Dashboard

Having a custom SEO dashboard means you would have a quick glance at your SEO stats. This reduces the amount of time you would have to spend on analyzing SEO reports. As a result, you get more time to implement your SEO strategies and quickly go through the stats.

Customized SEO Dashboard

While you can import an existing SEO dashboard that is pre-configured to, later on, making little changes here and there, you can even create a new one.

Google Analytics is quite an impressive tool with an incredible variety of functions that can help you improve your website’s performance.

Whether you look for basic features or want to look at the nuances, you have it all if you are using Google Analytics. These hacks that we have mentioned above not only help you monitor your website but also help you take care of the SEO part.

An SEO content specialist working in the digital marketing industry from the past 5 years excels in creating content for various niches. He currently works at Stan Ventures, an Indo-American digital marketing agency. He is enthusiastic to learn about blogger outreach services and the latest Google algorithm updates that roll out frequently.

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Big Data

Benefits of Data analytics for Your Business

One of the most significant benefits of Big Data analytics is that businesses can now deliver personalized experiences at scale.




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Data Analytics provides the path for creative solutions, hyper-targeted promotional techniques, and personalized promotional strategies by allowing you to define your consumer clearly. The potential advantages of participating in Big Data analytics are well understood: these technologies offer cost reductions, increased productivity, and an enhanced decision-making process.

According to research, 90 percent of collaborating enterprise clients stated that data and analytics are critical to their company’s digital development objectives. Students are opting for data analytics courses to join this dynamic industry and be a part of the future driven by advanced technologies and innovations. There are distinct benefits to adopting data analytics into your organization since it generates effective results, like the ones listed below:

1. Better Decision-Making:

One of the most significant advantages of Big Data analytics greatly enhances decision-making procedures. Businesses are progressively turning to data before making decisions instead of depending solely on intuition. Businesses are better positioned to produce accurate forecasts when big data combines AI, machine learning, and data mining.

In essence, you’re streamlining what was formerly a years-long collection of knowledge and relying on technology to achieve results swiftly and with less experimentation. Another important use is categorization utilizing AI-analytics methods.

2. Personalization:

The performance indicator that most advertising agencies aspire for is to provide a personalized experience. As a result, one of the most significant benefits of Big Data analytics is that businesses can now deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Big Data fuels prediction engines and pricing optimization, and it gives businesses a complete picture of their customers, allowing them to customize to each person.

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3. Predictive Modeling:

Organizations may use predictive modeling to determine what’s causing problems and anticipate future results. Predictive analytics technologies are used in financial services to assess fraud threats and establish trustworthiness.

These technologies are also being used to assist climate warming and sustainability policies, nuclear power, oil exploration, and other topics.

4. Retention and Loyalty:

According to Market experts, the major accelerators for improving sales and customer fulfillment are social networking site promotion, email marketing, and behavioral studies. Social media management, website analytics, behavioral data, and competitive analysis are all used to assist organizations in figuring out what their customers want.

5. Forecasting:

Marketers can forecast customer experience and outcomes more precisely using Big Data analytics mixed with statistical approaches and historical information. They can then use the information to develop long-term plans.

6. Optimized Messaging and Solutions:

Data analytics can determine what clients want and how they respond to communications and then integrate those findings into promotional, production, and sales tactics.

7. Accurate Measure of Campaign ROI:

For marketers, attribution has always been a difficult task. Advanced analytics technologies can assess the effectiveness of all campaigns, messages, and techniques that contribute significantly to a customer’s conversion.

These findings provide a platform for future operations for businesses. Companies can also use the information to make better financial planning decisions.

8. More Accessible Analytics:

By democratizing the process of creating plans and implementing the sense of the findings, AI is increasingly assisting in getting data analytics into the hands of more people. Organizations may obtain comprehensive insight into their business using self-service, intelligent solutions across all divisions.

So, if you are planning to pursue a career in data analytics, you must start by signing up for analytic data courses now!

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