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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Best Voice Search App for Android (Google Voice Assistant)

Best Voice Search App for Android (Google Voice Assistant). Did you ever fantasize that there could be a speech recognition technology that will allow a user to perform a search via voice command.




Best Voice Search App for Android

Scientific knowledge has proven to be a magical lamp for us, under the shadow of which many dumbfounding technologies have developed that no one could ever have imagined. Many new technologies are introduced on a daily basis and a lot more are currently under development. These latest technologies are more modern and successfully replace the older ones.

One such technology is voice search. Did you ever fantasize that there could be a speech recognition technology that will allow a user to perform a search via voice command. This voice technology has made people’s lives a lot easier. There are various voice apps available for the purpose of bringing more comfort to the lives of people. You can install these apps and become hassle-free.

Best Voice Search App for Android (Google Voice Assistant)

If you want to make the best use of voice technology and are searching for the best voice app for your android phone, then your search is over. Here we will go through some of the best voice apps, that will help you miraculously in lessening your stress

Google Assistant:

A list of top voice searches will remain incomplete without mentioning the Google Assistant. It is the most rhetorical app by Google LLC, and mostly comes installed in android phones. Google has long been trusted due to the quality of its web services. The same is true for Google Assistant.

You can simply call, search and navigate without using your hands. All you need is to just start with ‘Hey Google’ and experience a new Google World. In addition, with this app, you will be able to:

  • Manage your schedule
  • Get help with everyday tasks
  • Set alarms and alerts
  • Take notes
  • Get control of your smart-home devices
  • Discover new music and play songs
  • Make calls, texts, and e-mails
  • Get quick answers for your any type of queries
  • Get google map directions

These voice apps can be very hand if you are cooking, playing ping pong or any other activity. You just ask questions via voice and google gives you back the answer immediately. It is fascinating. Says Owais Shah Founder of Indoor Champ, A Resource for Indoor Gaming Geeks.

Google Voice Assistant

What else couldn’t be done with this app. It is a smartphone hack, with the help of which you can manage nearly all day to day functions. You can perform all in one function with your companion assistant. It is a very lightweight app. After knowing about all these advantages I am seriously going to try my Google assistant app. Are you too?

Voice Search UX- Voice Assistant and Speech to text:

By UK Apps

Apart from google assistant, there are many applications that are in no way less than Google Assistant in performance.Some of them are able to perform better than Google’s assistant and give tough competition to Google. One such app is the Voice search app that is developed by UX Apps. It is a striking application that is highly rated among users and has caught more ratings than the Google assistant. The app can perform many functions using speech to text engine. It allows users to

  • Perform a quick search on Google, Youtube, Bing, Wikipedia, and all other webpages
  • Search contacts in device
  • Call, text, and email on any app.

Voice search uses Google search app for recognizing your voice and allows you to choose any recognition language, you can control all your mobile functions with voice search, you can save your voice commands, and repeat them or edit them later.

All these features are just a few to be mentioned. Features of the voice search app are on par with Google. All these functions can be performed within nanoseconds. Plus point of this app is that you can choose the pace of voice to text ratio while taking long notes. All these features work together to bring harmony to your life.

Voice Search- Speech to text searching Assistant

By Prometheus Interactive:

It is one of the most top-rated voice apps with over 5M downloads. Everything is fabulous about this voice search app. It will make your routine tasks even easier as you will be able to search the web, phone, and your images. It can convert your routine talks to searching text.

The app offers accurate voice search and recognition, it is simple to use and is available in multiple languages.

This is a must-try application. It will save your precious time and energy required by you in writing texts. This app contains some in-app purchases. But it is fun to use the app and in the end, you will credit yourself for this decision. All these features are only a download away from you.

Lyra Virtual Assistant:

Lyra is your sincere friend in the virtual world. This app is developed by Artificial Solutions. You can converse with Lyra at any time. She will not only listen to you but she will also understand and provide you with her opinions on any topic. This experience is as incredible as it sounds. Lyra Virtual Assistant is currently the highest rated app. It is much more than a voice app. This app will take you through the experience of

  • Playing youtube videos
  • Translating words and phrases within the blink of seconds
  • Open maps and give you directions
  • Find local restaurants
  • Manage your diary
  • Save notes and reminders,
  • Set alarms
  • Search your contacts
  • Find the weather forecast

This not only ends here. Lyra is famous for her jovial personality. You will be amused by talking with her and listening to her humorous jokes. This is an absolutely free app. I am seriously gonna try this. Have you also taken the same decision?


Robin is an all-time favorite app of voice search app users. It was introduced by Audioburst. Like Lyra, Robin is also your infotainment assistant.

  • Playing music from top podcasts and radio stations
  • Making a quick call by Robin
  • You can personalize your playlist on any topic and say Robin to play it, Robin will play that on your demand
  • Send text
  • Set alarms and reminders
  • Get an idea of parking lot
  • Get directions
  • Trace the location of gas stations
  • Post view and share from facebook

Learning was never this much fun before Robin. This app is still in the beta phase, but all the characteristics offered by the app are much more than any top app that gives an elite experience to its users.


Bling is among one of the most blissful giveaways by the Microsoft company. Microsoft is a virtual giant and anything less can not be expected from this name.

Packed with all the features of a voice app, bing also delights its users by giving them a beautiful bing image each day. You can personalize your phone with these sweet images and save them in your pictures gallery.

Another attribute of Bing is that the app knows the importance of curiosity and, it values you for your curiosity. You will be boon with points for your every search. You can redeem these points at any time.

As a voice search app hallmarks of the app includes:

  • Quick access to the weather, news, trending images and videos
  • Translate an entire webpage
  • Bookmark and share pages
  • Keep your history saved
  • Opt for an incognito mode if you don’t want to save your searches

All these merits qualify Bing as one of the best voice search ever.

Extreme Go- Personal Voice Assistant:

This captivating app introduced by Multiverse Software has got millions of followers in a relatively short span of time. Using the Extreme Go app you can reduce your workload and share your hectic activities of the day with Extreme simply by

  • Getting locations to the nearest coffee shop
  • Making phone calls
  • Playing your favorite music
  • Having a rapid search on net
  • If you can’t understand any language then this is not a problem. You can translate your language into any other language e.g English, Urdu, Chinese
  • It can work offline. You don’t need to have a 24 hours internet connection.
  • You can click your selfies
  • Trace locations on google maps
  • Get daily news on your fixed time
  • It contains surprise elements of entertainment

Above all Extreme cares for the privacy of its users and pays special attention to it. Overall it’s a good app and much recommended for your daily activities.

Google Voice Assistant Google Voice Search


Bixby is loaded with lots of peculiarities and is a must-have app for Samsung’s users.

Bixby observes your most used features and apps and saves them in its memory for making your experience more personalized. It focuses on your health and fitness. It is useful in guiding you with your travel and transportation. You can track dining spots on maps, and moreover, you can take pictures with much ease by just commanding your Bixby app.

In addition, Bixby efficiently carries out web searches in a blink of a second, it can easily download apps from Google Play Store, it directly supports several apps, it supports  a smart home tech, Understands natural, the conversational language which makes communication easier and recognize voice commands of languages- English (US) English (UK), French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese (China).

Bixby is a great app but this great app also contains some drawbacks. Its function is little limited and can not recognize all accents, dialects, and expressions. Secondly, instant access to Bixby is not available during video and voice recording, during calls, Ultra Power Saving Mode, Emergency Mode, Kids Mode, DeX, DeX Station and Car Mode.

Despite some drawbacks attached to Bixby, it is a very promising app and fulfills its claims much better than many other competitive apps.  Samsung users can bring out much from Bixby.

Voice search apps area an amazing tool. Most of them do not take up much memory in your phone but gives surplus benefits to smartphone users. They are really superb for increasing your productivity. You can choose your voice search app from an endless list of apps. All the above mentioned apps are equally just full in performing their functions and choice is difficult to pick up one app from all number one apps. So which voice search app are you going to try out?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

WORM-Compliant Storage: Exploring Write Once Read Many (WORM) Functionality

This is sometimes referred to as write once, read many, or WORM, compatible storage. With a name like that, it’s hardly surprising that many need help understanding it.




How does WORM storage work

Organizations generate an immense quantity of data, yet sometimes they need or want to preserve it in an unalterable format.

For legal reasons, a non-profit organization may desire to keep its financial information in this format regularly. An institution may desire to save graduation records in this manner in case the actual records are lost in an accident. Businesses may desire unalterable records to avoid tampering, which might cover up fraud.

This is sometimes referred to as write once, read many, or WORM, compatible storage. With a name like that, it’s hardly surprising that many need help understanding it.

We’re here to help you get a grasp on things. Let’s go!

1. What Exactly Is Write Once, Read Many?

The simplest explanation is that it is immutable storage. You may write data to the storage device or medium just once. Following that, no one may legally alter the data in any manner.

CD-R discs are a basic kind of WORM storage. You may add data to the blank disk, but it will remain in that state indefinitely. You may damage or destroy the disk to prevent someone from accessing it, but you cannot modify the data contained in it.

WORM storage allows for repeated reads of the data. Assuming the disk or drive isn’t destroyed, there’s no practical limit to how often you can access the data.

2. How does WORM storage work?

There are two options for implementing WORM storage in your business. The first technique is hardware, which uses tape or a similar form of media that permanently stores data, making physical destruction of the WORM storage device the sole way to delete it.

Nonetheless, with many solutions migrating to cloud and SaaS services, selecting particular hardware might be challenging. However, many of these service providers now provide software-defined WORM solutions, which combine the flexibility of software with the strictness, security, and indelibility of hardware-based WORM.

Whether you utilize software or hardware to achieve your compliance objectives, the idea is the same. When someone writes data to a WORM disk, it remains there eternally. The assumption that you cannot alter the data on a WORM drive only refers to anything that has already been saved there; the ability to add new data is always available as long as there is adequate storage space on the drive.

Do you need WORM-compliant storage

3. Do you need WORM-compliant storage?

Unless your company works in the securities or healthcare industries, which are subject to SEC or HIPAA laws, there is likely no legal need to adopt write-once, read-many (WORM) compliant storage solutions. However, legal requirements are only one motivator for using WORM storage systems.

WORM compliant storage provides a key role in addition to regulatory compliance. For example, if you want to keep a safe archive of historically important documents, WORM storage is a wise solution. This guarantees that once data is written, it cannot be changed or erased, protecting the integrity and validity of critical documents over time.

Furthermore, in situations where internal workers may tamper with corporate documents, WORM storage adds an extra degree of protection. Creating immutable copies of papers makes it easy to check the correctness and validity of records, reducing worries about possible manipulation.

Likewise, WORM storage may serve as a protection for proof of trade secrets or intellectual property, providing a snapshot of data at a given point in time and preserving valuable assets from illegal changes or access. In conclusion, although WORM-compliant storage is not legally required for all enterprises, it provides essential advantages for data integrity, security, and crucial information preservation.

4. What are the primary advantages of WORM storage?

WORM technology protects businesses against many of the usual difficulties associated with data corruption and loss. The primary advantages of deploying WORM storage include:

Compliance With Industry Regulations

Using WORM storage helps firms comply with recordkeeping rules and laws. More than simply archiving data is required. Businesses must store their data in the right, unalterable format to comply with regulatory requirements and avoid significant fines and penalties.

Risk Mitigation for Poorly Archived Data

Companies must have a robust procedure for archiving all data. If information is needed as part of an audit or lawsuit and the required data is lost or damaged, difficulties (and penalties) will arise.

Better Information Security

WORM Storage secures precious and sensitive data and, more critically, prevents it from being doctored or changed. It guards against occurrences such as data being accidentally or purposefully manipulated.

Better Data Governance

WORM storage contributes to the present business-wide practice of rigorous and well-planned data governance. It also enables you to better adhere to the Electronic Discovery Reference paradigm (EDRM), a paradigm that describes the steps of the eDiscovery process throughout an inquiry.

5. Use Cases of WORM Storage

Professional content distribution includes financial records, police investigations, court testimony, computerized voting, and other applications in which data files must be safeguarded against manipulation or deletion, particularly when material is accessed, relocated, or transferred. Organizations transfer all data given over to the data investigation business onto WORM disks, ensuring that nothing changes beyond that point.

Transferring a read-only file across a network using encryption and passwords does not ensure that the file is original or untouched. Furthermore, it is usually preferable to enforce something in hardware rather than software since when the program is not operating, the data may be tampered with.

  • Corporate records
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Intelligence collection
  • Law enforcement
  • Electronic Voting
  • Court Proceedings
  • Medical Records and Devices
  • Public Records
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber-attack protection
  • IT security and log files


Write once read many compliant storage enables enterprises to safeguard information in a method that no one can tamper with. This may occur with something as basic as a CD-R or with software-based cloud storage.

The size of the data typically influences the medium used. You can keep a few papers on physical media without issue. Petabytes of data need a strong in-house storage ecosystem or a cloud storage provider.

If you decide to use a cloud storage provider, be sure to inquire about the retention term choices and redundancies.

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