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Top 3 Android Emulator for Gaming Free Fire on PC

Top 3 Android Emulator for Gaming Free Fire on PC. Garena Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game for mobile, developed, by Garena Studios.




Top 3 Android Emulator for Gaming Free Fire on PC

Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire or Free Fire Battlegrounds) is the ultimate survival shooter game for mobile, developed, and published by Garena Studios. Like other battle royale games, it is an outstanding survival shooter game that is similar to PUGB. Fifty players are airdropped into a battlefield and fight for their lives.

Though it’s not long since its first launch in 2017, it has built an influential audience with over 450 million registered users up to November 2019.

The intense battle fight requires your gaming technology but also high gaming devices, that’s why people prefer playing games on the PC. Playing shooting games on the computer allows you to gain accuracy and comfort by playing with a keyboard and mouse. And it gives more excellent performance compared to playing on mobile.

For all these reasons above, it’s better to use an Android emulator to play Free Fire on PC. Amongst the most valuable utilities of its kind, we will pick out the top 3 best Android emulators for playing Free Fire on PC.

1. Minimum Requirements for Free Fire PC

You should have the below configuration to run Free Fire Game on your PC. Of course, it’s no better than you have more than the below configuration for better exciting gameplay experience.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3
Processor: Dual Core 2+ GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia HD Graphics 3000 or Higher
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space

2. LDPlayer: Power Up Your Free Fire PC Gameplay

LDPlayer Power Up Your Free Fire PC Gameplay

LDPlayer is an open and free Android emulator for PC that focuses on gaming. It is a newcomer who was released in 2016 but is stable and robust to the world of Android emulators. For its latest version – LDPlayer 4, it runs Android 7.1.2, making it become the fastest Android Gaming Platform for PC. It supports various compatibility in running high-performance mobile games and high graphics on PC. With optimized features and user-friendly settings, LDPlayer performs better than a real phone.

3. Play Free Fire at High FPS with LDPlayer

LDPlayer is capable of running Free Fire smoothly with excellent graphics and high FPS. Here is the procedure to follow.

The initial point you should do is run Free Fire on your LDPlayer emulator, and click Settings in the upper right corner.

Next, locate “Basic” in the list of settings. Choose “Ultra” graphics and also “High” for High FPS. You could quickly get high FPS following these two steps.

Ultra graphics and also High for High FPS

get high FPS following these two steps

4. Play Free Fire with Precise Control on LDPlayer

You could switch the aim to “Precise on Scope” and the vehicle control to “One-handed” in the “Controls” menu. The former is for the headshot easily. You could switch to “Full Control” for a better feel of what it is to aim in Free Fire. The latter is convenient for you to use the WASD keys to drive around.
Play Free Fire with Precise Control on LDPlayer

Below is a video – How to do Drag Auto Headshot on Ld Player Emulator/Free Fire/2020. In this video, you will know more details about how to play Free Fire on PC better with LDPlayer.

5. BlueStacks: Better Control for Free Fire on PC

BlueStacks Better Control for Free Fire on PC

One must be mentioned BlueStacks when it comes to the Android emulator. It’s a superb emulator that runs on Android 7 Nougat. You can download the latest mobile games and use popular apps on BlueStacks 4 with 6X faster performance than many top Android phones. Also, it provides rich features like game controls, macros, multiple-instance, and more unlock your PC’ gaming potential and yours too. It’s available on both Windows and IOS. If you have a high-end PC, you must give it a shot!

6. Smart Control in Free Fire with BlueStacks

Smart Control in Free Fire with BlueStacks

Why should we use smart control? You don’t need to activate and deactivate the shooting mode anymore continually.

Like what I say above, open the windows settings in the upper right corner. Choose the “Game settings” and tick the “Enable Smart Controls” box.

Game settings Enable Smart Controls

Once you’ve enabled smart controls, you could press “Q” instead of the default key “F1” which is easier to remember for entering Shooting Mode. The unique thing for this mode is that you don’t need to press “Q” for many times when you try to enter or exit Shooting Mode. The Smart Control feature knows precisely when we need the cursor and when we don’t.

Below is a video – How to Play FREE FIRE on PC with NEW Bluestacks 4 Controls 2019!

7. NoxPlayer: Stable Performance for Free Fire PC

NoxPlayer Stable Performance for Free Fire PC

If you’re looking out for a simple but also robust Android emulator, that must be Nox. The emulator runs on powerful Android 7, giving you smooth gameplay on high graphics games. It provides excellent tools like keyboard control, script recording, multiple instances, etc. The emulator gives you a fantastic gaming experience like LDPlayer. It’s available on both Windows & Mac devices.

8. Use keyboard control to play Free Fire with NoxPlayer

Use keyboard control to play Free Fire with NoxPlayer

The keyboard control is a tool designed for you to take faster action. Each letter stands for differentiated instruction. By pressing the button with your fingers, you could quickly react to what’ happen now. For instance, A means “Simple Touch,” WASD means the movement controls, and so on. More than that, you can also create your keyboard controls, which is the most comfortable for you.

Below is a video – How to Play Free Fire on Pc Mouse + Keyboard (100% Working)

9. Conclusion

The emulators mentioned above are the top 3 Android emulators for Free Fire. Though I have introduced their particular features for enhancing your gameplay and bringing you “Booyah,” there are more outstanding features for you to find out. Personally, LDPlayer was recommended as the best Android emulator for Gaming Free Fire on PC.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Positively Impact The Future Of Web Streaming

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence can Positively Impact the Future of Web Streaming. Better Encoding, Zero Privacy Issues, Improved UI




5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Positively Impact The Future Of Web Streaming

Despite inspiring a considerable amount of intimidation, AI is at the forefront of innovation, especially in the post-pandemic era. However, as a futuristic technology, AI’s real essence needs to be ascertained from an open mindset. Reasons being the diversity of approach and the usefulness of AI as a multivariate resource for simplifying human indulgences!

Then again, AI’s role in optimizing video streaming experiences has been under a lot of speculation in 2021. As individuals rely heavily on streaming devices, streaming platforms, and even web streaming services to keep up with the leisure spells, even service providers are wrapping their heads around the inclusion of AI to make the experiences even more rewarding.

Those who aren’t of the positive impact of AI regarding the video streaming modules and workflows should closely follow this discussion. In the subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at home Artificial Intelligence can impact the diverse clientele’ web streaming experiences, sans privacy and quality compromises.

1. AI and Video Streaming: The Relation

Artificial Intelligence AI Web Streaming

Before we move any further with this discussion, it is important to note how AI technology works, with video streaming being the subject of interest. AI put, equates to mimicking the human mind, albeit an intelligent one.

Before AI became a fad, intuitive human minds used to manually manage certain processes, slowing down the entire system in the process. On the other hand, AI goes relentless about the task and even empowers any given process with cumulative computational power about machines.

As with video streaming, AI comes in as a handy purported inclusion as the technology allows you to sift through massive data sets in a matter of seconds, something that is virtually impossible for any human mind. Therefore, in the immediate future, AI will aim to optimize streaming workflows by calculating bitrate, user expectations, and even network conditions.

Therefore, broadcasters will not have to worry about catering to diverse audience bases separately. The platform itself will be extremely intelligent, and content quality will vary as per preferences and resources.

If you are still unsure as to how AI will make such a lasting impression, considering the already evolved nature of the streaming devices, platforms, and services, keep reading on:

2. 5 Ways AI can help

a. Better Encoding

If you are not aware of how the concept of video streaming works, a better understanding of encoding is expected to help. This means the content-aware realms process and stream videos, where the quality, inclusion, resolution, and other aspects are in sync with the receptors hardware configuration.

While most encoding tasks are still being initiated manually, AI can help automate the process more with trained machine learning algorithms to work with.

Once AI is incorporated into the mix, optimizing bitrate, accounting for latency, and syncing along the video streaming protocols become easier than ever.

While most streaming platforms and applications is already pursuant in a given capacity, this inclusion will make the most sense of website streaming and relevant content, often lacking a dedicated UI to optimize the broadcasted quality.

Not to mention, the role of AI would impact VDO and even live streaming workflows, allowing broadcasters, enterprises, and companies to save a lot of money by facilitating curated bandwidth usage.

b. Zero Privacy Issues

Web streamers often find it hard to curate content based on locational and copyright issues. This means, if a web stream is broadcasting something sensitive where certain parts of the content are confidential and need to be blurred out, manual settings might not be as helpful.

On the other hand, AI can check and optimize the entire workflow and essentially take care of the brand names, signs, logos, and other information bits via advanced and trained computer vision.

This way, it becomes easier to send forth unique content.

c. Improved User Experience

Eventually, it all boils down to improving the overall customer experience, something most web streamers strive for. While a handful of web streaming resources already offered the best possible experience by eliminating clutter and issues related to buffering, AI implementation in other resources can have a similar effect.

Content tagging happens to be one such aspect as it allows the streamers to broadcast specific content pieces, depending on audience preferences.

Artificial intelligence, therefore, makes watching USTVGo on Firestick a more lucrative experience as you can get access to curated content, sans broadcasting issues.

Not just USTVGo, but other web streaming resources can also benefit from the concept of content cataloguing whilst helping convert prospects into active viewers.

d. Automated Detection

Have you ever seen certain channels blurring out sharp images and elements for a particular program or a movie? This is what AI aims to achieve on a larger scale.

Instead of manually monitoring every program, Artificial intelligence will bring in the ability to detect certain elements automatically whilst managing them as per preferences. This way, any web streaming platform can go safely and securely about VOD streaming without worrying about legal issues.

e. Zero Copyright Infringement

Here comes a more scalable aspect relevant to the AI implementation. Ascertain brands and enterprises are quite serious about their logos; streamers often look for technologies that can take care of the same by selectively hiding or blurring out the same.

Leveraging artificial intelligence can make this concept work, but streamers must first train the systems with relevant algorithms to facilitate seamless detection.

3. Bottom-Line

Artificial Intelligence, if leveraged right, can change the way web streaming is perceived in the modern era. With the streamers becoming more intelligent, it will be easier for the relevant broadcasters to rely on selective and optimized broadcasting.

While we are currently looking at web streaming, AI can also simplify the way businesses work with live streaming workflows and sessions.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

6 Different Careers for Those That Love Tech

6 Different Careers for Those That Love Tech. Chief Technology Officer, Mobile Application Developer, Legal Hackers, SEO Consultant, AI




6 Different Careers for Those That Love Tech

Gadgets and gizmos, software, and applications. Tech is undoubtedly an exciting area and can make for a very stable career. With our world continuing to rely on it, jobs in the industry are frequently in colossal demand, no concern anywhere you are in the world. Besides this, there is a variety of various options available, all with a generous salary.

Here, we are working on getting a look at six different careers for those that love tech. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading!

1. Chief Technology Officer

Different Careers Those Love Tech

A chief technology officer role is to manage all IT-related to a specific company or business. That can involve, but it is not restricted to establishing goals, implementing new software, reviewing tech budgets, and proposing further improvements.

Since this job requires such a vast amount of knowledge, a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences is desired. Experience in management is also essential, as you will often be working alongside a team.

2. Mobile Application Developer

If you enjoy playing with phone applications all day, then becoming a mobile application developer might be the right job for you. Their role involves creating apps for different businesses and anything from games, social media platforms, utilities, and productivity services. A massive level of programming and logical skills are required, but you also need to communicate effectively with your clients.

3. Legal Hackers

When you first hear the word hackers, you probably think of illegal cybercrime. However, there is such a thing as legal, ethical hackers. These individuals work alongside businesses to help locate flaws and weaknesses within their systems.

To enter this white hat field, you need to know about operating systems and networking and programming. Getting a CEH certification is the best way to start if you’re interested.

4. SEO Consultant

SEO consultants are in high demand, as they can be a great asset to many businesses. Their role is to assist with various SEO duties, including web marketing, analytics, content strategy planning, and link building.

This helps improve online presence and helps businesses target the right audiences. While a degree is not necessary to find a job, an SEO course and previous experience in a similar role are desired.

5. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial intelligence use is continuing to grow every year due to its ability to cut costs and increase profitability. AI engineers help develop and build models using specific algorithms to function close to a human brain.

It requires a vast amount of programming and mathematic skills, so a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is required.

6. Video Game Developer

The video game industry is enormous, and if you want to join in on the action and spend your days creating exciting content, becoming a video game developer may be perfect for you. Alongside developing the game itself, they also need to be tested and checked for bugs and other issues. It’s undoubtedly one of the most exciting career options out there.

And that’s it! These were six different careers for those that love tech. What do you think? Performs all of the above sounds like your dream job?

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