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Should You Be Afraid of 5G? Its Top Security Threats Revealed

Should You Be Afraid of 5G? Its Top Security Threats Revealed, The 5G technology offers fast-paced, low-latency connections




Should You Be Afraid of 5G Its Top Security Threats Revealed

The 5G technology offers fast-paced, low-latency connections that can be a step in the right direction to improving connectivity around the world. On the other hand, the shift to a new cloud and virtualization system leads to more security threats in various applications and industries. Whenever user input and data are involved, there is bound to be worry over the protection and privacy of users from hackers and opportunists.

With the United States banning Huawei’s entry into the country with concerns about protecting user privacy, transitioning from 4G to 5G may make users uneasy. Instead of eagerly moving to 5G, here are some facts you may want to check before making the switch.

1. Understanding Hardware Trade-offs

The development of new tech almost always phases out features of the older models. More modern incarnations of devices are letting go of the excessive number of ports, prioritizing the quality of mobile functions over the number of features. Laptops and tablets are cutting down on bulky hardware such as CD-ROMs and USB slots to go for more intuitive and portable designs.

Upcoming releases of gadgets are adapting to designs that use a USB-C connection, gearing toward a universal format both for data and energy transfer. The new universal format allows for versatile applications from projector screen VGA output to higher charging capacities. Buying HDMI hubs has become a necessity to connect to multiple devices and pieces of external hardware, such as monitor displays and the like.

Though tech compatibility is making docking hubs develop better features, not all technological advancements should be praised for their innovation. New technology is always prone to unchecked breaches in terms of performance and security.

2. Glaring Security Risks

Besides its impressive speed of connectivity and data transfer, one of the many advancements that 5G has to offer is the development of automated vehicles. Vehicle cybersecurity provides customer assistance to its drivers through emergency calls, direction requests, and intrusion detection for owners. Breaches in cybersecurity are not new to 5G, but 5G also does not free itself from being a target through old methods.

Researchers on 5G security threats show remote access from “stingrays,” which can actively access cell towers to spy on connected users’ locations and activities. Tests show that access doesn’t even have to be on a 5G device, as 4G devices are highly capable of exploiting the newer network’s vulnerabilities.

Individual 5G devices make use of a radio access network (RAN), which needs frequent updates for security and software patches. These devices are either always connected to the internet or only frequently in the cloud, making the possibility of a backdoor interception hard to prevent. Since 5G will mostly rely on AI in the cloud, hackers can attack or change the transmission of these algorithms per device.

Incorporating 5G networks are making industries work double time on figuring out lapses and potential break-ins through their system to avoid misuse of the technology.

3. Doubting Huawei’s Intentions

From a business standpoint, Huawei’s involvement in the issue of implementing 5G is a cause for alarm. Huawei is the largest stakeholder in 5G, as it is also one of the integral companies needed for 5G’s mass production and implementation. Some may even say that there would be no 5G without Huawei.

At the very least, it won’t be very easy to progress with the technology without the assistance of the China-based company. As the sole proprietor of 5G technology as of now, monopoly concerns are not hard to realize. But hardware assistance is far from being the only reason the US government is iffy over trusting the brand.

Huawei is facing a tangle of various violations and sanctions not just in the US but also in Iran and Poland.

Huawei allegedly deals in fraud, intellectual property theft from Cisco, and stealing trade secrets. There’s enough historical evidence to back up the US’s reluctance to let 5G’s leading supplier access industries such as the automotive industry and medicare industry.

4. Developing Preemptive Measures

Only around 28 percent of business owners are aware of the advantages and mishaps that 5G can bring to their ventures. The irresponsible application of 5G to these vulnerable industries is a cause for alarm for those who know the implications of data theft. Increasing security measures alongside the use of 5G can be a viable solution to avoid breaches in user data.

One of the potential solutions to avoid attacks on customer security is by creating identity storage through network authentication applications (NAA) on an independent network. Switzerland is putting the integration of 5G on hold until it can have a better grasp on how to handle it and its potential issues. As consumers, it may be best to read a little more about the advancements in 5G’s pros and cons before making the switch.

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Why Is 5G Important For Us?

5G has proved to be a good invention because of the avenues it has opened for growth. Here is why 5G wireless technology is beneficial for us.




5G communications, and technology

The technological world is extremely dynamic. Scientists and engineers consistently come up with new inventions, and the industry’s growth rate is stunning. 5G has proved to be a good invention because of the avenues it has opened for growth. While we are still getting to know more about this technology, there have been many benefits of it that have been explored. Here is why 5G wireless technology is beneficial for us.

1. Increased Speed

Wireless technology’s bitrate capabilities have improved over time. 5G technology has speeds much higher than 4G LTE. It is estimated that the 5G network has speeds of up to 10 Gbps which is 100 times more than the 4G technology. If 4G is compared with 5G, 5G will have a greater number of consumers because of the opportunities it brings with itself.

Can you imagine that you can download a movie in 6 seconds instead of 6 minutes? This means that movies can be downloaded within a few blinks of the human eye. 5G may prove to be a good option for faster broadband connections in homes, businesses, and offices.

2. Latency is Low

Latency is a term often associated with internet connections. Since internet connections are based on signals, latency measures how long the movement takes to reach from source to receiver and then make its way back.

When new wireless technologies have been invented, founders look out for the major things to decrease latency. If we compare 5G with the former 4G technology, this new technology will significantly have lower latency, i.e. five milliseconds or perhaps even less.

This allows us to control devices better in near real-time. However, if we look at it from human reaction time, it may limit the remote control of devices that use 5G and IoT. Most devices, in that case, will have a machine-to-machine response instead of a human reaction.

Perhaps, most of the benefits will be for gamers who will have amazing speeds for gaming. Other than that, the agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics industry can benefit a lot. With increased augmented reality and virtual reality applications, users can experience speeds with minimal lag. This will ensure that the industry grows and can allow its users a more immersive experience.

3. Enhancement in Capacity

Another question very frequently asked by industrialists and business people is how the 5G technology will benefit their businesses and help them scale their businesses. It is important to realize that the 5G technology has a capacity that is 100 times more than the former 4G technology.

This will allow the IoT to explore new avenues for its growth. 5G and IoT may create a wonderful combination that could revolutionize the world of the internet and wireless networks. The industrial sector can increase its productivity by running thousands of devices at once in factories, schools, offices, etc.

This can be imagined by taking the process of supply chain management as an example. You can have thousands of sensors to automate the whole process. This can minimize stoppages and deliver materials on time. 5G Smart Home Devices will be another revolutionary leap in the world of smart homes and cities. In a nutshell, this technology will impact everyone and every industry.

5G and IoT may create a wonderful combination

4. Bandwidth is Increased

We have discussed above the increase in speed and network capacity. These are significantly greater than the 4G technology, so 5G connections also have a significantly increased bandwidth than 4G.

This means a significantly greater amount of data can be transferred than previously possible. 5G also ensures that the network is better optimized and is smoothly handling usage spikes. While we have already managed to provide uninterrupted connection to large audiences in stadiums, 5G could prove to be better by allowing live streaming from any arena.

The increased bandwidth offered by 5G technology can also benefit businesses by analyzing big data constantly being compiled from customers, competitors, etc. This can allow them to make future strategies based on what is being liked and disliked by their customers.

5. Increased Safety

5G technology also promises to be safer and more secure when it comes to data handling and transmission, which is why it could prove advantageous for critical services. This could revolutionize the way we work at workplaces. 5G could be available in all public spaces.

The healthcare industry may benefit when doctors would carry out surgeries remotely. Traffic control could be better and automated, and there would be no need for human traffic controllers.

6. Final Thoughts

5G technology could prove to be extremely helpful for us and the rest of the world. However, it should be noted that anything that is misused will always have consequences. We should always ensure that we use any technology responsibly so that we could further help in the development of newer and better technology.

While it has made its mark in most places globally, 5G technology is still under research. The pros and cons are still unfolding, and we keep learning new things every day. It is better to make the most of the available technology and come up with innovative ideas to utilize it better.

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