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10 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myths Dispelled for the Year [2019]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to the success of a growing online business. Top 10 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myths Dispelled for the Year [2019].




Search Engine Optimization is the key to the success of a growing business. Every online business today thrives on making their presence felt on the internet. This can be done by utilizing the best SEO services in Sydney from a professional SEO company.

With time, the search engine algorithms have evolved continuously and developed. In turn, it was imperative that the methods of optimization also keep up with the pace of it. In this fast-paced online business world, the SEO services space has changed quite drastically in a very short time.

It is therefore not uncommon to find online businesses struggle to keep up with the changing dynamics of Search Engine Optimization Services.


People have their perceptions when it comes to the theories about Google’s search rankings. Some of them are utterly false and misleading.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided certain search engine optimization myths that are needed to be dispelled for the year 2019. This way, you will be able to make the most out of your efforts to rank your online business in top SERPs on Google.

We promise after reading this content piece, you will be in a far better position to comprehend the long-held beliefs that you had about SEO were utterly incorrect which would pave the way to get higher SERPs on reputed search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Let’s get started with the myths and bust them right away!

1. Myth: SEO Services is Long Dead and Buried

Is SEO Dead



To start things off, people believe that SEO services are long dead and buried. This is a myth. Although the traditional methods of increasing the search engine rankings have become outdated today, it does not mean that the whole SEO concept is long gone and dusted for good.

At present, we are seeing the role of SEO transforming to an even bigger scale. It is not just a few simple tricks to get your website on the top of search engines. You also need to integrate your usual SEO tactics with complete and pleasant copy, effective audio/visual content, and social media community engagement that can help you get a more holistic approach to boost the rankings of your website.

2. Myth: Links are Like Gold to Drive Traffic to your Website

Links are Like Gold to Drive Traffic to your Website



It might seem that getting links and backlinks is a sure-shot way to catch the attention of your target audience to the website. But, every time this might not work. There is a probability that even inbound links can assist in boosting the rankings of your website.

The most important thing is to concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Today, social media is a prominent medium to create, engaging quality content that makes users share them. This is the best way to drive traffic to your website instead of planting backlinks anywhere!

3. Myth: Placing Keywords Anywhere in the Content is Enough to Get Higher Ranking

Placing Keywords Anywhere in the Content



In the past, SEO professionals used to repeat the primary keyword as many times as possible to get a higher SERP ranking. Google tried to stop this practice by introducing several other factors along with this one like the user experience and bounce rates.

So, if you are an organization that is still using the same old technique of placing as many times the primary keyword in the content as possible, your page ranking will drop to a substantial level.

This particular technique of placing primary keyword as many times as possible is regarded as a negative SEO technique, in order words, “Blackhat” that can cause your website to shut down completely.

4. Myth: If Your Domain Name Matches the Primary Keyword Exactly It will Rank Higher

Domain Name Matches the Primary Keyword



In the past, spammers started the process of claiming domain names strictly for ad purposes by matching the primary keywords. But, this does not necessarily mean that your website will rank number one in the SERPs.

Google took strict actions to ensure that no one was able to take unfair advantage of this fact. Hence, it is imperative for you to have a website that is backed with high-quality, relevant content.

5. Myth: Bing Rankings Do Not Matter A Lot

Bing Rankings Do Not Matter A Lot



It is needless to say that Google is the most dominant search engine available on the internet. But, rule out other search engines like Bing at your laurels.

Do you know that Bing has a 15-18% share, a figure that has steadily grown since it’s launch in the year 2009? There are stats to prove this fact. Moreover, the demographics of Bing users are mostly older, family-oriented, and less tech-savvy.

If you are looking to attract the target audience that matches these demographics, it will not hurt to learn more about the search engine algorithm of Bing. Also, it is interesting to note that Bing has a few partnerships with Facebook. Moreover, it is a less competitive sphere and provides excellent opportunities for your website.

6. Myth: Subheadings are Key to Score Good Rankings on Reputed Search Engines

Subheadings are Key to Score Good Rankings



It needs to be said that subheadings H2 to H6 do not add much value to your SEO. But, they provide superlative user experience, enhance the engagement and the readability quotient.

Mainly, if you talk about the comprehensive scheme of things, subheadings alone are not enough to take your website to the top ranking of Google. Instead of that, you need to concentrate on writing quality content for best results.

7. Myth: Images Do Not Provide Value to SEO


Although indeed bots cannot view images and video content that does not mean it cannot have an impact on SEO. By adding proper tags to your pictures and videos, it is possible for you to give clues to search bots about the nature of your content.

Since this era is all about interactivity, it can boost SEO in several ways. On top of this, if you create pages and content that are accessible, user-friendly, and functional, it can go a long way in boosting your rankings through other vital metrics.

8. Myth: You Get Guaranteed Success Utilizing Social Media


There are various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that have become an integral part of our lives. But, it is essential to note that while social media presence is critical in attracting online traffic, only having a Facebook account is not going to work.

It is equally important to spend quality time in devising a social media campaign plan. Once that is done, it is time to keep updating posts on a day-to-day basis. You need to identify your exclusive voice. This way, you will be able to build up the visitor base and ultimately bolster your search engine rankings.

9. Myth: Paid Links is the Right Way to Get Organic Search Results for Your Website


Everyone knows that paid links can drive visitors to your website, but that does not necessarily mean that it will feed into your organic search rankings either. Today, users have become smart. They are incredibly wary of sponsored links and promotional content.

In case, they get to know about it, you will end with increased bounce rates on your website. So, paid links can boost your traffic figures temporarily. But, organic search can help your website become relevant and trustworthy to get organic search results for your website.

10. Myth: Having a Large Number of Webpages on Your Website will Assist You to Rank Higher


It is normally believed that having a lot of webpages on your website can enrich your client experience. But, it is essential not to fall in the trap of creating webpages just for the sake of it.

Remember, no matter the number of webpages that you have on your website if it does not provide enough value to the needs of your customers, they will go to your competitors. This way you will lose out big time!

Parting Thoughts

These are some of the SEO traps that can make your website vulnerable to lower rankings on SERPs. Although, there is a maze all around it is essential to accept the reality and avail the services of a professional SEO company to boost your search engine rankings most naturally.

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How to Buy Instagram Followers (Guide)

In today’s digital world, credibility and visibility are crucial, and Instagram followers emerge as reliable supporters for those seeking to enhance their Instagram following seamlessly and efficiently.





Expanding your influence on Instagram can be a challenging task, and some people choose to buy followers for Instagram to expedite their growth. If you’re considering this strategy, it’s essential to choose a reliable service provider to begin with. Among the various options available, Instafollowers is one of the best choices. They offer multiple services designed to enhance your Instagram presence, providing a quick and efficient method for boosting your follower count and a suite of benefits that set it apart from other service providers.

First and foremost, Instafollowers prioritizes user satisfaction and convenience, offering secure payment methods, prompt delivery, a refund guarantee, and 24/7 customer service. The platform’s commitment to security is noteworthy, as it doesn’t require user passwords, ensuring a safe and trustworthy transaction process.

In today’s digital world, credibility and visibility are crucial, and Instagram followers emerge as reliable supporters for those seeking to enhance their Instagram following seamlessly and efficiently.

1. Step-by-Step Process: How to Safely Purchase Instagram Followers

When you buy followers for Instagram, it’s crucial to approach it thoughtfully and carefully. The social media service provider you choose is a significant factor in the safety and success of this endeavor. With so many options available to boost your follower count, it’s essential to establish specific criteria for selecting a provider.

Factors like reliability, service quality, security measures, and customer support are crucial to ensuring a safe and effective process. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explore key considerations to keep in mind while choosing a provider to buy followers for Instagram.

2. Evaluating Providers: What to Look for in a Follower Service

It is important to carefully evaluate and choose an Instagram service provider that meets your needs and expectations before you buy followers for Instagram. By doing so, you can ensure a safe and successful experience while avoiding the potential risks associated with untrustworthy services. Several vital criteria can guide your selection process, as included in Instafollowers’ services:

High-Quality Followers: Ensure that the service provider delivers followers who are genuine, active, and likely to engage with your content.

Fast Delivery: Opt for a service that delivers prompt followers, allowing you to see results and impact your Instagram presence quickly.

No Risk of Decrease: Choose a provider that guarantees the permanence of the followers you acquire, minimizing the risk of a sudden decrease in your follower count.

Refund Guarantee: A reputable service should offer a refund guarantee if they cannot deliver as promised, providing a safety net for your investment.

Secure Payment Methods: Prioritize providers that employ secure payment methods to protect your bank account during the transaction process.

No Password Required: A trustworthy service should not request your Instagram account password, ensuring the security of your account.

Various Packages and Affordable Pricing: Look for providers offering a variety of packages with different follower quantities and pricing options, allowing you to select a plan that suits your budget and goals.

24/7 Live Support: Select a service with accessible and responsive customer support available around the clock. It ensures assistance in cases of issues or queries throughout the entire process.

By carefully examining providers against these criteria, you can decide and proceed accordingly, knowing you bought followers for Instagram safely and aligned with your objectives.

3. Understanding Pricing and Packages for Instagram Followers

Now, let’s discover how to buy Instagram followers via Instafollowers. When you buyInstagram followers from Instafollowers, the platform offers a user-friendly and customizable experience. First of all, Instafollowers provides two distinct options: high-quality followers and premium followers, both of which consist of real followers, ensuring organic growth and increased impressions.

However, as the name implies, Premium Followers come at a higher cost, offering additional benefits for those seeking a more premium experience. The various packages have been designed to meet different requirements, enabling users to buy at least 10 to a maximum of 50,000 high-quality followers in a single transaction. For Premium Followers, the available quantity extends from 50 to 50,000.

One thing to note about Instafollowers is that it offers discounts on larger purchases, with the discount rate increasing in proportion to the package size. This flexible pricing structure allows users to invest in a way that aligns with their goals and budget. Additionally, the platform provides transparent estimated delivery times. So, users can understand when they can expect their brand-new followers when they select a package and enter the desired quantity.

4. The Risks and Rewards of Buying Instagram Followers

Before focusing entirely on the benefits of buying Instagram followers, let’s list the risks and the rewards.

Before listing the risks of buying Instagram followers, it should be noted that these risks are related to unreliable service providers, not the practice itself. You can prevent any possible risk by simply choosing reliable service providers like Instagram, which offers top-quality services. However, here are the risks of buying fake and inactive Instagram followers from unreliable providers for your information:

  • Low Engagement: Purchasing fake followers can result in low engagement due to a lack of genuine interest in your content.
  • Algorithm Trouble: Social media algorithms can spot fake followers, affecting how often others see your posts. It can especially risk your account in some cases. Therefore, selecting reliable websites like Instafollowers is crucial to ensuring your safety.

On the other hand, the rewards of buying Instagram followers are quite extensive:

  • Quick Boost: You can get an instant increase in followers, making your account look popular and potentially attracting more authentic followers.
  • More Visibility: A higher follower count might make your posts appear more often on people’s feeds, increasing your overall visibility.
  • Brand Attention: Businesses might notice you more if you have many followers, leading to potential collaborations or partnerships.
  • Proof of Popularity: A large follower count can act as proof that your content is popular, encouraging others to follow you.

Increase Web Traffic Instagram Followers And Likes

5. Maximizing the Benefits: Integrating Purchased Followers into Your Strategy

Integrating purchased followers into your social media strategy can be a powerful move when you buy followers for Instagram. So, make sure you prioritize quality over quantity. At this point, Instafollowers offers the advantage of delivering real and high-quality followers, ensuring that your boosted follower count translates into genuine engagement.

These authentic interactions enhance your online credibility and contribute significantly to organic impressions. By investing in real followers, you amplify the impact of your content, creating a snowball effect that extends beyond the initially purchased audience.

6. Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Instagram Followers

Now that we know how to buy followers on Instagram, let’s list some of the most frequently asked questions about buying Instagram followers.

Are the followers real people?

Reputable services, such as Instafollowers, provide real and high-quality followers. However, selecting a trustworthy provider is crucial to ensuring that you purchase genuine and engaged followers.

Is It Safe to Buy Followers for Instagram?

Purchasing Instagram followers can be safe if you choose a reputable and trustworthy service. It’s crucial to prioritize providers that deliver real followers, offer secure payment methods, and do not compromise your account security. For example, when you buyInstagram followers from Instafollowers, you can rest assured that you are safe.

Will My Follower Count Decrease Over Time?

Reliable services, such as Instagram followers, provide guarantees against a decrease in followers. Choosing a provider with a refill policy is essential to ensure the longevity of your boosted follower count.

What Happens If I Encounter Issues With My Purchase?

Reputable services provide customer support to address any issues or queries. Instafollowers offer 24/7 live support through various channels, ensuring assistance throughout the process.

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