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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why small businesses need to invest in AI and Machine Learning

Why small businesses need to invest in AI and Machine Learning, AI & Machine Learning, the two most-talked-about the technology of present times.




Why small businesses need to invest in AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the two most-talked-about the technology of present times, have taken the entire world by storm. A decade before, when somebody used to speak about AI or ML, it would just be a line or two, as the technology hadn’t much evolved. Fast forward twenty years, and today, every organization, every enterprise, and every tech expert is aware of what the technology is along with its potential.

According to a survey done by Gartner, it is predicted that around 70% of organizations would employ some form of AI within their workforce by the end of 2021. The same research suggests that the pace of penetration has been rising with a 270% increment in the past four years. These figures are sufficient enough for leaders and organizational managers to rethink their existing workforce and embed ways to optimize the same.

Where the top-tier organizations did adopt the technology, the small said enterprises hesitated and preferred not to get their hands on it. However, technology isn’t confined to a particular organization or firm. Instead, it benefits SMEs as much as it is suitable for large-scale organizations.

For professionals who still doubt the integrity of the technology, this article might help you get over your doubts.

1. Why Should Small Scale Organization Invest In ML & AI

a) To Cash In Automation

It is of no surprise that the present-day workforce is charged up and wishes to remain at the forefront. Consider that there is a ton of paperwork; you want your employee to take care of. However, the work isn’t just annoying and time-consuming, but also not worthy of the talent. It is, in fact, a waste of time and resources. How about automating all of these everyday tasks and freeing your employees to do better and more productive work? Yes, that’s why you need to invest in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

No matter how small or big your organization is, time and money are valuable to all. Why waste the workforce on tasks that can skillfully be executed by machines? Though, buying the software and upgrading your enterprise to automation seem a costly affair, given the benefits of industrialization, the deal would appear advantageous in the long run. Since machines are trained to do a significant task, they are prone to be perfect, leaving no room for errors, and also, they can work tirelessly, without pausing. All of this adds up to higher productivity and better efficiency.

It is a known fact that small-scale organizations are restricted in time and budget. Spending massive amounts on hiring multiple professionals for a task that a single bot can do, and with greater accuracy, the second choice seems better.

b) Predicting Future

As a startup, you might be worried about the performance of your business, say in the next five years. Earlier, managers had to rely on guesswork to estimate the life of a business. With the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketers can now get better and real-time insights about the company. Artificial intelligence tools are so designed that they replace manual charts and figures with auto-generated graphs to assess the business capabilities better and at the same time, highlight the pain points that you need to work on to improve efficiency.

Small Scale Organization Invest In ML & AI

Also, the tools of artificial intelligence own the capability to sort tons of issue-generated data, segment it, employ miming techniques and then visualize it. This helps attain a 360° view of the data, which can then be used by marketers to strategize and build customer-oriented campaigns. It is proven that customized advertisements have a better conversion rate than conventional ones.

Small-sized organizations do not afford to risk their business or take nasty steps. They need to be highly cautious in every move and act likewise. For them, there isn’t a second chance, and technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning generate reports with high precision and hence, can be trusted.

c) Enhanced Customer Experience

Now and then, we hear this phrase – Customer is the king, and it is. Organizations today go to great lengths to map their user expectations and satisfy them. A customer owns the potential to make or break a brand. One way to ensure that your customers are happy is by providing exceptional customer service.

Here again, artificial intelligence leads the charge — Chatbot Development through AI excel in delivering top-notch quality services with round-the-clock support. Where humans are confined to their 9 to 5 office hours, chatbots work day and night to address the issues and provide a feasible solution.

Considering that chatbots are machine operated, they are up and active throughout the day. Meaning that by investing in AI and ML, you can serve more customers at the same time and improve the experience.

d) Accelerate The Time To Market

For design and development companies, AI emerges to be the game-changer. There exist several tools that automate the process of development. It saves essential time and works for the developer. This benefits using artificial intelligence in Mobile Apps. Also, it optimizes the efficiency of the code as automated tools test better than a human. The integration of artificial intelligence tools and machine learning algorithms within the development phase enhances the product development process and helps small-scale organizations gain a cutting edge in the competitive market.

2. Start Small

Without a doubt, both artificial intelligence and machine learning technology have enormous potential. Where the big fat companies have already benefitted from its buzz, there do exist some SMEs that are actively investing in the technology. In case you are still not confident, we suggest you start slow. You need not upscale your organization in a single instance. Instead, take one step at a time.

Modify the department, automate the desk, and see how technology affects your business undertakings. With time, you can then expand and scale resources. No matter what your business is or how long have you been, this technology has untapped potential, which can be revealed only when implemented.

So, what do you think? Is it worth your investment?

Nikhil Bansal is the CEO and Founder of Apptunix, a leading Game Development company helping businesses in streamlining their processes with powerful and intuitive mobile apps. With extensive experience in iOS app development, he has established himself as a highly-focused Solution Architect and UX expert, one who is always ready to make efforts in the direction where technology blends with life.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

WORM-Compliant Storage: Exploring Write Once Read Many (WORM) Functionality

This is sometimes referred to as write once, read many, or WORM, compatible storage. With a name like that, it’s hardly surprising that many need help understanding it.




How does WORM storage work

Organizations generate an immense quantity of data, yet sometimes they need or want to preserve it in an unalterable format.

For legal reasons, a non-profit organization may desire to keep its financial information in this format regularly. An institution may desire to save graduation records in this manner in case the actual records are lost in an accident. Businesses may desire unalterable records to avoid tampering, which might cover up fraud.

This is sometimes referred to as write once, read many, or WORM, compatible storage. With a name like that, it’s hardly surprising that many need help understanding it.

We’re here to help you get a grasp on things. Let’s go!

1. What Exactly Is Write Once, Read Many?

The simplest explanation is that it is immutable storage. You may write data to the storage device or medium just once. Following that, no one may legally alter the data in any manner.

CD-R discs are a basic kind of WORM storage. You may add data to the blank disk, but it will remain in that state indefinitely. You may damage or destroy the disk to prevent someone from accessing it, but you cannot modify the data contained in it.

WORM storage allows for repeated reads of the data. Assuming the disk or drive isn’t destroyed, there’s no practical limit to how often you can access the data.

2. How does WORM storage work?

There are two options for implementing WORM storage in your business. The first technique is hardware, which uses tape or a similar form of media that permanently stores data, making physical destruction of the WORM storage device the sole way to delete it.

Nonetheless, with many solutions migrating to cloud and SaaS services, selecting particular hardware might be challenging. However, many of these service providers now provide software-defined WORM solutions, which combine the flexibility of software with the strictness, security, and indelibility of hardware-based WORM.

Whether you utilize software or hardware to achieve your compliance objectives, the idea is the same. When someone writes data to a WORM disk, it remains there eternally. The assumption that you cannot alter the data on a WORM drive only refers to anything that has already been saved there; the ability to add new data is always available as long as there is adequate storage space on the drive.

Do you need WORM-compliant storage

3. Do you need WORM-compliant storage?

Unless your company works in the securities or healthcare industries, which are subject to SEC or HIPAA laws, there is likely no legal need to adopt write-once, read-many (WORM) compliant storage solutions. However, legal requirements are only one motivator for using WORM storage systems.

WORM compliant storage provides a key role in addition to regulatory compliance. For example, if you want to keep a safe archive of historically important documents, WORM storage is a wise solution. This guarantees that once data is written, it cannot be changed or erased, protecting the integrity and validity of critical documents over time.

Furthermore, in situations where internal workers may tamper with corporate documents, WORM storage adds an extra degree of protection. Creating immutable copies of papers makes it easy to check the correctness and validity of records, reducing worries about possible manipulation.

Likewise, WORM storage may serve as a protection for proof of trade secrets or intellectual property, providing a snapshot of data at a given point in time and preserving valuable assets from illegal changes or access. In conclusion, although WORM-compliant storage is not legally required for all enterprises, it provides essential advantages for data integrity, security, and crucial information preservation.

4. What are the primary advantages of WORM storage?

WORM technology protects businesses against many of the usual difficulties associated with data corruption and loss. The primary advantages of deploying WORM storage include:

Compliance With Industry Regulations

Using WORM storage helps firms comply with recordkeeping rules and laws. More than simply archiving data is required. Businesses must store their data in the right, unalterable format to comply with regulatory requirements and avoid significant fines and penalties.

Risk Mitigation for Poorly Archived Data

Companies must have a robust procedure for archiving all data. If information is needed as part of an audit or lawsuit and the required data is lost or damaged, difficulties (and penalties) will arise.

Better Information Security

WORM Storage secures precious and sensitive data and, more critically, prevents it from being doctored or changed. It guards against occurrences such as data being accidentally or purposefully manipulated.

Better Data Governance

WORM storage contributes to the present business-wide practice of rigorous and well-planned data governance. It also enables you to better adhere to the Electronic Discovery Reference paradigm (EDRM), a paradigm that describes the steps of the eDiscovery process throughout an inquiry.

5. Use Cases of WORM Storage

Professional content distribution includes financial records, police investigations, court testimony, computerized voting, and other applications in which data files must be safeguarded against manipulation or deletion, particularly when material is accessed, relocated, or transferred. Organizations transfer all data given over to the data investigation business onto WORM disks, ensuring that nothing changes beyond that point.

Transferring a read-only file across a network using encryption and passwords does not ensure that the file is original or untouched. Furthermore, it is usually preferable to enforce something in hardware rather than software since when the program is not operating, the data may be tampered with.

  • Corporate records
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Intelligence collection
  • Law enforcement
  • Electronic Voting
  • Court Proceedings
  • Medical Records and Devices
  • Public Records
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber-attack protection
  • IT security and log files


Write once read many compliant storage enables enterprises to safeguard information in a method that no one can tamper with. This may occur with something as basic as a CD-R or with software-based cloud storage.

The size of the data typically influences the medium used. You can keep a few papers on physical media without issue. Petabytes of data need a strong in-house storage ecosystem or a cloud storage provider.

If you decide to use a cloud storage provider, be sure to inquire about the retention term choices and redundancies.

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