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7 Safety Tips for Ride-Hailing Users

The following tips are essential for safety when using a ride-hailing service: Check on the reviews and ratings of the ride-hailing company.




7 Safety Tips for Ride-Hailing Users

Most people opt to ride-hail in the current generation because the service has proven efficient and effective in transporting people from one place to another. However, ride-hailing could incur some unwanted incidences as far as security is concerned. There have been reported abduction, rape cases, robbery, and death of ride-hailers, amongst others.

These cases are prone to occur if the ride-hailers are reluctant to verify their drivers’ identities. The latter makes it easy for the drivers to commit crimes without suspicion. Therefore, ride-hailers must be careful before boarding their rides by verifying that the ride drivers are who they expect them to be.

The following tips are essential for safety when using a ride-hailing service:

1. Check On The Reviews And Ratings Of The Ride-Hailing Company

There is usually a comment section for the users to leave behind their ride experience and ratings after every ride for most ride-hailing apps. The most reviewed and best-rated companies are sure enough to offer quality services. Over the years, there have been many companies you can choose from. Firms such as mobility SaaS Spare Labs and similar ones have made it easier for investors to develop and launch ride-hailing services.

Due to the many options available, going through the reviews provided ensures you’re requesting a reputable ride service. If the driver has many negative reviews, it’d be best to avoid that ride because you’ll most likely have the same experience.

2. Request Your Ride In A Safe Place (Preferably In Public)

In most ride-hailing apps, one can quickly identify the location of various ride drivers based on the proximity they are from your site. You can choose the driver to pick you up at your preferred location with that information. It is advisable to place a pick-up location in an open place to ensure your safety.

3. Verify With Your Rider

Asking your rider to identify you is an essential safety tip as this will help assure you if the rider is the one you were expecting. If the rider can identify you by your name, you can be confident that you are safe onboarding the ride. If the rider cannot identify you by your name, you should avoid boarding that car and communicate with the ride service provider for any suspicious acts.

Check On The Reviews And Ratings Of The Ride-Hailing Company

In most ride-hailing apps, the rides are usually identified by details such as the make of the car, the color, license plate, name, and photo of the driver. You should confirm that the information on the app matches that of the ride when it arrives.

4. Avoid Disclosing Personal Information

Avoid sharing your details with the driver at all costs. If there is a need to communicate, you should do so through the app. Desist from sharing information such as your other names, social media accounts, or physical address. It is wise to consider being dropped at a safe distance from your destination.

Thanks to technological advancements, you can make online payments. Thus, you’ll avoid disclosing personal information such as your phone number.

5. Make A Point To Inform Your Closest Associate Of Your Location

This tip will help to track your location and monitor your movement. It is a safety measure to account for your whereabouts. You can send the driver’s details to a close friend or family member to make it easy to track your ride.

It is terrible news for anyone with ill intentions to be under close watch. This is because they know that they would easily be caught if they committed a crime. If they are culprits, they will be hostile or rebel if you inform them that it is tracked. Therefore, it is wise to tell the driver that the ride is followed and observe their reactions. You can also make a call and inform your closest associate that you are now boarding the ride and you’ll be on your way.

6. Make A Wise Choice On Where To Sit

Most ride-hailing services say that sitting at the back seat enhances your safety than sitting at the co-driver seat. That is because there is a great distance between the ride-driver and the passenger. However, sitting at the co-driver seat comes in handy as it enhances a clear view of the driver and that of the path you’ll be riding on.

However, situations and vehicles may vary. It is advisable to take a seat that has a vast distance between you and the driver. Also, be cautious and consider it a warning if the driver demands that you take a specific seat.

7. Check To See That The Child Locks Are Not Engaged

When you enter the ride, please make a point of opening the door immediately after closing it. If the door does not open, make a fuss about dropping something you need to pick. Once out of the car, run to safety and request another ride.


There is a famous phrase that states, ‘safety first.’ Most people overlook these essential tips in guaranteeing your safety while ride-hailing. Be on the lookout for such tips next time you are ride-hailing.

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How do Digital Motor Works: Features and Benefits Digital Motors

Digital motor is what’s familiar as a switched reluctance motor. Instead of powering the rotor, a switched reluctance motor has a magnetic core — so as power is switched along with the stator’s coils, the magnetic core is dragged around to line up with the magnetic field they generate.




How do Digital Motor Works

Digital motor is what’s familiar as a switched reluctance motor. Instead of powering the rotor, a switched reluctance motor has a magnetic core — so as power is switched along with the stator’s coils, the magnetic core is dragged around to line up with the magnetic field they generate.

With more coils than magnetic poles on the rotor, it’s likely to set up a switching pattern in the coils that pulls the rotor around. That implies utilizing sensors and complex switching circuitry, as controlling the motor’s magnetic fields is the key to efficient driving.

Switched reluctance motors like this can be exceptionally efficient, and Dyson claims that their motor is 84% efficient (compared to 40% for a traditional electric motor). There’s a lot to be said for a compact, high-power motor like this — not just for vacuum cleaners and hand driers. It also implied using many design tools — a lot of it using Dyson’s simulation software.

1. How Do Digital Motors Works?

While Digital motor is permanent magnets brush-less motor, I trust Dyson had to attend to a few challenges that, in my view, led to a “digital” description. It rotates at 125000 RPM speed which is 42 times more than two poles electric motor (swimming pool pump, for example) with only 3000 RPM. That creates enormous G-forces, and Dyson solution for that (among other things) is:

Ceramic shaft instead of steel – it is lighter, more robust. Therefore, the diameter can be smaller because, at 125k rpm, you try to design a motor that is the littlest diameter possible and longer. Ratio Motor Lenght/Motor Diameter is much higher than ordinary motors.

Dyson developed a unique neodymium cylindrical magnets manufacturing process that is part of the rotor. It is a long and small diameter cylinder rather than 2 (2 poles) or 4 (4 poles) independent magnets. Once again, a long cylinder can rotate at 125000 RPM (V10) while separate poles would lead to mechanical collapse and tremendous vibrations.

Features and Benefits Digital Motors

So when you look at the Dyson rotor, it seems like a cylinder, and you can not physically see the magnetic poles. They appear to be engraved into the cylinder structure. The shape of high-quality aluminum (low weight) air turbine is likewise crucial. Once again, small diameter.

Just so it is clear. The rotating assembly energy is E=m*omega (E is energy, m is weight, and omega is the speed in rad/s). Based on that motor turning at 125000, RPM can have 42 times less weight to achieve similar inertia energy.

Stator: Presently we should discuss stator now. The ordinary permanent brushless motor has a stator winding that, if connected to a 240VAC supply, creates a rotary magnetic field that leads to 3000RPM for 50Hz and a two-pole motor.

Dyson has, in my view, attended to something that until very recently was almost impossible. Rather than the typical stator winding, I believe they are utilizing coils, and let’s call them “digital coils.” Not sure how many, but if a rotor cylinder has four poles, I would expect (not sure) a minimum of 8 “digital coils.”

Dyson people would realize that Dyson is observing air pressure (altitude) and temperature. A few people think this is added merely as a “cool feature” like APPLE often does with their products.

This is where Dyson has done something extraordinary, “digitally cool,” to address difficulties.

2. The Value of Digital Motor Speed Control

Digital motor speed manages (‘digital controls’) are, for this discussion, microprocessor-based, user-configurable speed controls for DC permanent magnet (DCPM) motors or digital speed potentiometers for use with AC VFD’s.

They developed The digital concept in the mid-’80s to solve a customer’s requirement for accurate, repeatable speed control of a pizza oven chain conveyor. These products have set over the years into powerful, intelligent platforms for controlling and watching one or more motors’ speeds in a vast difference of applications.

Digital speed control is a motor speed control for an AC or DC motor that incorporates an integrated, programmable display of set or reference speed in engineering units, percent output, time-in-process, and percent of Master reference. The control might be an open or closed loop, where a closed loop requires incremental pulse encoder feedback.

EV Engine Digital Electric Motor

A digital speed potentiometer is a motor speed control accessory that, when added to a traditional motor speed control (SCR, PWM, Regen, BLDC), will give that speed control the characteristics and capability of an integrated digital speed control characterized previously.

3. Digital Motor Protection Relay (Split Module): CSMPM


  • Wiring: Screw type (S)/Tunnel (T)
  • Panel mount: Unit or Extension
  • Operation time: Select either reverse time characteristics or definite time


  • Digital Relay with built-in MCU (Micro Processor Control Unit)
  • Multiple protection: Overload / Phase failure/Stall /Asymmetry/ Phase reverse Earth Fault
  • Current setting 0.5-6A&5-60A
  • The current setting 0.5-6A can be used up to 600A with external.
  • Fault diagnostic seven-segment display of fault & values


  • Digital Ammeter function
  • Time setting: Inverse time (O-60 sec), Definite time (O~60 sec) starting, and Delay time operating time
  • Accuracy : Current/Timei5% of setting
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Alert function(60-110% of set current)
  • inverse/ Definite time characteristics, site selectable
  • C.T. ratio setting in CSMPM~06 frame 0nly.

4. Brushless Solution

An electronic servo structure restores the mechanical commutator contacts in brushless DC motors. An electronic sensor exposes the angle of the rotor. It controls semiconductor switches such as transistors that switch current through the windings, either reversing the current direction or, in some motors, turning it off at the correct angle.

Hence, the electromagnets create torque in one order. The elimination of the sliding contact permits brushless motors to have more negligible friction and longer life; their working life is restricted by their bearings’ lifetime.

An Electronic Controller

Brushed DC motors develop the highest torque when stationary linearly reduces as velocity increases. Brushless motors can overcome some brushed motors; they include higher efficiency and lower susceptibility to mechanical wear.

These advantages come at the cost of potentially less rugged, more complex, and additional expensive control electronics. A typical brushless motor has lasting magnets around a fixed armature to remove problems associated with connecting current to the moving armature.

5. An Electronic Controller (Electric Motor)

An electronic controller restores the brush/commutator assembly of the brushed DC motor, which continually switches the phase to the windings to keep the motor turning. The controller performs similar timed power distribution using a solid-state circuit rather than the brush/commutator system.

Brushless motors offer a few advantages over brushed DC motors, including high torque to weight ratio, more torque per watt (increased efficiency), increased reliability, lessened noise, longer lifetime (no brush and commutator erosion), elimination of ionizing sparks from the commutator, and an overall trimming of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Among no windings on the rotor, they are not subjected to centrifugal forces. Because the housing supports the windings, they can be cooled by conduction need no airflow inside the motor for cooling. This, in turn, means that the motor’s inner can be completely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter.

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