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The Importance Of Employee And Team Member Morale  

The Importance Of Employee And Team Member Morale. Improve Employee Retention Rates, Improve Productivity, Reduce Your Overhead Expenses




The Importance Of Employee And Team Member Morale  

If you run a business, you understand how important it is to make your employees happy. Today, employees have higher expectations than they ever had in the past. Furthermore, many companies have difficulty attracting the most talented individuals to their businesses.

Thus, it would be best to do everything to keep your employees happy. Even though you are probably focused on your bottom line and your revenue growth, you need to maintain an eye on your workers, and that is where the best pulse surveys for employees can be helpful. What are some of the reasons you should be paying attention to the happiness of your employees?

1. You Improve Your Employee Retention Rates

One of the biggest reasons you should focus on the happiness of your employees is that you can improve your employee retention rates. If you are tired of having your best employees leave for supposedly greener pastures, you need to do Anything you can happy.

If your workers feel like you are invested in their well-being, they will be more likely to stick around. Then, you do not have to bother about looking for new employees continuously or taking your employees off the line to go through training once again. Improve your employee retention rates by improving their morale.

2. You Improve Their Productivity

The following reason you need to pay attention to the morale of your employees is that happy staffers are more likely to be productive. If you want to increase your productivity at work, you need to keep your employees happy. Think about what your daily life is like.

You probably have some days when you are sad or tired and other days when you are so glad. When are you more productive? There is a good chance you are more effective when you are happy.

Your employees are the same way. If you make an effort to keep them happy, they will be more productive. Then, you will have an easier time meeting various deadlines.

3. You Can Reduce Your Overhead Expenses

If you keep your workers happy, you can also reduce your overhead expenses. Even though you are probably focused on increasing your profit margins, you should also look at what you can do to cut your overhead expenses. Think about how much money you spend training new employees.

When you hire someone new, what new costs does this create for you? If you would like to avoid these expenses, you should focus on keeping your current employees happy. Then, you do not have to spend as much money on recruiting in the future.

4. You Foster the Growth of Your Team Members

One of the biggest reasons people stick around at a company is that they feel there is room for upward mobility. If you want to foster this same kind of growth at your company, you need to keep them happy.

If you encourage your employees to grow as people and as team members, they will be more likely to stay because they believe there are opportunities to get promoted.

When this happens, you encourage your employees to come together as a team, which is another significant benefit.

5. You Increase Collaboration Among Your Employees

You Increase Collaboration Among Your Employees

Today, more people work remotely than they ever did in the past. Therefore, you need to find new ways to encourage your employees to work together. In the past, it was relatively easy.

Everyone worked in an office right next to each other, and it was easy to get together. Now, with people sometimes on opposite sides of the country, it can be a challenge to get people to come together as a team.

If you focus on the morale of your employees and do everything you can to keep them happy, you will increase collaboration among your team members. This will lead to several significant benefits for your company, including better customer and client satisfaction rates.

6. Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy

These are only a few of the main reasons you need to pay attention to the health and happiness of your employees. This is straightforward to get lost in the daily shuffle, and you may lose sight of what your employees are going through.

This will only get more accessible with the growth of remote workforces. Therefore, you need to redouble your efforts and make sure you keep an eye on the happiness of your employees.

If you improve your employee morale, you will have an easier time keeping them motivated and efficient, reducing your turnover, and keeping your overhead expenses minimum.

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6 Fun Activities For Your Next Virtual Corporate Event

Remote working doesn’t have to be boring because you can spruce it up with fun activities for virtual corporate events. These are fun activities that ensure employees are lively and happy.




6 Fun Activities For Your Next Virtual Corporate Event

Virtual corporate events are online gatherings often held via video platforms like Webex, Zoom, and Google Meet. Such events offer an excellent way to participate in games and other fun activities. They also aim to help create familiarity and relationships between the attendees and improve work dynamics and communication.

Hosting a virtual event is challenging, especially for an unfamiliar group. However, it has become a new culture nowadays because most companies have allowed their employees to work in a remote setup.

Despite the convenience, working from home has brought countless negatives like burnout, unexpected distractions, and feelings of isolation. It also resulted in positive outcomes, though, like the ability to bond, connect, laugh together, and have fun with each other via 100% virtual means. Thus, businesses and companies have openly embraced virtual events as part of their work process.

If you are tired of the old encounters at events and are struggling to get fresh creative ideas, here is a list of fun activities you can consider:

1. Virtual Happy Hours

Despite having employees working from home, companies must ensure that business operations continue without risking employees’ lives. This opened an opportunity to find creative ways to interact with each other to avoid boredom, including attending corporate virtual happy hour with colleagues.

Virtual happy hour doesn’t mean going to bars or pubs after work. There is no need to wait in line to use the bathroom or stick around for drinks, and none of your coworkers has to call a ride-hailing vehicle to take you home afterward. This is because employees can have conversations and share drinks over a video call.

Virtual happy hours allow remote employees to socialize in a confident and comfortable setting. Working from home can sometimes feel lonely and isolated, but virtual happy hours help people socialize, bringing a sense of connection and belonging despite the distance. This also allows employees to toast to each other from different locations, like when they used to go out for drinks after office hours.

2. Health And Well-being Activities

Cases of mental and physical health issues are more common today than ever before. Hence, incorporating activities beneficial for your mental and physical health into your virtual event is recommended to ensure you are well taken care of, even in a small capacity.

For instance, you can incorporate a meditation break or a short workout between sessions, depending on the event you’ll have.

Excited young man looking at laptop celebrating online victory

3. Online Office Games

Online office games have gained steady popularity since several companies adopted remote work setups. Such games are conducted via a secure videoconference platform and last for 90 minutes. These include trivia, icebreakers, and mini-competitions that somehow break the monotony of work duties employees have daily. The game is headed by an eager host to enhance engagement and entertainment.

4. Social Media Groups

According to Statistica, an average person spends about two hours a day on social media. So, you can create private groups on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for more virtual social connections.

For example, on Throwback Thursday, invite your peers to share an old photo with the team, and they will guess who’s in the photo. You may also ask teammates to tag someone on an image you’ll post, say, Ironman, who may be a favorite Avenger of one or two employees.

5. Virtual Dance Party

Dancing is a great stress reliever and team bonding exercise where coworkers can show their goofy and vulnerable side. To conduct a virtual team dance party, invite your coworkers to a video call, then create an enthralling playlist that will call for silly moves.

Another alternative to a dance party is to hold a silent disco. Here, each participant dances to the music they choose on their headset. Joining a silent disco is easy as each attendee dances to a song of their choice, and teammates can guess the song based on the moves. Virtual dance parties involve movements that may help workers blow off steam without thinking or talking to anyone; only rhythm does all the talking.

6. Digital Prom

Everyone has that prom dress or suit sitting in the closet because there is no opportunity to wear such elegant clothes. However, digital prom allows coworkers to dress up and relieve their childhood nostalgia, using the same prom experience to help them bond.

Although this activity might be silly for some, it offers a playful way to interact with peers and overcome fear.


Remote working doesn’t have to be boring because you can spruce it up with fun activities for virtual corporate events. These are fun activities that ensure employees are lively and happy. So, if you’re looking forward to organizing a virtual corporate event, try the activities discussed here to lift your spirits.

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