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How Drone Video Can Help Your Business

Doing so helps position your business as trustworthy and strengthens your relationships with your customer base (as well as investors).




Drone Video for your business

Among the most popular event marketing trends in drone videography. It promises to be a long-lasting approach, rather than a strategy that stays only momentarily, as it brings many valuable benefits. Below are the leading ways drone video can boost your biz.

1. Find a Great Location

If you have an event idea but have not yet found the right place for your event, a drone can help you find the solution.

Flying high into the air, the device can provide you with an aerial view of a potential space so you can see whether it would be suitable and, if so, how to plan for it.

Record the footage and share it with your team to help get an idea of an appropriate location.


2. Show a Different Point of View

Whereas traditional videography focused only on on-ground footage, now you can enjoy a variety of perspectives to showcase your product or service.

A drone enables you to show different angles of new merchandise, for example, and shoot videos in a range of locations. Those unique points of view can catch a prospect’s attention and turn them into a paying customer of yours.

3. Add to Your Footage

When appropriately used, drone footage adds to a video about your company rather than it the aerial footage becoming the star.

The drone adds excitement to a marketing video but is best used in small doses rather than being long stretches of video that gets boring. A Wing Visuals understands how to create a video that captures the viewer’s attention and can include drone shots to maximize your content.

4. Stay Current

With businesses of all sizes and across a range of industries incorporating drone footage into their marketing efforts, your organization risks being left behind if you do not do so as well. That is not to say that you ought to use it excessively, though, as already discussed.

Stay Current

5. Build Trust with Customers

Drone videos can also increase the amount of trust that consumers have in your business. For example, if your headquarters are a far physical distance away from the target audience, show them the facility using drone footage overhead.

Doing so helps position your business as trustworthy and strengthens your relationships with your customer base (as well as investors). You can also create a video of product deliveries.

6. Improve the Perception of Quality

In addition to improving customers’ views of how trustworthy your business is, drones can boost their perception of the quality of your offerings. Professional footage of a location taken during the event setup, for example, looks impressive from overhead.

The smooth, steady video will elevate your marketing materials and deliver the impression that your event will be high-end. Thus, the function can draw more customers, and you can charge a higher price point too.

7. Takeaway on Improving Your Business with Drones

As the above discussion shows, there are many ways to bolster your organization by incorporating drone video into it. From location spotting to improving customers’ thoughts about your business, now is the time to embrace drones for business use.

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The Benefits of Structural Foam Molding

To give you a greater view of the process, a company may use this innovative process called structural foam molding to produce the most efficient and high-quality product.




The Benefits of Structural Foam Molding

Structural foam has several uses and not just for companies but the average family as well. Though, why should you use it, and what is structural foam exactly? Structural foam is a low-density material with a spongy texture. It is the result of combining a polymer with nitrogen or injecting it with a chemical agent during the molding process.

To give you a greater view of the process, a company may use this innovative process called structural foam molding to produce the most efficient and high-quality product. The plastic is heated until it becomes liquid, but it can still be injected quickly into the standard injection tool.

Once inside of this cavity, though, there’s one significant change: blowing agents are added that react when they come in contact with air molecules. This causes them to create bubbles and reduce shrinking post-production processes like painting or millwork because of its honeycomb or sponge structure on interior and exterior surfaces.

Here are some more benefits of using structural foam molding:

1. Quick and flexible

The unique manufacturing capabilities of structural foam molding mean that it is a vital part of the supply chain of many major industries. Molded IML packaging provides a quick turnaround for mass production in automotive, aerospace, and marine applications.

Like other injection molding processes, structural foam molding offers a high degree of design flexibility. The process’s versatility allows designers more freedom when choosing the suitable material for the application. This helps deliver components that are optimally designed, cost-effective, and ideal for mass production.

Design for Manufacturing

2. Design for Manufacturing

Because structural foam molding is an injection process, designers can get CAD data into the hands of manufacturers more quickly than with other methods. This can help ensure that products meet design specifications earlier in the development process, preventing costly redesigns and optimizing production times.

3. Paying for durability

Structural foam molding is a relatively low-cost manufacturing process as it requires more miniature tooling than technologies such as die casting or investment casting. It also often requires minor post-processing due to its unique material properties; low heat requirements mean using secondary processes such as grinding or polishing is not always necessary.

Using materials with superior mechanical and physical properties, companies can deliver products resistant to wear and tear in extreme environments – making structural foam molding an ideal solution for manufacturing high-value components.

4. The places to buy

Though not every part is an ideal candidate for structural foam molding, it can be a great solution when you need to lower the weight of your product and produce it in large quantities. With its fast production time and low cost-of-goods during manufacturing phases, this could work well if what’s most important are factors such as strength or durability.

From prototyping to final production, companies like HSV-TMP can find the perfect way for your product idea. They have decades of experience designing and manufacturing plastic components, so they know what it takes to make an excellent finished product that meets their customers’ expectations.

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