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Is Our Constant Using of Digital Technologies Affecting Our Brain Health?

Constant Using of Digital Technologies Affecting Our Brain Health? Technology has made life more comfortable and much more convenient.




Digital Technologies Affecting Our Brain

Technology has made life more comfortable and much more convenient. We get services that would have taken a long time and a physical visit a couple of years ago, at the press of a button. Work, home life, and entertainment have gone through a radical revolution.

Offices can be run from home, products can be ordered online and delivered right at the doorstep, family and friends on the other side of the world can be reached instantly, and even love can be found virtually!

The way our brains process information has inevitably changed because of the flood of information that can be accessed instantly. How our brains work is highly dependent on how we interact with the environment and the experiences we get from it.

Our Brain Health is Affecting by Using Digital Technologies

We have become inseparable from our electronic gadgets. They stay with us every minute of every day, and even when we go to sleep, they are right beside us. A study by Ofcom shows people in the U.K. check their mobile phones every 12 minutes in a day. 40%-66% of adults check their phones within the first 5 minutes of waking up.

Another 37%-60% check their smartphones 5 minutes before they sleep. Very few of them ever think about how this constant digital bombardment is affecting our behavior, relationships, and even brains.

A. How Are Our Brains Affected?

1. Goldfish’s Attention Span

The average natural attention span of an adult is about 12 seconds. Smartphones and other digital devices have reduced that attention span to about 88 seconds, which is even less than a goldfish’s!

New and more exciting information is always coming at us, so we quickly lose interest in one thing and move on to the next. Even focusing on tasks becomes difficult when phones keep on beeping to alert us of what is happening.

Our relationships are also not spared since our focus entirely on the devices at the expense of the person sitting right next to us. This also hinders learning because concentration is required to listen and retain information.

Reading books becomes even more difficult because we skim through tonnes of data on the internet without bothering to read every word. Students are, therefore, having a hard time concentrating in school and learning.

2. Short Memories

Gone are the days when people would memorize facts like all capital cities in the world. Information is also readily available that people don’t bother to retain it in their memories anymore. Our devices have calendars that remind us of birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments, so we don’t concern ourselves with mastering essential dates.

Exploring and committing new routes to the heart is now a thing of the past because of navigators. Since memory muscle is hardly being put to work, it deteriorates, and forgetfulness becomes commonplace.

If you’re looking for more balance in your life, read for online therapy options to help you overcome any life struggles.

3. Tech Addicts

Do you often get an impulse to check your smartphones for notifications or to browse through your social media newsfeed? This could be a tech addiction.

It is very similar to drug addiction in that using social media and other technologies triggers pleasure hormones in the brain. That is why you will keep going back for more to get that gratification.

Addiction is even worse when it comes to mobile and video games. This can also get to the point that a person requires rehabilitation or professional assisted detox.

4. Sleep Becomes Elusive

Our bodies’ internal body clock is regulated by blue light, which comes from the sun. It triggers the suppression of a hormone known as melatonin that causes us to sleep. This is what keeps us active and alert during the day.

Coincidentally, blue light is the same light that is emitted by digital devices. Using them at night, therefore, tricks the brain into thinking it’s still day time and as a consequence, the brain remains active. Insomnia has now become a common problem, and this could be a significant contributing factor.

The brain needs sleep to consolidate all the day’s experiences, which aid in creating long-term memories. How we interact and respond to the environment is a derivation of our minds, so sleep is very crucial.

B. How Do We Protect Ourselves from Artificial Blue Light?

Mental health is of utmost importance. The brain is the control center in our bodies. If our mind doesn’t run well, then all the other faculties are doomed. We consequently need to limit screen time and, if not, put in place protective measures.

Computer screen protectors are designed to filter out blue light, which puts the brain in disarray and interferes with many other body functions.

At Ocushield, we care about your eyes and sleep, so we offer optometrist-developed blue light screen protectors.

What’s more, you can test what product is most suitable for you from our range of products using a blue light test. The test shows how much blue light is filtered and the extent of the color distortion as a result.

Digital technology has a plethora of benefits, but we also have to be wary of the danger that it also poses to protect ourselves accordingly.

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A simple guide to boosting the value of your EE device. By unlocking your device, its IMEI is whitelisted in the networks own database




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As of 2020, now forming part of the BT brand, EE is officially the largest mobile network in the UK with almost 30 million customers and includes a critical component of BT’s continued recent growth in profitability. EE claims that their 4G and 2G network’s combined provide coverage to more than 99% of the UK population.

Combined with the relatively good handset and usage deals and solid customer service, it’s little surprise that EE is so popular amongst mobile users. Rising handset prices, stagnant wages and an increased appetite for the latest tech have left smartphone owners seeking manageable ways to finance their new devices.

The network contract is the most popular method of ownership in the UK, the network provides you with a usage ‘deal’ and a handset locked to their network, you pay a monthly payment over a fixed period. But they are being tied to even the most popular of networks disadvantages customers in more ways than one.

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You can easily Unlock EE Phone and boost their value to you and future owners. By unlocking your device, its IMEI is whitelisted in the networks own database, leaving it open for use on any network.

1. Selling For More

There are a whole host of benefits associated with unlocking smartphones, perhaps the most attractive of these is that unlocked devices sell for 20-30% more than locked devices. Rising demand for the latest technology and consumers swapping phones often every year has resulted in a booming second-hand smartphone market.

This market is competitive and crowded, potential buyers are aware of the benefits associated with unlocked devices and look for these ahead of all others.

Even online recycling companies offer more excellent recycle values on unlocked devices. I recently recycled an iPhone 11 Pro before buying the latest release, and I was offered £62 more because the device was not locked to a network, which meant my new purchase cost me less.

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Considering the cost of an unlock with a company like DirectUnlocks is only around £20, this is a simple decision that makes perfect sense whether you plan to sell now or in future.

2. Make Travelling Easier

Depending upon where you plan to travel, locked devices can be a severe burden. Almost everybody has a story centred around unexpected roaming charges that quickly mount and result in disastrous bills upon your return.

Owners of locked devices are unable to use any other SIM with their device, leaving them with no choice but to pay whatever roaming charges are associated with their contract.

Unlocked devices are much easier to use abroad, whether you plan to travel once, twice or dozens of times a year, unlocking your device will save you money. When travelling with an unlocked device, users can visit a local store, purchase a SIM-only deal with a local provider, plug the SIM into their device and continue to use their phone’s data as usual with no additional charges.

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3. Usage That Works For You

Usage deals on network contracts are often considerably more expensive than SIM-only deals. However, they offer customers the chance to purchase a device for a relatively low monthly cost; they don’t provide the best value on data and minutes.

Whether your device is paid off or not, unlocking your device gives you access to a vast market of SIM-only deals whilst still paying off your device, meaning your overall monthly cost is reduced.

Unlocking your device is a quick, easy, and effective way to make it work for you in the second-hand market, save money on usage, and make travelling easier.

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