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My Personal Experience of Passing Cisco 100-105 Exam with Practice Tests

Studying for the Cisco exams can be a daunting task, but if you are oriented correctly, it can be relatively easy. Passing the cisco 100-105 exam with practice tests.




Cisco Networking Devices

Studying for the Cisco exams can be a daunting task, but if you are oriented correctly, it can be relatively easy. With detailed study material and full thinking capacity, you will learn quite a lot.

My personal experience started a little rough, but eventually, with the right platforms, including PrepAway, and up-to-date sources, it became fascinating and kept me motivated throughout the entire period.

1. Some Basic Exam Facts

Cisco 100-105 (Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part-1, or ICND1) is a test associated with the following credentials: CCENT Cisco CCNP Enterprise, CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CCDA, and CCNA Wireless. This certification exam validates one’s knowledge and skills related to LAN switching and routing technologies, infrastructure services and maintenance, and network fundamentals.

The total number of questions is from 45 to 55, and the allocated time to complete them is 90 minutes. The test is available in English and Japanese.

Cisco CCNA

2. What Was My Exam Like?

The number of questions in my Cisco 100-105 test was 55, and there were two simulations. Each of them had four questions. It wasn’t an issue since I had prepared well with the help of the PrepAway website. Therefore, without any pressure, I was able to finish 30 minutes earlier and felt pretty confident about it.

There was also the option of a flag for later review and confirmation to end the exam after you have completed all this

3. What Was My Biggest Challenge?

It was my first Cisco certification exam, and I guess that it is pretty normal to be anxious during the preparation period. Even though I had some experience in the field of network security, it was still not enough. I also had some basic knowledge of Level 2 and Level 3 networking, which made my grip on theory even stronger.

However, I did not have any hands-on skills in setting up network infrastructures and working on them practically. Keeping in mind the importance of practical knowledge, I used this to my advantage and focused more on these areas.

4. How Did I Prepare for My Cisco Certification Exam?

Preparation and planning before the test required time and effort according to my weak and strong areas. I also tried to use the best study materials and visit only reliable platforms.

Thus, PrepAway provided me with all the necessary study guides, manuals, and details I needed. A thorough and systematic preparation process with up-to-date resources was my key to passing the Cisco 100-105 test. Here are a few tips that have helped me succeed.

a. Explore all the exam topics

It would help if you listed out what the exam objectives are before settling down and opening any material related to the test. As for me, after going through the topics, I got an actual picture of what to expect in the real certification exam, and I was able to develop my schedule according to it.

b. Create an effective study plan

Before starting my preparation, I made up a good plan, which included all the essential subjects, and that formed a significant part of the exam. It is vital to cover all of them, but it is also necessary to focus on the main ones. That is why I divided them into subcategories.

My study plan also included a constant revision of the previous topics, which made it easier for me to memorize and learn them. Moreover, I highlighted the significant areas where I was weak, including practical work, to improve them, leaving no chance of failure.

c. Practice with mock tests

After thorough preparation and revision, I finally decided to take practice tests to check my knowledge base and skillsets. I chose the exam questions from PrepAway to do so. Even though I was pretty confident about my preparation, I scored only 68%. The test was time monitored, and I had only 90 minutes. It gave me a pretty good idea of the real exam, and how I had to manage my time keeping all other factors in mind.

The marks made me realize that there was still plenty of room for improvement. To pass Cisco 100-105, I had to work much harder. Attempting more practice tests made me realize that the reason I had not given the exam before was because of my unfamiliarity with the pattern of the ICND1 examination. Moreover, I didn’t know how to manage my time.

Microsoft 70-778 Exam Tests

Therefore, I practiced as many tests offered by PrepAway as I could, and it tremendously helped me identify my weak points and get to know what the real Cisco exam looks like.

5. What Was My Final Step?

After weeks of rigorous training, when I was convinced that I was well-prepared, I finally decided that it was time to face the real deal. Therefore, I signed up via Pearson VUE. My exam date was about two weeks away, which gave me plenty of time to revise and practice for a few other tests.

Finally, the day came, and it happened. I passed Cisco 100-105 on the first try! I would not have been more thankful to PrepAway. The platform helped me excel in this certification exam I wanted just with technique and guidance along the way.

I am proudly saying that I am now a Cisco-certified specialist. Looking back at my whole struggle, I can say that it was worth it. I was ready to put so much effort into achieving my goal. And now, the result I have got represents what I had worked so hard for.

I know it doesn’t sound straightforward, but once you get started, you will realize that 100-105ICND1 is just like any other exam. The candidates are not expected to answer professionals with five years of hands-on experience.

At the same time, you can easily succeed in this cisco test. All you have to do is follow the steps I mentioned and, of course, stay motivated without allowing any obstacles to come your way to success. Good luck!

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Why Is 5G Important For Us?

5G has proved to be a good invention because of the avenues it has opened for growth. Here is why 5G wireless technology is beneficial for us.




5G communications, and technology

The technological world is extremely dynamic. Scientists and engineers consistently come up with new inventions, and the industry’s growth rate is stunning. 5G has proved to be a good invention because of the avenues it has opened for growth. While we are still getting to know more about this technology, there have been many benefits of it that have been explored. Here is why 5G wireless technology is beneficial for us:.

1. Increased Speed

Wireless technology’s bitrate capabilities have improved over time. 5G technology has speeds much higher than 4G LTE. It is estimated that the 5G network has speeds of up to 10 Gbps, which is 100 times more than the 4G technology. If 4G is compared with 5G, 5G will have a greater number of consumers because of the opportunities it brings with itself.

Can you imagine that you can download a movie in 6 seconds instead of 6 minutes? This means that movies can be downloaded within a few blinks of the human eye. 5G may prove to be a good option for faster broadband connections in homes, businesses, and offices.

2. Latency is Low

Latency is a term often associated with internet connections. Since internet connections are based on signals, latency measures how long the movement takes to reach from source to receiver and then make its way back.

When new wireless technologies have been invented, founders look out for major things to decrease latency. If we compare 5G with the former 4G technology, this new technology will significantly have lower latency, i.e. five milliseconds or perhaps even less.

This allows us to control devices better in near real-time. However, if we look at it from the perspective of human reaction time, it may limit the remote control of devices that use 5G and IoT. Most devices, in that case, will have a machine-to-machine response instead of a human reaction.

Perhaps most of the benefits will be for gamers, who will have amazing gaming speeds. Other than that, the agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics industry can benefit a lot. With increased augmented reality and virtual reality applications, users can experience speeds with minimal lag. This will ensure that the industry grows and can provide its users with a more immersive experience.

3. Enhancement in Capacity

Another question very frequently asked by industrialists and business people is how 5G technology will benefit their businesses and help them scale their businesses. It is important to realize that 5G technology has a capacity that is 100 times greater than the former 4G technology.

This will allow the IoT to explore new avenues for its growth. 5G and IoT may create a wonderful combination that could revolutionize the world of the internet and wireless networks. The industrial sector can increase its productivity by running thousands of devices at once in factories, schools, offices, etc.

This can be imagined by taking the process of supply chain management as an example. You can have thousands of sensors to automate the whole process. This can minimize stoppages and deliver materials on time. 5G Smart Home Devices will be another revolutionary leap in the world of smart homes and cities. In a nutshell, this technology will impact everyone and every industry.

5G and IoT may create a wonderful combination

4. Bandwidth is Increased

We have discussed above the increase in speed and network capacity. These are significantly greater than the 4G technology, so 5G connections also have a significantly increased bandwidth than 4G.

This means a significantly greater amount of data can be transferred than was previously possible. 5G also ensures that the network is better optimized and is smoothly handling usage spikes. While we have already managed to provide uninterrupted connection to large audiences in stadiums, 5G could prove to be better by allowing live streaming from any arena.

The increased bandwidth offered by 5G technology can also benefit businesses by analyzing big data constantly being compiled from customers, competitors, etc. This can allow them to make future strategies based on what is being liked and disliked by their customers.

5. Increased Safety

5G technology also promises to be safer and more secure when it comes to data handling and transmission, which is why it could prove advantageous for critical services. This could revolutionize the way we work at the workplace. 5G could be available in all public spaces.

The healthcare industry may benefit when doctors carry out surgeries remotely. Traffic control could be better and automated, and there would be no need for human traffic controllers.

6. Final Thoughts

5G technology could prove to be extremely helpful for us and the rest of the world. However, it should be noted that anything that is misused will always have consequences. We should always ensure that we use any technology responsibly so that we could further help in the development of newer and better technology.

While it has made its mark in most places globally, 5G technology is still under research. The pros and cons are still unfolding, and we keep learning new things every day. It is better to make the most of the available technology and come up with innovative ideas to utilize it better.

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