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Have A New Website Made: How Do I Choose The Right Website Builder? [Infographic]

It is important that your website builder and you build a good professional relationship, whereby both parties go for maximum knowledge transfer.




Choose The Right Website Builder

Having a new website made is always radical. Whether you want a new website made for your business as a starter or you are an established value, the choice remains difficult. There are various parties who all claim that their websites are qualitative, but is that so? And how should you communicate well with your website builder? Is a schedule drawn up? We are happy to help you with several practical tips that will make your choice a lot easier. Check out to get a clear information about Website builders.

Have a new website made? Then here are ten tips that can help you!

Tip 1: Don’t Judge Based On The Price For Your New Website

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of parties who can build websites before and after their working hours and then ask for alms. You have to pay attention at this point! There is an English statement that says “when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys” or even better “people buy people”. The first statement is unfortunately completely correct. A student or hobbyist does not usually build promotional websites, furthermore, the support afterward is usually one big disaster. The second statement “people buy people” indicates that you invest in the people who need to build your website. A good internet agency works together with different people. Just think of a web designer, a programmer, a content strategy planner, an SEO specialist, a photographer and so on. This means that a website for an SME can easily take 100 to 300 hours of work.

A website made by the neighbor’s son could, therefore, become a very expensive investment, resulting in the loss of many potential customers. Luckily you don’t have to lose customers if you choose the right party.

How Do I Choose The Right Website Builder?

Tip 2: Responsive Design Is An Absolute Must

A website must be mobile-friendly today and offer the same user experience on all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). Google knows that this is enormously important and will rank your website higher if it is mobile friendly. Also, Google will switch from the desktop index to a mobile index.

We still see them every day, website builders who do not have their affairs in order. As a website builder, how do you want to offer quality websites if their website is not at least provided with a responsive layout? If this is not in order, you should ask yourself if these people know anything about Search Engine Optimization. If you are considering purchasing a website without a responsive design, you can just as well push your money through a paper shredder, which will give you the same amount.

Tip 3: You Must Be Able To Easily Adapt A Website Yourself

If you purchase a new website today, the story does not stop. A website requires maintenance, something that you know. It is obvious that the technical maintenance is carried out by your internet agency. Also, you must regularly adjust the content. This saves you a lot of costs and moreover Google will reward you with a higher ranking in the search results because you regularly publish new, valuable content.

Do not hesitate to ask your internet agency which technology and in particular which Content Management System (CMS) is used to build your website. If that is a closed system, then it can have both advantages and disadvantages. An open-source CMS such as WordPress has a large community worldwide that gives you the freedom to work with another internet agency at any time.

Tip 4: A Good Website Is Not Just A Technical Issue

When you are considering having a new website made, you should know that this requires not only a financial investment but also an investment in time. Your website builder and you must build a good professional relationship, whereby both parties go for maximum knowledge transfer. Building a high-quality website is only possible through intensive cooperation between the client and the contractor.

Tip 5: A Good Website Builder Works With Quality Hosting

Hosting is just the computer on which the files of your website are stored. With many cheap hosting partners, everything is on one virtual server and that is susceptible to hacking attacks. With reliable parties, not only are the different roles subdivided on different servers, but daily back-ups are also carried out in combination with monitoring.

For a decent hosting package for normal websites, charge an annual cost between € 150 and € 200 excluding VAT. If you are going to calculate this per month, this is a negligible cost. However, be aware that if you only pay 30 euros a year, you may never receive decent support and your website may respond too slowly because it runs on slow servers. Google thinks that slow websites are not user-friendly and also awards these sites a lower ranking.

Proper Navigation for Better Design

Tip 6: Can You Go To Someone In Case Of Problems?

When the neighbor’s son has built your website and the website is down after a hacking attack, you naturally want to limit the damage and have your site back online as soon as possible. It must now succeed that the neighbor’s son has just passed his exams and now really has no time to help you. A very recognizable and obvious situation. Fortunately, high-quality internet agencies are always available, even outside office hours. This support is necessary if you take yourself and your company seriously. You must also be able to get answers to more complex questions.

Tip 7: Don’t Let Anything Fool You, Nobody Can Promise You A Number One Ranking

Some companies promise you a number one ranking in Google through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) There are a lot of “best practices” or good techniques that are known to contribute positively to your ranking in Google. However, know that this is a continuous and never-ending story. SEO is something that will never stop. You can score great in Google today and lose good ranking tomorrow because Google changes its algorithm. So keep a note of it.

Tip 8: Check References

There is nothing wrong with consulting with existing customers of the website builder that you may wish to collaborate with. You can make an informed decision based on their findings. Having a new website made is a major decision.

Tip 9: Make A Selection Of The Internet Agencies Where You Want To Request A Quote

An internet agency that delivers quality works out a solid offer. A good offer requires a lot of time, ranging from a few hours to a few days depending on the type of project. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to analyze and compare all offers. So try to choose in advance from three to five desks with which you want to go further in your selection. Make sure that you provide the same information to all agencies so that you can compare the bids with each other.

Choose The Right Website Builder

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