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The 4 Types of SEO That You Should Know

Most websites that use SEO to promote themselves use one or 4 types of SEO. These tactics are separated from each other based on their impact.




4 Types of SEO That You Should Know

Launching your business online can be a difficult task. However, one tool stands out among the rest when you want to be the best of the best. This tool is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You’ve probably heard of how amazing this tool is when trying to reach the top, but did you know that there are three different types of SEO, each with its own set of rules? We’ve put together an extensive guide for you to understand just what kind of SEO you should be using and which ones to avoid.

a) The Four Types of SEO that Matter

Most websites that use SEO to promote themselves use one or more of these types of SEO. These tactics are separated from each other based on their impact. They will either be within the law and can be freely used, or highly illegal to the point that you can get charged with fraud if you’re caught using it.

1. White Hat SEO: The White Collar

White Hat SEO: The White Collar

Let’s start things off easy. White hat SEO is probably what you’re going to be seeing whenever you visit the first site on your search results. This is because white hat tactics are some of the best ways to climb the internet hierarchy naturally. This is because the majority of content in white hat tactics involve boosting your own website’s rankings.

This is done through great content and excellent customer relations. The one drawback to this tactic is that it takes a while to get your SEO ranking up. It can take several months of great content and customer service to get to the top. But once you’re up there, it can be difficult to dethrone you as long as you keep up the white hat SEO.

2. Black Hat SEO: The Shady

Black Hat SEO: The Shady

With the internet’s wide reach, you can expect people to use every trick in the book to get to the top of their respective niche. This is where black hat tactics are very strong as they can get you to the top extremely quickly when compared to white hat SEO. However, you’ll also crash and burn faster because Google quickly flags sites using these tactics.

These underhanded SEO tricks tend to be against the terms of service of most search engines like Google and Yahoo. This means that if you’re caught using these techniques, you can expect to have your site flagged by these search engines.

What does that mean for your site though? This means that you’re going to get removed from search results. Your site will be lost in the ocean of the internet, unable to be found. So if you’re going to use black hat SEO tactics, then you better be ready to face the consequences.

3. Grey Hat SEO: The Indecisive

White Hat SEO: The White Collar

The best way to describe the grey hat SEO is that it is a borderline black hat in nature. However, these tactics are in a strange limbo where they aren’t against the terms of service of Google and other search engines. It certainly feels as though you’re doing something illegal when you aren’t. Some of the tactics mainly used by grey hat sites involve attracting other websites to backlink to their site.

To better explain, we’ll be using an example of a grey hat tactic:

White hat SEO uses backlinks to create a credible and legal article that conforms to white hat standards. Sometimes, these backlinks lead straight to a grey hat site because of how well it works for the white hat’s article. This is called link baiting and your goal as a grey hat is to attract all the white hats to your site. This isn’t illegal by Google standards but is scummy because you’re not optimizing for great user experience, but to attract other bloggers and businesses to backlink to your site for information.

You can definitely improve your rankings quickly by using grey hat SEO strategies. However, you should be aware that many black hat tactics were once grey hat tactics. So if you ever decide to use grey hat techniques, you should always be ready to quickly change strategies or be flagged by Google’s ever-watchful eye.

4. Negative SEO: The Hacker

There is a fourth type of SEO that not many people know of. This type of SEO is called negative SEO and is far worse than black hat tactics. This is because negative tactics involve ruining your competition’s websites instead of boosting your own.

Many of the tactics in this type of SEO involves hacking into your competition’s websites to have Google flag THEM for using “black hat” tactics that you added to their site. Other tactics involve having their sites taken down for over optimization which Google hates. This type of SEO sabotage causes your site to be more visible in comparison due to all your competition getting taken down by Google.

This tactic is illegal and can get you charged if you’re ever caught as it is against many computer misuses and digital fraud laws. More specifically, negative SEO violates the Computer Misuse Act of 1990 in the UK and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 18 U.S.C. § 1030 in the United States.

b) Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether your business is small, large or anything in between, SEO remains as one of the best tools for you to use. The number of available strategies is vast and can be overwhelming if you don’t have an IT services guru helping you out though. Use the wrong strategy and Google will have no problems flagging you as a fraudulent website. So it’s best if you find someone knowledgeable in using SEO to boost your site to its maximum potential without putting your business at risk of Google’s retribution.

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How to Use SMS Marketing to Grow Your Business

How to Use SMS Marketing to Grow Your Business. Send Out Great Offers, Personalize Messages, Allow Two-Way Marketing, Allow Them to Opt-Out




How to Use SMS Marketing to Grow Your Business

SMS marketing is a tried and tested way of growing a business. By reaching out directly to your customers, you offer a powerful way to prove your personality as a business and convert leads into money for your company.

If you are thinking of using SMS marketing to build your business or already have an SMS marketing strategy in place but it’s not as successful as you thought it would be, this guide has a complete overview of a successful process.

1. Send Out Great Offers

Send Out Great Offers

If you have an offer that you want your customers to know about, please let them know. The more reasonable the offer, they also likely they will want to make use of it. Also, time the request properly, so the deal only lasts for the rest of the day or the week.

The reason for doing this is to lend a greater sense of urgency to your message. If it is merely open-ended, the customer will have less impetus to take advantage and may forget about it entirely.

Additionally, make sure not to send out too many offers, as this will make you look desperate in your client base’s eyes. Concerning advice on how to grow your business, avail yourself of the services of SMS marketing company

2. Personalize Your Messages

Keeping it personal allows the customer to feel that they are directly spoken to. Most consultants would recommend that personalizing communication is an essential part of doing business.

It is crucial to do your business analysis first and learn a little bit about your customer before getting in touch with them, including their age, gender, preferences, and even customer history.

You will be able to tailor your message directly to them. Then for them to feel like they have a say in the process:

3. Allow Two-Way Marketing

One of the typical irritating parts of an SMS message from many companies is that they cannot reply and say. Allow the possibility for two-way marketing so that the customer can respond with their concerns, and they feel like they have a say in how they communicate with the business.

You will be surprised by how a genuine concern can then be converted into a paying customer, just by listening to what they have to say and reassure them about the power and the availability of your product. It is worth hiring a member of staff just for this purpose.

4. Allow Them to Opt-Out

This might seem counter-intuitive, but if you allow a customer the option to opt-out of receiving messages, you are showing that you respect their time.

An opt-out option should be straightforward for them to do, such as texting one word to a dedicated number that immediately allows them to stop receiving texts.

Not making it easy for them to opt-out will reduce your trust rating, which will badly affect your business over the long run. This may also be a legal requirement.

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Digital Marketing

Should I Hire An Agency Or Build An In-House Digital Marketing Team?

Hire An Agency Or Build An In-House Digital Marketing Team? Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency, Why Build House Digital Marketing Team




Should I Hire An Agency Or Build An In-House Digital Marketing Team

You are confused about whether you should hire a digital marketing agency or build your digital marketing team? Read to know the pros and cons, along with the differences between both of them to make the right decision for your successful business growth.

Don’t Wear Different Hats! Hire A Digital Marketing Specialist!

If you aim high to expand your visibility and drive more organic traffic your way, you will need to take your marketing quo an inch higher.

It can be difficult and not-so-beneficial to look after digital marketing with already handling too many operational responsibilities. After all, it is a whole new world of different elements and strategies.

So, hiring digital marketing experts can help you scale up the game. But the immense confusion is to decide whether you should hire a digital marketing agency or build an in-house digital marketing team.

If you wonder what is more cost-effective and can drive better results, find the full breakdown of both to decide what approach your brand needs.

1. Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency is somewhat more beneficial because it offers a more extensive range of services and has a bigger team of experts from different spheres.

The hiring rate for agencies has substantially gone higher after the pandemic because these experts can work from home without joining your team physically.

However, assessing the agency’s expertise and work ethics can be more challenging. Furthermore, there are countless meetings, long hours of discussion, and lengthy contracts involved.


  • Digital marketing agencies have specialists with years of experience onboard.
  • They work with multiple clients at the same time and have a higher level of competence.
  • In most cases, a highly-renowned digital agency will have prior experience in your domain. So, they already know effective tactics to expand your business outreach.
  • Their diverse team includes one digital marketing specialist for almost every strategy so that different marketing perspectives are carried on at the same time. So, you get a pool of talent when you hire an agency.
  • Apparently, hiring an agency drives better results even when you are not paying for different individuals.
  • Moreover, agencies are more scalable and provide strategic insights into your effective business plan to grow your brand.


  • You have to fully trust a digital marketing agency and its strategies to see where the ideas lead you without interfering in or gaining a dominant control over the agency’s plans.
  • Digital agencies are quite expensive compared to hiring a few employees who do their respective jobs in your workspace.

2. Why Build an In-House Digital Marketing Team?

Why Build an In-House Digital Marketing Team

In most cases, the challenge of finding the right people and the high budget lead people to prefer the other marketing approach, i.e. building their own in-house digital marketing team.

Well, making your marketing team isn’t at all a bad option if you hire potential candidates carefully. Moreover, you can easily hire freshers at a much lower cost.


  • Having digital experts in your workspace increases their engagement and passion for learning and growing.
  • By physically joining your office, the employees get more familiarity with your brand and have more in-depth knowledge about your needs.
  • If you hire the right employees, you can form a dynamic team that goes hand-in-hand with your company.
  • Your employees are only focused on your business goals which are opposite to the case of an agency where one digital marketing expert handles multiple clients simultaneously.
  • You have full control over your team, meetings, and the entire marketing plan.
  • Building an in-house team also gives you the flexibility to change the strategy, restructure your team, or even fire the employee if there is a severe lack of work ethics, skills, or motivation. On the contrary, you need to sign a fixed contract with agencies where you don’t get enough flexibility.


  • Finding the right talent and employees with years of experience is difficult.
  • A team of few candidates can sometimes be less efficient and take more time to finish specific projects.
  • Building your team not just requires hiring new people but also requires purchasing premium software, enough resources, furniture, and a large workspace.

3. The Bottom Line

Crafting and implementing a well-deliberated marketing plan needs expertise and is time-consuming. With the right digital marketing expert around, you can gradually reach your target audience, generate more leads, and get a high return on investment within a year.

If you have a valuable network of marketing experts, are low on budget, or have a highly innovative product that needs more people to work on consistently, you should go for an in-house digital marketing team.

Contrarily, if you are on a higher budget, aiming for bigger goals, and looking for renowned experts, an agency is the right choice for you. So, the decision primarily depends on your requirements and long term business plans.

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