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Wi-Fi v/s Mobile Data (cellular data), what’s better

We all have experienced Wi-Fi and cellular data working together to help us experience seamless internet connectivity, that too with the freedom of wireless connection.




wifi mobile data

We all have experienced Wi-Fi and cellular data working together to help us experience seamless internet connectivity, that too with the freedom of wireless connection. This is their one common feature after all. Now, what sets them apart? There are numerous technical ways to explain the differences, but I have resorted to highlighting the ones that are simpler and more important.

1. Wi-Fi needs a local router, cellular data doesn’t

In simpler words, Wi-Fi is just another radio frequency in the spectrum of frequencies that we utilize to connect multiple devices wirelessly. Your phone, tablet or any other device connects to a router over Wi-Fi frequency, to connect itself to the internet. The router is the same old acquaintance that we have at our homes or we find installed at our favorite coffee shop, which popularly provides us free, limitless, and consistent internet connectivity. 

One can use the device’s settings menu to access available Wi-Fi options. Choose a network, insert password if necessary and you’re all set to go. Once that’s done, your device automatically recognizes your home network. This works for all other frequently used networks for that matter, making it very convenient in our busy routines.

Cellular networks, on the other hand, can help you skip the router part entirely. When you use internet data through a dependable option like Spectrum internet packages, you don’t need a router or Wi-Fi connection. You can stream videos, receive an email, and surf the web while using the spectrum’s network as long as you stay in the coverage area. 

wifi internet connectivity

2. Range; Limited for Wi-Fi, not for cellular data

Wi-Fi signals are designed to work only in the range of the router. When outside that range, you might need a cellular data package to enjoy the same seamless connectivity. Now that almost 95% of the US population has access to 4G internet, unperturbed internet connectivity shouldn’t be an issue. Imagine a situation where you are on the road and you enter a Wi-Fi-less zone, if you have mobile data available, your device will automatically switch to your data plan. A lifesaver, isn’t it? 

3. Worried about security: choose your data-plan

Internet connection is very safe if linked to your home router. Since many Internet service providers offer add-ons like a free Security Suite, for instance, Spectrum (includes one in their internet offers) keeping your personal and financial information safe from malware or phishing activities. However, when it comes to connecting to public Wi-Fi networks like the ones in parks, hotel rooms, coffee shops, etc. there is no assurance that you will get a secure pathway to internet connectivity. In such cases, experts suggest using your cellular data instead of public Wi-Fi hotspots, especially if you want your personal or financial information secure. 

In short, when you are streaming videos, movies or playing online games, using a Wi-Fi makes more sense, only if it’s available and is from a trustworthy source. However, for all other low-data activities, use your cellular data, particularly because it’s more practical on-the-go. 

Mobile Cellular Data

4. When to use Wi-Fi

You might want to use Wi-Fi when the following conditions are met: 

  • The network you are connecting to is secure
  • You want to stream videos, movies, and TV shows
  • You wish to play data demanding games online
  • You are on an international trip
  • You need fast internet connectivity for a video or conference call
  • Your phone is showing a fast Wi-Fi connection
  • Your data plan is taking its last breaths

5. When to go for Cellular Data

You should prefer using cellular data only when:

  • The public Wi-Fi is not a secure one and you need connectivity for sensitive tasks
  • The Wi-Fi is not secure
  • You aren’t at risk of running out of your monthly cellular limit. 
  • Your device has weak Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • Also if you are traveling but locally. 

6. Last Word:

Understanding the difference between Wi-Fi and cellular data is almost crucial when it comes to safe surfing. However, one cannot be absolute about which one is better in terms of utility since both have their pros and cons and mostly complement each other. While one fulfilling the absence of other and vice versa. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Business graduate, writer, digital marketer, traveler, Interior design enthusiast, and a proud dog parent. She shares her expertise and writes for businesses to improve their rankings on Google. Probably one of the most amazing things about her is her ability to stay relevant. Her work has been posted on multiple blogs and e-zines across the web. Find her on twitter

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A Simple Guide to Boosting the Value of Your EE Device

A simple guide to boosting the value of your EE device. By unlocking your device, its IMEI is whitelisted in the networks own database




A Simple Guide to Boosting the Value of Your EE Device

What were you doing in 2010? The UK economy finally emerged from recession, Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted, and Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged. Whilst all this was happening, a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom emerged, forming what would later be known as EE. By 2015, following both prosperous and turbulent times, BT had decided to purchase the merger, which had then officially taken on the EE brand name.

As of 2020, now forming part of the BT brand, EE is officially the largest mobile network in the UK with almost 30 million customers and includes a critical component of BT’s continued recent growth in profitability. EE claims that their 4G and 2G network’s combined provide coverage to more than 99% of the UK population.

Combined with the relatively good handset and usage deals and solid customer service, it’s little surprise that EE is so popular amongst mobile users. Rising handset prices, stagnant wages and an increased appetite for the latest tech have left smartphone owners seeking manageable ways to finance their new devices.

The network contract is the most popular method of ownership in the UK, the network provides you with a usage ‘deal’ and a handset locked to their network, you pay a monthly payment over a fixed period. But they are being tied to even the most popular of networks disadvantages customers in more ways than one.

benefits associated with unlocking smartphones EE Device

The ‘deals’ offered to contract customers are often much more expensive than similar usage on SIM-only deals and locked devices are inhibitive, lack flexibility and can cost you money. With this in mind, whether you’ve paid off your handset device or have months ahead, there’s a way to get more out of your EE smartphone.

You can easily Unlock EE Phone and boost their value to you and future owners. By unlocking your device, its IMEI is whitelisted in the networks own database, leaving it open for use on any network.

1. Selling For More

There are a whole host of benefits associated with unlocking smartphones, perhaps the most attractive of these is that unlocked devices sell for 20-30% more than locked devices. Rising demand for the latest technology and consumers swapping phones often every year has resulted in a booming second-hand smartphone market.

This market is competitive and crowded, potential buyers are aware of the benefits associated with unlocked devices and look for these ahead of all others.

Even online recycling companies offer more excellent recycling values on unlocked devices. I recently recycled an iPhone 11 Pro before buying the latest release, and I was offered £62 more because the device was not locked to a network, which meant my new purchase cost me less.

unlocked EE devices

Considering the cost of an unlock with a company like DirectUnlocks is only around £20, this is a simple decision that makes perfect sense whether you plan to sell now or in future.

2. Make Travelling Easier

Depending upon where you plan to travel, locked devices can be a severe burden. Almost everybody has a story centred around unexpected roaming charges that quickly mount and result in disastrous bills upon your return.

Owners of locked devices are unable to use any other SIM with their device, leaving them with no choice but to pay whatever roaming charges are associated with their contract.

Unlocked devices are much easier to use abroad, whether you plan to travel once, twice or dozens of times a year, unlocking your device will save you money. When travelling with an unlocked device, users can visit a local store, purchase a SIM-only deal with a local provider, plug the SIM into their device and continue to use their phone’s data as usual with no additional charges.

Unlocked Smartphones

3. Usage That Works For You

Usage deals on network contracts are often considerably more expensive than SIM-only deals. However, they offer customers the chance to purchase a device for a relatively low monthly cost; they don’t provide the best value on data and minutes.

Whether your device is paid off or not, unlocking your device gives you access to a vast market of SIM-only deals whilst still paying off your device, meaning your overall monthly cost is reduced.

Unlocking your device is a quick, easy, and effective way to make it work for you in the second-hand market, save money on usage, and make travelling easier.

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