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How to Turn Your Idea into a Profitable Reality

Everybody is full of good ideas, but turning that idea into something more concrete can be where your plans come to a grinding halt.




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Everybody is full of good ideas, but turning that idea into something more concrete can be where your plans come to a grinding halt. However, regardless of your level of experience in this field, you can get the results that you are looking for if you know which areas to focus on.

1. Researching your market (and building a business plan)

To start, you will have to research your market to ensure demand for your product exists before you start manufacturing. Having an idea of your costs and what you will be asking for each unit will provide you with a profit margin. This is very important; if your idea is not cost-effective, it will not make any money and you will soon go out of business.

2. Drawing up a business plan

At this point, you should draw up a business plan. This will be useful when applying for a business loan or attracting investors. However, it is important that you fully understand the difference between the two. A business loan will make your finances easier to budget as you will have to pay a set amount every month to pay back your loan.

In comparison, investors will be buying into your business. They will want regular updates on their investments and will have a say in how your business is run. Each one comes with advantages and drawbacks – you will need to establish where you want your money to come from.

3. Getting your product designed

Once you have a business plan drawn up and some financial security in place, you will need to seek out a company offering product design services. They can take your ideas and run with them, providing you with a bespoke service that will start with your idea and finish with a product that has been quality tested and is ready for the manufacturing process. You will even be provided with an optimized BoM (Bill of Materials) for further production.

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Finding a manufacturer to take on your work can be relatively easy, but if you are struggling to find anyone or are worried about approaching manufacturing companies, then your product designer may be able to help.

4. Marketing your product

Marketing is how you are going to sell your product. Here you have two options, either do it yourself and struggle to make enough sales or opt for hiring marketing professionals that will be able to get you results fast. Here again, it is essential that you understand all the different types of marketing that are open to you and for the sake of getting as many customers as possible, you try them all.

Online Marketing

  • SEO, keywords, content marketing, backlinks, and making your website more readable to search engines.
  • Social media, posts, blogging, influencer marketing, and connecting with potential customers.
  • Paid advertising, inc pay-per-click and pay-per-impression.

Offline marketing

  • Posters, flyers, and leaflets
  • Newspaper advertising and magazine advertising
  • Radio broadcasts, specialist podcasts, and TV programs or advertisements
  • Promotional stands in malls and storefronts

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How Music Can Impact Your Customers’ Experiences Grocery Stores

As people are heavily influenced by music, it is important that, as a grocery store owner, you get the type of music right in your store. Why? Read on to find out!




How Music Can Impact Your Customers Experiences Grocery Stores

There’s a lot that goes into sales in any store. The people in the store, the store’s layout, the lighting, the color scheme, and, of course, the music.

If you were to walk into a grocery store and there was no music playing, it would be unnerving, to say the least, and there is a reason why. When most people think of music playing in a store, they think of the general type of music and link it to the products in the store.

As people are heavily influenced by music, it is important that, as a grocery store owner, you get the type of music right in your store. Why? Read on to find out!

1. Increase Sales

Research has found that the right kind of music will boost sales. It is true!

The most successful grocery stores use familiar-sounding background music to promote sales, and there is a reason why- it works! Music for business is not a new area, and having a set playlist is better than simply putting it on the radio. When customers hear music that is familiar, they will feel relaxed, and when they feel relaxed, they are more likely to purchase items.

2. Reduction In Complaints

Nobody likes complaints, especially in retail. It has once again been found that those familiar tunes which you can play in your supermarket have been linked to a reduction in complaints being made.

The tempo of the music can impact the behavior of the buyers in your grocery store

It has also been shown to impact how customers assess their time in the store. For instance, one study found that customers who were waiting and were surrounded by unfamiliar music described the store as being dirtier, the staff being ruder, and the waiting times being longer. In the same market setting, a set of customers who had familiar music being played reported, well, the opposite!

3. Impulse Purchases

The tempo of the music can impact the behavior of the buyers in your grocery store.

Ever wonder why faster-paced music is played around the holidays? This is why! Studies have found that when it comes to playing faster-paced music, shoppers were more likely to make more impulsive buys, upping sales in the store.

4. Brand Promotion

There is a reason why when you go into a higher-end grocery store, they are playing more classically themed music. Or, when you go into a grocery store that is full of health-based products, there is a reason why they usually play more relaxed music.

They are trying to build an association with their brand. So, if you are looking for the right kind of music to play in your grocery store, think about what it is that you sell. For generic grocery stores, something like easy listening or happy music will usually work to help get customers feeling good and relaxed enough to buy produce.

5. Atmosphere

You want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your supermarket. One of the easiest ways to do that is with music, as even if the customers aren’t aware of the type of music that is playing consciously, they will still hear it and be impacted by it. In short, softer, happier music prompts relaxation and helps up general purchases, and, as before, faster music prompts impulse buys.

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