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The Continual Rise of E-Commerce

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is here to stay, and retail stores are coming up with creative ways to attract and keep customers. One of these ways is through two-way SMS.




The Continual Rise of E-Commerce

Over the last few years, we’ve probably heard how much e-commerce has continued to expand and become more and more popular. We’ve all also seen the news about Amazon and probably seen their stock increase. With people stuck at home, hesitant to go in-person to a store, and having a lot more time on their hands, there is a reason a company like Amazon has grown in popularity since 2020.

Businesses across the United States are jumping on board to give their customers this shopping experience, but this has also forced businesses to change the face of many other aspects of their company.

Whether it is a smaller boutique store, a household brand that has been around for years, or a massive retailer that spans multiple categories of goods, e-commerce has helped keep businesses open. And, customers LOVE this shopping experience. To search, purchase, and set up shipping deliveries online all in one place is super convenient, and customers do not have to leave the comfort of their homes.

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is here to stay, and retail stores are coming up with creative ways to attract and keep customers. One of these ways is through two-way SMS.

1. Two-Way SMS for E-Commerce Companies

Two-way SMS is a specific texting system set up via an online platform and connects businesses with their customers in a simple, fast, and highly personalized way.

Telecommunications statistics estimate that the percentage of adults in the United States who own a smartphone has doubled over the last decade. Of that percentage, over 75% own a smartphone, and users span across all demographics and age groups. This also means that an extremely high percentage of consumers in the United States have a smartphone.

These smartphones are in our pockets, purses, and on our person for the vast majority of the day. Statistics show that the average adult spends over three hours on their smartphone throughout the day, NOT including work. Smartphones are:

  • Our communication devices and personalized computers.
  • Navigation tools.
  • The lifeline to friends and shopping assistants.

By utilizing a form of communication on a device that the overwhelming majority of customers use day-to-day, businesses can unlock a whole new set of experiences for customers using tools like two-way SMS.

Two-Way SMS for E-Commerce Companies

2. Example of a Two-Way SMS E-Commerce Experience

A colleague wanted to buy a new high-quality blanket from a specialty household goods store the other day. We zoomed in on her e-commerce experience over a month and saw just how powerful the company utilized two-way SMS:

  • A colleague used her smartphone to visit the store’s website online
  • She selected the blanket she wanted, chose the color and the size based on online photos and specs
  • As she proceeded to checkout, she was prompted to sign in or create an account to complete the purchase
  • She had never purchased from this store before but liked their products, so she decided to create an account
  • The purchase was completed entirely online through her new account, paid for, and the shipping information was confirmed
  • Almost immediately after submitting her order, her phone binged with a text message from the store
  • The text message included a personalized thank you note with her name for the purchase she had just made
  • Then she received a second text message confirming the details of her order; it included a tracking link for her shipment, and then the company asked if she would like to receive tracking notifications “Y” for yes or “N” for no
  • Our friend replied “Y” and then did not receive any more texts that day
  • Throughout the week, she received ongoing text messages regarding the shipping status, but she also received a notification for a promotion based on her past purchase with a link
  • She was not looking to make another purchase but clicked the link and spent a good ten minutes going back through the website based on the promotion notification
  • She did not end up buying anything but probably looked at over a dozen different products that we not even being promoted
  • A few days later, her package arrived. She received a notification about delivery. She then received a follow-up text asking her if her product had arrived safely and to her satisfaction with a “Y” or “N.”
  • She replied “Y” and received another text thanking her again and asking her to complete a quick 5 question survey about her shopping experience and the product with a “Y” or “N.”
  • She replied “Y” and was sent a survey link to complete
  • Upon completion, she received another text message thanking her for her time and a link to a coupon for her next purchase
  • About two weeks later, her phone binged with a text from the same company promoting a flash sale for inventory cleanout

We were so impressed with how the system was automatic, but it was designed for our colleague to choose what she wanted to do or see or participate in. It was so unlike an email marketing campaign experience where something can be sent to junk mail or piles up and gets ignored. She opened every text almost immediately, replied almost immediately, or spent some time shopping based on the link sent.

This was a fully automated example, but we learned that if she had clicked “N” or no during the question about her product arriving safely and to her satisfaction, the system would have switched into help desk mode. In this experience, we saw personalized gratitude from the company, tracking in real-time, immediately triggered responses based on her customer journey, and ongoing marketing promotions all through one place.

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Common NetSuite Support Questions: Answered!

NetSuite support is a dedicated service the platform provides to assist users with technical issues, queries, and challenges while using the software.




How Can NetSuite Support Improve User Experience

In today’s quickly changing business environment, organizations seek flexible and practical solutions to simplify their processes, improve customer experiences, and spur development. NetSuite, a comprehensive cloud-based business management software suite, has emerged as a frontrunner in meeting these demands.

As businesses harness the power of NetSuite to propel their success, questions, and challenges are inevitable. In this blog, we’ll address some of the most common NetSuite support questions, providing clarity and insights into how businesses can navigate the intricacies of this dynamic platform.

1. How Does NetSuite Support Work?

NetSuite support is a dedicated service the platform provides to assist users with technical issues, queries, and challenges while using the software. Whether troubleshooting errors, clarifying functionalities, or guiding users through complex processes, NetSuite support aims to provide timely solutions. Users can access support through various channels such as phone, email, or an online portal.

2. What Types of Issues Does NetSuite Support Address?

NetSuite support caters to a wide range of issues. These can include system errors, configuration problems, data import/export concerns, customization inquiries, and general software usage queries. From resolving glitches to offering guidance on optimizing workflows, NetSuite support is a comprehensive resource for users facing challenges at any stage of their operations.

3. How Can NetSuite Support Improve User Experience?

NetSuite support enhances user experience by ensuring users can navigate and utilize the platform effectively. When users encounter obstacles, timely support assistance provides minimal disruption to their workflows. This assistance and guidance on best practices enable users to harness NetSuite’s full potential for their business needs.

4. Is NetSuite Support Only for Technical Issues?

There are various ways to expand your business and increase your revenue. One effective way is to explore new markets and target a wider audience. Another option is diversifying your product or service offerings to cater to customer needs. Consider investing in marketing and advertising to raise brand awareness and attract more customers.

Optimizing your business processes and utilizing software tools like NetSuite can help streamline operations and boost productivity. The NetSuite support team can assist you in these efforts by providing valuable insights and guidance.

Data-Driven Strategies Leveraging Analytics in NetSuite CRM and Sales Force Automation

5. How Does NetSuite Support Collaborate with Consulting Services?

NetSuite consulting services are designed to provide businesses with more than just immediate issue resolution. Instead, consultants work closely with a company to understand the organization’s unique requirements and offer strategic guidance on optimizing NetSuite to meet those needs. By collaborating with support and consulting teams, businesses can address even the most complex challenges with a comprehensive approach that combines immediate solutions and long-term enhancements.

6. Can NetSuite Support Assist with Data Migration?

NetSuite support offers comprehensive assistance to businesses during data migration processes, ensuring a smooth and successful transition. Whether moving from legacy systems or importing data from spreadsheets, NetSuite support guides provide the necessary guidance to make the process seamless and accurate. With their expertise, you can trust that your data will be safely migrated to NetSuite without any issues.

7. Can NetSuite Support Help with User Training?

Absolutely. NetSuite support can guide users who require assistance while implementing what they’ve learned during NetSuite training. Whether clarifying concepts or troubleshooting issues encountered during the practical application, support helps bridge the gap between activity and real-world usage.

8. How Can Businesses Get the Most Out of NetSuite Support?

To maximize the benefits of NetSuite support, businesses should communicate their challenges clearly and provide relevant details. Specificness about the issue, its context, and error messages can expedite the support process. Additionally, businesses should leverage NetSuite’s knowledge base and community forums for quick answers to common questions.

9. What Role Does NetSuite Training Play Alongside Support?

NetSuite training is an essential part of maximizing the benefits of this platform. While support is crucial for resolving immediate issues, training is equally important as it enables users to operate NetSuite effectively. By providing users with the knowledge and skills to navigate the platform independently, training reduces the need for frequent support interactions. Ultimately, this empowers users to use NetSuite to its full potential confidently.

10. How Can Businesses Ensure a Seamless NetSuite Experience?

To achieve the best results with NetSuite, businesses should take a comprehensive approach that includes leveraging support services for immediate assistance, consulting for strategic customization, and training for skill development. By integrating these services into their operations, businesses can create a robust ecosystem that fosters NetSuite’s success.

In conclusion, businesses may encounter various questions and challenges as they continue to integrate NetSuite into their operations. To successfully navigate these hurdles, it’s essential to understand the role of NetSuite support and how it collaborates with consulting and training. By taking advantage of the comprehensive support offerings available through NetSuite, businesses can unlock the platform’s full potential, improve efficiency, and thrive in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

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