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10 Excellent Social Media Marketing Tips

10 Excellent Social Media Marketing Tips. Use hashtag strategy in Instagram, Use Interactive videos to provide a seamless visual experience.




10 Excellent Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is all about communications, and that’s all marketing is. Social media is, for sure, a boon for brand equity, customer loyalty, and business performance. An actionable strategy will help brands achieve their goals with a sense of purpose.

On any social media, whether it’s Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, or say Twitter, you will find that these social media keep updating their users. New accounts are added, and non-responsive inactive accounts are removed. Some old features are removed, and new features are launched.

In this challenging and competitive world, where platforms keep updating their algorithms and features, it could be challenging for businesses to synergise their brands and social media’s latest updates and algorithms.

Here in this blog, you will find our ten excellent social media marketing tips, which will help you accelerate your social media marketing journey. So, let’s begin!

1. Use hashtag strategy and fan engagement to boost your Instagram

Use hashtag strategy and fan engagement to boost your Instagram

You have often seen that most Instagram users use a maximum of 30 hashtags in a particular post. CMI recommends users create a hashtag strategy based on the requirement of the post. If you are using too many hashtags at once, it will degrade your post’s impact and decrease returns. So, it is recommended to use 5-10 hashtags only, which are super relevant, including 2-3 hashtags specific to your brand.

2. Use Interactive videos to provide a seamless visual experience.

Video content has become an ongoing trend on all social media. Today more and more brands incorporate video content in their content marketing strategy to increase their online reach.

Stats show that video content is becoming the king, and businesses now need to understand how to use this marketing strategy trend. You don’t need to invest a considerable amount to create high-quality video content.

You can now make quality videos online, which will speak about your brand and motto. Any good website like InVideo provides excellent video making software that will help you make such stunning videos. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating awesome videos today!

3. Amplify your brand with Authentic Social Media Influencers

Promoting your brand through an influencer is the latest trend that one can see on any social media. We all will agree on the fact that influencers have the power to increase brand awareness and exposure. Getting your brand recommended by the influencer will make followers take notice of the brand.

Although hiring a big influencer with a huge fan following will not be easy for small businesses and start-ups, finding an authentic voice, micro-influencer for your brand that can create trust and credibility among the followers will pay you in the long run.

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4. Split testing of Facebook Ads

Run A/B tests on your Facebook Ads while promoting content. In Facebook’s Ads Manager, you will find a split-testing feature for your ads’ creative, placement, delivery, and optimization strategies.

Use a split test of Facebook Ads to get your winning text and then again use this test to find your winning creative, and finally put them together to get a super win-win content combination for your next ad on Facebook.

5. Include live videos in your social media marketing mix

Live feature is something onto which approx. all social media are focusing on. Especially in this time of the global pandemic, where we are isolated and working from our homes, live video has connected us and our businesses to the world.

Live videos have become the “new normal.” From virtual conferences to virtual dating, the live video feature has become the one-stop solution for all our physical gathering requirements, helping us promote social distancing.

It is recommended to promote your live streams ahead of time and broadcast them at the same time. Including live video in your marketing mix will help you be transparent and relatable and will make you stand out in a crowd. Find a video production company that can provide you with a portfolio or sample videos that align with your business to make sure that they know how to promote it successfully.

6. Use your organic data for paid social media strategy.

It will help if you plan your social advertising based on the data collected via social media platforms. The first thing you need to do is, evaluate the organic traffic from social media coming to your site.

If an article or post is getting maximum traffic from LinkedIn, you should go for LinkedIn Ads to promote that particular article or post further. In this way, you will make your organic traffic your focus group for your paid social promotion.

7. Retweet your tweets for better engagement

Don’t be afraid of retweeting your tweets. By doing this, you are not committing a cardinal sin! Retweeting your post can ignite the interest of your followers to share your posts.

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8. Make the audience part of your social media.

Your business must be consumer-oriented. Don’t ignore your audience. Utilize your social media to engage with your target audience. Use social listening and respond to untagged mentions, where people are talking about your brand without directly reaching you.

9. Connect your audience through DMs

In 2020, it was worth connecting with your audience via messaging. In DM, you can blend messenger bots with a human touch to provide your audience with a great experience. In this way, your audience will feel connected with you and your brand.

10. Organize informal chat sessions on Twitter

Tweetchat is one of the best ways to connect with your community. A 1-hour informal chat session on Twitter will help increase your followers and build brand awareness.

You can host a tweet chat weekly or monthly on a particular topic related to your brand and industry and invite influencers to come and tweet their views in that session.

By doing this, followers of those influencers will get to know about your brand and will end up following your Twitter page and reacting to your content.


These are the best tips, which you can incorporate into your social media marketing strategy. Hopefully, this blog served you as much needed suggestions for social media best practices. Now go off. Do something extraordinary, and be your best!

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Getting Better ROI On Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud With Ready To Use Solutions

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool that can be used to achieve success in marketing. It has the power of automation, which takes much of the work out for you.




Digital Marketing Ways

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool that can be used to achieve success in marketing. It has the power of automation, which takes much of the work out for you. The Marketing Cloud offers many features and tools that are ready for your use. Also, you don’t need to worry about data security, as you can use the DESelect for managing your data effectively with complete safety.

In this blog post, we will discuss the top three ways the data can help increase the ROI in the marketing cloud.

1. Dial-up you’re digital.

At this point, companies are spending more than ever on digital advertising. As a result of the amount paid and increased competition for consumer attention, marketers need to look at their marketing mix differently from year to year and even by month. This is where ready-to-use Marketing Enablement Solutions come into play.

Ready-to-use solutions offer your company an opportunity to try new technologies without significant financial commitment or development resources – all while reducing operational costs through streamlined integrations across multiple applications with one API call.

That is why marketers should look for ready-to-use solutions to do more with less. Ready-to-use applications also provide access for many pre-built integrations that can be customized, allowing you the ability to quickly deploy new technologies into your marketing stack and ultimately increase ROI without requiring additional resources or significant financial investments.

2. Reduce the number of texts you send

In digital marketing, less is more. We’ve all had the feeling of being relentlessly pursued by a business to the point where we tune out and switch off. To treat the condition, you’ll need a reliable source of consumer data as well as connections across contact centers, e-commerce, marketing, or other platforms.

Run a Better Business With These Key Tips

Keeping your messages concise, on topic, but not too repetitive during a period of message saturation will help you save money (efficiently) and get more answers (effectiveness). You may use strategies to increase your return on investment, such as:

  • People that have an open investigation should not see social advertisements.
  • Merge customer information
  • Sending fewer communications to those who are overworked is a good idea

3. Accelerate the planning process (Optimization)

It’s a known fact that brainstorming and planning are crucial steps in any project. However, marketers and creatives often hit a snag: they need to work together to get the best results. You can’t just start creating content without knowing what you want to convey or how your target audience might perceive whatever message you’re trying to send them.

Marketers may know their audience inside out but still lack creative skills. At the same time, designers might be well equipped to create many visuals in stunning quality for your brand but don’t always understand or agree with what you’re trying to convey (and vice versa). The entire process could take weeks — if not months — when it should only take days at most.

4. The Bottom Line

We hope that you’ve understood how a business can get a better ROI with ready-to-use solutions. Getting started is easy when you have solutions already built for your business. Solutions are pre-built configurations of the Marketing Cloud developed in conjunction with our industry-leading partners, meaning they’re optimized to get you up and running quickly while delivering better ROI on marketing investments.

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