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How are NFC Business Cards Useful for Professionals?

NFC technology has revolutionized the business card industry by making it paperless, digitized, Internet-based, and operating on magnetic systems.




How are NFC Business Cards Useful for Professionals

Suppose you want to carry out your business communication in a smart way. In that case, your best option is to use the NFC corporate cards as they give a very good impression on your business associates and existing and future clients.

Adding modernity to your business mode by going digital has become essential as Internet-enabled methods with the growing use of laptops, desktops, tablets, Androids, and mobile phones have quickly replaced the old way of doing business.

This is a very smart way to prove that you are tech-savvy. In this era of technological revolution with the Internet and different electronic devices like Android phones, smartphones, tablets, and laptops taking the lead, the conduction of business mode has also turned smarter.

According to the Detroit (the USA)-based market intelligence group Benzinga, the global NFC Business Card market size was valued at US$ 17.46 million in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.24% during the forecast period (2023-2030), reaching US$ 34.91 million by 2027.

It is quite possible that the person you have transmitted your e-card might also be using the same mode as the business introductory method. It will be reciprocated nicely if the other end finds you also use the same method.

1. Why Are People Switching Over to NFC Cards from Paper Cards?

You can reap several benefits by using the NFC cards. No wonder business people are switching to e-cards from traditional paper-based cards.

If you want to know the reasons why people are fast switching over to the NFC, you have to read the following points (of its greater benefit):

  1. Establishing smart and quick contacts by giving details
  2. Contactless digital transfer of details of a company, its products and services
  3. Ensuring the contact details reach the right person
  4. No hassle of carrying a cardholder or card box
  5. An endless number of cards can be mailed through the NFC technology (thus, the factor of physical cards exhausting at a business meeting does not arise)
  6. Enabling one to find more details about the company, like details of the map or location of the company office/offices

Unlike the paper-made cards, the NFCs do not get damaged. They are stored digitally. Besides, they are cost-effective as you don’t have to buy paper cards and bear the cost of printing. Pictures are crystal clear in the NFC cards.

This allows you to print photographs or images of your products and to pictorial portrayals of services better than paper-made cards.

Reasons for using NFC Cards

The growing global demand for the NFC business cards proves beyond doubt that the corporate people are finding it an extremely convenient way of introduction. Besides, you can transmit hundreds of cards made digitally in business meetings, sales conferences, trade shows, or corporate conferences.

In such events or mega business events, you might require many physical cards to distribute. But the problem is that you cannot carry so many cards. The electronically designed and made cards can come as your great rescuer.

2. Reasons for using NFC Cards

This is why people use NFC business cards for their day-to-day business affairs. Such e-cards based on high-end NFC technology are being growingly used to:

  • Widen your contacts through digital means (smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet)
  • Carry out public relations on a greater scale by adding a much cheaper and new dimension to corporate communications
  • Cost cutting on printing and buying physical paper cards

Using the NFC cards, you can highlight the following information:

  • Corporate profile
  • Product Profile
  • Service profile
  • Addition of new product and service ranges
  • Expansion of branches of the company

In short, you reap many practical benefits by switching to NFC business cards from the centuries-old paper-made business and visiting cards.

3. Conclusion

Adopting smarter business transactions can also find a stamp using the NFC business cards. It can certainly have a very good impression on the person you send the electronic card to.

NFC technology has revolutionized the business card industry by making it paperless, digitized, Internet-based, and operating on magnetic systems. It has wirelessly added a tremendous edge to the two-day communications and facilitated commercial bonding. You can mail your e-business card through your smartphone with a simple touch on the screen. The NFC cards have also paved the way for cheaper availability of business cards as they are not printed on paper (which is costlier).

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How Music Can Impact Your Customers’ Experiences Grocery Stores

As people are heavily influenced by music, it is important that, as a grocery store owner, you get the type of music right in your store. Why? Read on to find out!




How Music Can Impact Your Customers Experiences Grocery Stores

There’s a lot that goes into sales in any store. The people in the store, the store’s layout, the lighting, the color scheme, and, of course, the music.

If you were to walk into a grocery store and there was no music playing, it would be unnerving, to say the least, and there is a reason why. When most people think of music playing in a store, they think of the general type of music and link it to the products in the store.

As people are heavily influenced by music, it is important that, as a grocery store owner, you get the type of music right in your store. Why? Read on to find out!

1. Increase Sales

Research has found that the right kind of music will boost sales. It is true!

The most successful grocery stores use familiar-sounding background music to promote sales, and there is a reason why- it works! Music for business is not a new area, and having a set playlist is better than simply putting it on the radio. When customers hear music that is familiar, they will feel relaxed, and when they feel relaxed, they are more likely to purchase items.

2. Reduction In Complaints

Nobody likes complaints, especially in retail. It has once again been found that those familiar tunes which you can play in your supermarket have been linked to a reduction in complaints being made.

The tempo of the music can impact the behavior of the buyers in your grocery store

It has also been shown to impact how customers assess their time in the store. For instance, one study found that customers who were waiting and were surrounded by unfamiliar music described the store as being dirtier, the staff being ruder, and the waiting times being longer. In the same market setting, a set of customers who had familiar music being played reported, well, the opposite!

3. Impulse Purchases

The tempo of the music can impact the behavior of the buyers in your grocery store.

Ever wonder why faster-paced music is played around the holidays? This is why! Studies have found that when it comes to playing faster-paced music, shoppers were more likely to make more impulsive buys, upping sales in the store.

4. Brand Promotion

There is a reason why when you go into a higher-end grocery store, they are playing more classically themed music. Or, when you go into a grocery store that is full of health-based products, there is a reason why they usually play more relaxed music.

They are trying to build an association with their brand. So, if you are looking for the right kind of music to play in your grocery store, think about what it is that you sell. For generic grocery stores, something like easy listening or happy music will usually work to help get customers feeling good and relaxed enough to buy produce.

5. Atmosphere

You want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your supermarket. One of the easiest ways to do that is with music, as even if the customers aren’t aware of the type of music that is playing consciously, they will still hear it and be impacted by it. In short, softer, happier music prompts relaxation and helps up general purchases, and, as before, faster music prompts impulse buys.

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