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The Specs That Matter: These are the Most Important Features in Laptops

Most Important Features in Laptops,Modern laptops have more features than ever before. stick with the new features that matter the most.




Important Features in Laptops

Modern laptops now have more features than ever before. This is because most manufacturers are constantly trying to one-up each in other in hopes of getting your attention. However, while many of these specs may sound flashy and cool, they don’t actually do much. So, many a consumer has ended up spending quite a bit on a computer that can’t do much.

In case you are wondering how you can avoid such a fate, the answer is pretty simple. When looking for a new laptop, stick with the features that matter the most. This will allow you to cut out all the noise from sales pitches and let you pay attention to what is actually important. If you want to know what the top specs are, keep reading for more information.

Features in Laptops

1. A Word to the Wise

Before getting started, you should understand that each user will have a different list of specs that actually matter to them. For instance, if you are a business person, then connectivity is key for you. In this sense, your main goal would be to upgrade to a laptop that allows you to connect to the internet regardless of where you are.

On the other hand, if you are a gamer, resolution and speed will be your main objective. Therefore, you will be focusing on specs such as graphic cards and hard drives. To learn more about the gaming features that will be key to your performance, check out the BudgetReport.

2. The Processor

The market is currently teeming with processors and it can often seem like there is a new version released every month. Well, while this isn’t quite the case, there is no denying that there are a lot of options to choose from. In particular, you may discover that the struggle is often between Intel Core i5, i7, and i9. So which one should you bag for yourself?

If you are someone who uses their laptop for assignments, basic projects, and entertainment, then an i5 will be more than satisfactory. Gamers, on the other hand, will appreciate the speed and performance bump afforded by the sleeker i7 option.

So, what about the i9? Well, this is largely still available on desktops instead of laptops. This is because unless you need a laptop for hardcore video and image editing, this processor is unnecessary. It is only if you are going to be running intensive programs that you should make the leap.

3. Storage: HDD vs. SSD

To be honest, this argument is actually a foregone conclusion at this point. While SSDs have been around for a while, most people were hesitant to make the upgrade. This is because computers with this storage option tended to have a rather significant price tag attached to it.

Times are beginning to change, however, and SSDs are becoming more affordable for the average person. Thus, if you find a reasonably priced computer that houses an SSD, you should certainly snatch it up. The reason for this is that the SSD is quite a bit faster than the traditional hard drive.

Now, if capacity is important to you, then an HDD may still come out on top. This is because SSDs that have higher capacities are often more expensive as well. Other than this, the SSD will probably be the way to go.

4. The RAM

While RAM is an important component of your laptop, most people aren’t really aware of how much they need. As a result, many individuals will try to get as much RAM as possible and end up paying a hefty sum. This is a shame because additional RAM doesn’t really have an impact on your laptop’s overall performance.

In most instances, you will need between 8GB and 16GB of RAM. The lower end is great for casual users or those engaged in entry-level gaming. If your PC games are more demanding, then you can step it up to 16GB. However, it is unlikely that you will need anything around the 32GB mark.

5. Battery

On average, most people would appreciate a battery that lasts longer. However, such a feature becomes a necessity when you are constantly on the move and don’t get a chance to plug in all that often. If you would like to double how long your laptop lasts, it is best to opt for a six-cell lithium battery. This will last several hours.

Now, it should be noted that there is a trade-off in this instance. The larger the battery, the heavier that the laptop is. So, if you do tend to travel a lot, this is something you will have to contend with regularly.

6. The Screen

As far as screen size goes, it really is up to you. If you carry your laptop around a lot, you are going to want something more compact. On the other hand, if you design quite a bit or stay in one place, then a larger screen will be fine.

The one thing that you do have to pay attention to is the resolution. Now, there are quite a few budget options that will offer resolutions of around 1366 x 768 pixels. While it can be tempting to pay less for your machine, this isn’t something you should do. In fact, avoid settling for anything less than 1920 x 1080 resolution. You will be glad that you did so, later on.

These are the most important specs to consider in any laptop. So, make sure that you get the right ones every time to ensure that your investment is worth it.

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A Simple Guide to Boosting the Value of Your EE Device

A simple guide to boosting the value of your EE device. By unlocking your device, its IMEI is whitelisted in the networks own database




A Simple Guide to Boosting the Value of Your EE Device

What were you doing in 2010? The UK economy finally emerged from recession, Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted, and Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged. Whilst all this was happening, a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom emerged, forming what would later be known as EE. By 2015, following both prosperous and turbulent times, BT had decided to purchase the merger, which had then officially taken on the EE brand name.

As of 2020, now forming part of the BT brand, EE is officially the largest mobile network in the UK with almost 30 million customers and includes a critical component of BT’s continued recent growth in profitability. EE claims that their 4G and 2G network’s combined provide coverage to more than 99% of the UK population.

Combined with the relatively good handset and usage deals and solid customer service, it’s little surprise that EE is so popular amongst mobile users. Rising handset prices, stagnant wages and an increased appetite for the latest tech have left smartphone owners seeking manageable ways to finance their new devices.

The network contract is the most popular method of ownership in the UK, the network provides you with a usage ‘deal’ and a handset locked to their network, you pay a monthly payment over a fixed period. But they are being tied to even the most popular of networks disadvantages customers in more ways than one.

benefits associated with unlocking smartphones EE Device

The ‘deals’ offered to contract customers are often much more expensive than similar usage on SIM-only deals and locked devices are inhibitive, lack flexibility and can cost you money. With this in mind, whether you’ve paid off your handset device or have months ahead, there’s a way to get more out of your EE smartphone.

You can easily Unlock EE Phone and boost their value to you and future owners. By unlocking your device, its IMEI is whitelisted in the networks own database, leaving it open for use on any network.

1. Selling For More

There are a whole host of benefits associated with unlocking smartphones, perhaps the most attractive of these is that unlocked devices sell for 20-30% more than locked devices. Rising demand for the latest technology and consumers swapping phones often every year has resulted in a booming second-hand smartphone market.

This market is competitive and crowded, potential buyers are aware of the benefits associated with unlocked devices and look for these ahead of all others.

Even online recycling companies offer more excellent recycle values on unlocked devices. I recently recycled an iPhone 11 Pro before buying the latest release, and I was offered £62 more because the device was not locked to a network, which meant my new purchase cost me less.

unlocked EE devices

Considering the cost of an unlock with a company like DirectUnlocks is only around £20, this is a simple decision that makes perfect sense whether you plan to sell now or in future.

2. Make Travelling Easier

Depending upon where you plan to travel, locked devices can be a severe burden. Almost everybody has a story centred around unexpected roaming charges that quickly mount and result in disastrous bills upon your return.

Owners of locked devices are unable to use any other SIM with their device, leaving them with no choice but to pay whatever roaming charges are associated with their contract.

Unlocked devices are much easier to use abroad, whether you plan to travel once, twice or dozens of times a year, unlocking your device will save you money. When travelling with an unlocked device, users can visit a local store, purchase a SIM-only deal with a local provider, plug the SIM into their device and continue to use their phone’s data as usual with no additional charges.

Unlocked Smartphones

3. Usage That Works For You

Usage deals on network contracts are often considerably more expensive than SIM-only deals. However, they offer customers the chance to purchase a device for a relatively low monthly cost; they don’t provide the best value on data and minutes.

Whether your device is paid off or not, unlocking your device gives you access to a vast market of SIM-only deals whilst still paying off your device, meaning your overall monthly cost is reduced.

Unlocking your device is a quick, easy, and effective way to make it work for you in the second-hand market, save money on usage, and make travelling easier.

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