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Hypixel – What is it and why is it so popular

Hypixel has won many Guinness world records and is known to be the biggest Minecraft server with over 100,000 unique concurrent players at peak hours.




Why A Gaming Laptop Is A Good Investment

Hypixel Network, more commonly known as Hypixel, is a Minecraft minigame server released to the public on April 13th, 2013 by Simon (Hypixel) Laflamme and Phillippe Touchette, and is organized by Hypixel Inc. The server was formerly released to both the bedrock edition and Java edition of Minecraft, but now it is only available on the java edition of the game.

Hypixel has won many Guinness world records and is known to be the biggest Minecraft server with over 100,000 unique concurrent players at peak hours. The server is available in over 15 languages, including English, Chinese, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Korean, and Greek.

Simon Laflamme (whose username in Minecraft is Hypixel) and Philippe Touchette originally used to make adventure maps and upload them on YouTube. They had a moderately large fan base on their channel. When they released Hypixel, it gained popularity on its own because of their fan base noticing and joining to meet their favourite content creators. Through this, the server got a good startup momentum. Hypixel features a lot of minigames that were created by modifying and reworking the basic mechanics of Minecraft.

Some notable ones are Skywars, Bedwars, Skyblock, Murder Mystery, Build Battle, and the Walls. As of April 2021, the server gets 150,000 concurrent players and peaks at over 216,000 players playing on the network! There are plenty of reasons for this massive success, and today we will tell you exactly why Hypixel is the most popular Minecraft server.

1. A Huge number of mini-games:

Hypixel has a vast number of mini-games to offer to its people. It creates an enjoyable aspect in the community and encourages people to keep playing. Hypixel also puts some slight twists in some selected mini-games to make the game feel unique. They also have a prototype lobby for mini-games that are being tested and are in their beta version.

The community can play on the mini-game, give their opinion on the game, and want developers to implement it on the network. Their mini-games also cover various sectors like PvP, building, survival, team challenges, and mini-games that pleases every industry. Every player is awarded Minecraft Hypixel Coins to spend and upgrade their loot or change their cosmetics from playing these game modes.

2. A Very Good Anti-cheat system:

Hypixel’s anti-cheat system ‘Watchdog’ is a tool that helps to clean the server from hackers and cheaters ruining the community and players’ experience. It has many high-end features which allow it to detect hackers and cheaters very effectively and efficiently and sometimes even catch people using ghost clients.

It has made up its name by providing the players with a fair and hacker-free environment. Watchdog detects and catches hackers and cheaters very effectively and efficiently. It was coded and programmed by Hypixel themselves, and they never leaked their code on how they made ‘Watchdog’.

3. Dedicated staff team:

The Hypixel staff team tries its best and succeeds in giving the players a friendly and hospitable environment. The administrators fix bugs and glitches that players face and ban hackers and cheaters with unfair advantages. Moderators monitor the chat while also giving out punishments and warnings to people with hacked clients.

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4. Stability and Regulations:

Hypixel has, in the years, maintained its stability even though it has grown quite a lot in the year 2020, with the reason being the coronavirus. The server tries its best to provide the players with a lag-free environment while having 100k+ concurrent players on the server. This is because the staff team does regular checkups and maintains a lag-free environment.

5. The biggest Minecraft minigame:

Hypixel also has Skywars as one of its assets. When Hypixel first released Skywars, the game concept was new to the community, and people were intrigued to know if it was good or not. After a while, people were in love with the game mode, and it made Hypixel’s popularity skyrocket by a huge ton.

After some time, Hypixel released their new game mode called Bedwars. Bedwars became a bigger hit than Skywars because it relied on pure PvP (player vs player) combat and strategy and teamwork. This confirmed to be very successful and helped in Hypixel’s rapid growth.

6. The effect of Skyblock on the community:

Before Hypixel released Skyblock on their server, it was a game mode where a player is alone on an island with limited resources to reach other floating islands. When Hypixel implemented Skyblock on their server, they reworked its mechanics while keeping the vanilla feel of the game, which was enjoyed greatly by the community. The players loved how Hypixel made a simple game like Skyblock into a masterpiece. Skyblock proved to be the most successful game of Hypixel up to date.

7. Leveling system and leaderboards:

Hypixel’s levelling system and leaderboards allow players to have the motivation to play more and progress better. It creates a competitive environment between the players to see who is the best among them and get the #1 place on the leaderboards. This intrigues the players to reach the top.

8. Their Creativity in the minigames:

Hypixel always proves people wrong when it comes to what are they going to implement in the game. They code some of the most random things into the minigames, which comes out as a surprise and is always enjoyed by the community. They also give the game a fresh look by adding creative and unique ideas as features into the game.

9. YouTubers and Content Creators influence:

Many YouTubers started their career on Hypixel and have succeeded immensely due to the server’s popularity and growth. Hypixel has also gotten a fair chunk of its popularity and fame from YouTubers with huge fan bases.

Many people speculate why Hypixel has been crowned the best Minecraft server and why so many people play. These YouTubers and Content Creators also played a big role in the increase in popularity of Hypixel.

YouTubers and content creators alike created videos on playing on the server. They also gave their opinions as members of the Hypixel community on if they liked any updates or changes made by the team and what could’ve been done to make it better.

Their videos, uploaded on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms, were seen by many individuals, which inspired them to play on the server, potentially to meet their favourite YouTuber or content creator. This, in a way, was marketing for the server and resulted in a rapid increase in popularity.

All these factors contributed to the spectacular fame this server has gained over the years. It is worth a try for every Minecraft player.

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How to Become a Pro at PC Games

Want to be among those top gaming communities with your gaming skills? This blog detailing 8 Tips to be a Pro at PC Games will serve your purpose.




Want to be among those top gaming communities

Competitive gaming is now considered a sport, and professional gamers compete for millions of dollars to be among the top-rated ones in PC gaming. This is good news for individuals who have spent their entire lives gaming and excel at it.

Skills are necessary, but they aren’t the only requirement for making it to the professional level. So, how do you get started?

Here is everything you should know about how to be a pro at PC games. However, ensure to use HWID Spoofer before advancing.

Tips to be a Pro at PC Games

1. A pro tip before getting started

Because of the widespread use of hacks and improvements, game makers are now taking extra steps to ensure that hackers do not enter their games.

The goal of bringing these safeguards is to ensure that those playing the game without using any cheats get the best possible experience.

However, these safeguards have become so strict that players can now be banned even if they haven’t done anything wrong or used any cheat. HWID Spoofers from reputable sites can be pretty beneficial for advancing in the game.

2. Mastering a particular game

If there’s one thing that all professionals have in common, it’s that they’re all incredibly skilled at their craft. Because you need to create a reputation to build an audience, being capable is one condition of being a pro player.

Do you have an excellent idea about one game where you’re brilliant at it? If so, you’re at the forefront of the global leaderboards. Or have you performed so well that a gaming team or professional has recognized your abilities?

If you excel at both of them, you’ll be well on your way to getting scouted or, at the very least, being marked by clubs interested in bringing you on board.

3. Take an active part in tournaments.

If you believe you have developed your skills to the point that you can compete in any competitive tournament, try it.

Tournaments are beneficial for testing your talents and obtaining experience in addition to gaining prize money. Joining live events where teams and other professionals may be present or observing is a fantastic example.

Why A Gaming Laptop Is A Good Investment

4. Build friendships in the gaming community

It would help if you let folks know about yourself to learn about others in the process. Individual talent may be crucial in some games, but teamwork is also essential. Put yourself out there in their shoes. You never know who you’ll meet and might end up with so many new ideas.

5. Practice makes a man perfect.

If you want to be a professional PC gamer, you need to understand that playing three to four games is no longer enough. Pro gamers come from all over the world. You must demonstrate that you are superior, which takes effort and great focus to improve your abilities.

Pros dedicate at least 10 hours each day to gaming. They use that time to study tactics, monitor gameplay and play the game every day to understand it better.

6. Never lose hope

There are only two possibilities in any game that you play: winning and losing. Realistically, you’re going to lose a game or two, and it’ll hurt a lot, especially if it’s your first one or if you put in a lot of work, but it didn’t pay off.

It’s easy to get disheartened but don’t. The gaming industry is rapidly expanding, and if you don’t win one game, you can always keep your hopes high for the next.

The general perception is that playing well isn’t enough to get recognized; you must also win. It’s also vital to realize that losing is fine and that not everyone wins every time.

Use this information to learn more about yourself by understanding where you went wrong and avoid making the same error again.

7. Maintain your attitude

Your team will be more cohesive if you have a strong bond which will reflect during matches. During competitive gaming, communication plays a crucial role.

Learn to communicate effectively, especially if you have ideas, and listen when someone else’s a chance to speak. In the professional game, attitude is crucial because you’re not just competing against yourself; you’re also competing against others.

8. Control your rage

Learning to regulate fury and trash talk is another issue to think about. If you’re a sponsored team, you’ll almost certainly need to be aware of everything you do, including what you do online, and that includes being courteous during matches.

Final Thoughts

Remember why you choose to play the game you excel at. Because it makes your life more fun, and you hone your skills. While competitions are primarily a showcase of talent and abilities, it is equally critical to have a good time.

There’s already enough strain on your shoulders, so take some of it away by creating a joyful environment for yourself and your teammates.

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