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How to Make Money on Etsy

But what if you would like to make your Etsy business your full-time occupation and not just a hobby side hustle? There are thousands of people out there who could appreciate your art, and here are a few tips on reaching them.




There are thousands of people out there who could appreciate your art, and here are a few tips on reaching them.

Esty offers creative people the possibility to offer handcrafted items with ease and grace, and it is the most popular platform for unique artisan items. But what if you would like to make your Etsy business your full-time occupation and not just a hobby side hustle? There are thousands of people out there who could appreciate your art, and here are a few tips on reaching them.

1. Create a Captivating Brand Identity

When in sales, you need to create your own brand identity – how you would like people to perceive you and your products. This is a conscious process, and you should put some time and effort into doing it.

You can start by selecting an evocative brand name, and it should be something that reminds you of the style of the products you will sell. If you already have a brand, you can use an Etsy username checker to see if it is available. If it isn’t, try using variations so that your visitors can find you easily.

After selecting your brand name, think of your target audience. Who will visit your shop and buy it? Create a buyer persona and list all their preferences in your mind’s eye. It is crucial to create your product descriptions, banners, images, and stories around your shop so that this buyer persona can identify with them.

When they visit your shop, they will feel mesmerized by all it is about because it will be like you understand them. They feel at home. As an outcome, they are more likely to buy your items – because they have already created a soul-bound relationship with you!

Create a Captivating Brand Identity

2. Make Great Photos of Your Products

The only way your potential buyers can see your products is through the product pictures you post. This is why it is vital to the flourishing of your business to post fantastic pictures of your products. You do not need special equipment; most smartphones can take high-quality photographs nowadays. Learn the basics of product photography and carefully select the light and the angle to make your products shine in the best way possible.

If your photos are appealing and engaging, there is a greater chance that visitors will turn into buyers!

3. Tell Stories

People that venture to Etsy instead of Amazon or Ikea are inspired by the idea of having something unique, made with love by a creative person. They love to support small businesses, and they love to hear the stories of the business owners. Do not be shy to tell your story and how each product is made. This transparency will add authenticity and will encourage more sales of your items.

4. Use Relevant Keywords and Tags

When creating your listings, you can add tags and keywords in your product names and descriptions. Please take full advantage of them as people who come to Etsy usually search for a specific product, and they type in in the search bar a keyword or key phrase. When your product name and listing contain that, they can find you in the search results!

5. Take Advantage of Etsy Education for Sellers

Most people that open a shop on Etsy are not business people but artists and creators. This is why Etsy has provided a whole set of educational tools that can help you with different aspects of running a handicraft business. From helpful newsletters with insights to forums, handbooks for beginners, a supportive community, and much more!

Running a good Etsy shop is possible, and you too can achieve it. All it takes is some passion, desire to learn and improve, and a lot of hard work!

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Benefits of a Handwritten Signature in E-Commerce

So why must you create a handwritten signature online to boost your e-commerce business? Research proves that including your handwritten signature in e-commerce, dealings can have a positive impact on business.




7 Effective Tactics To Boost Ecommerce Sales

Times have evolved significantly, and what could be a better example than the transition into a competitive digital marketplace? Thanks to the rapid growth of e-commerce, gone are the days when merchants had to travel from town to town to conduct business.

Digital growth has allowed businesses to prosper online and in physical stores. Yet, despite the remarkable advancements of digitization, there are still some things that technology cannot beat. For instance, the significance and personal touch of a handwritten signature.

So why must you create a handwritten signature online to boost your e-commerce business? Research proves that including your handwritten signature in e-commerce, dealings can have a positive impact on business. Look at the benefits outlined below to know if it’s true.

1. A Handwritten Signature can Boost Your Brand Awareness

The e-commerce landscape has grown remarkably over the past couple of years, along with the rapid growth of technology. But in this competitive landscape, while businesses experienced better sales and greater revenue flows, they have lost their personal brand touch.

The fact is that boosting your online presence in a crowded e-commerce world takes some work. So what can you do to leave a lasting imprint of your brand’s uniqueness on clients online? By adding your handwritten signature, of course!

If there’s one thing that feels utterly personal and unique, it is a person’s handwritten signature. You can use digital technology to transfer your handwritten signature into your business correspondence online. It will help create an effective personal touch and help your clients distinguish you from the rest of the competition.

Just like putting your personal signature on business documents establishes you as a business entity. Similarly, a handwritten signature on business emails would do the same. It would help reflect your identity, brand voice, values, promises, and icons.

2. Personalization Assures Clients of Your Business Legitimacy

Do you know how a rapport is built? Surely you will say when two parties work to build mutual respect. If that’s the answer you gave, you are right. But how does one build a good rapport with their clients online?

Connecting and adding personal touches to correspondence to help foster trust and mutual respect. Believe us when we say a handwritten signature in an online correspondence makes clients feel respected and honored.

It helps the clients see your efforts in building a rapport with them and encourages them to do the same. Even from an advertising point of view, surely you’ll agree that maintaining a client is more cost-efficient than recruiting new ones.

4 Dos And Don’ts Of Running A Marketing Campaign

Numerous apps and software available online help add handwritten signatures digitally to business correspondence online. Not just your name, but these apps make it possible to include your handwritten signature in your emails in a digital form.

All you need to do is invest in a signature-generating tool and transform your handwritten signature into your desired digital format. Then, all you have to do is add it to your emails of business correspondence to make clients and customers feel appreciated.

Any business owner who tries to equip their emails and client-facing letter with their signature and name in the introduction makes their business communication feel personal.

3. Better Response Rates

Have your response rates been lagging lately? Well, you can fix that problem by adding your handwritten signature to business communication. It has proven to amplify response rates significantly since it convinces recipients of the realness of the person behind the correspondence.

Moreover, a handwritten signature in business communications improves the message’s credibility. So while your advertising team sets a budget for the volume of print media or emails you send, you can work on including your handwritten signature in those.

Trust us; ads become more profitable and likely to convert leads into worthy clients when you make your message seem personalized. Personalization is a foolproof way to improve response rates, drive conversion and boost business.

One fact that has become obvious over the years is that businesses can seem like robotic conglomerates in e-commerce. And frankly, no matter how compelling it may seem, no one likes engaging with robotic corporations.

E-commerce business owners can simply solve that with their human signature in digital messages. It will encourage clients to respond, but the handwritten signature would assure them they are dealing with real people, not machines.

4. Adds Professionalism and Class to Emails and Business Communication

There’s no denying that handwritten signatures carry infinite charm and class. It also appears very professional when business owners sign on business communication. If you wish for your business correspondence to look professional and classy, here’s what to add:

  • Your name and company position
  • Your handwritten signature
  • Legal disclaimer
  • Contact information of your company
  • Brand logo and name

Final Thoughts

E-commerce is a competitive landscape, with businesses of all sizes present on it. In the crowd present online, it can be quite challenging to grab the attention of your target audience and desirable clients.

However, you only need to create a handwritten signature to give your e-commerce presence significant leverage. From a touch of personalization to appearing professional and authoritative, a handwritten signature on online business correspondence can provide many benefits.

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