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Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) projects. So, it is crucial to understand the importance of every step.




Beginners Guide to SEO Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) projects. So, it is crucial to understand the importance of every step.

In this short guide, we’re going to explore the process of keyword research. We will outline some necessary terminology, the main steps you should take, and the most damaging pitfalls you should avoid.

1. How to research keywords?

Keyword research is understanding phrases potential customers use while looking for your business online. These phrases are called search terms and can be entered into any search engine. Most tips here are fine-tuned for Google but can work with any other search engine.

If your website has keywords related to the correct search terms, it will rank better on the search results page. This ranking is simply the place in the search results list. First to appear websites receive higher website traffic.

Before defining any keywords, mark some associated topics with your business. Topics themselves are not keywords yet, but they will give you a good idea of where to start. Narrow them down by specifying what exactly customers might search for.

Single-word keywords are often too general as the user’s intent is unclear. It is difficult to achieve a good ranking for them as competition is stiff. Usually, the sweet spot is around 2 – 3 words.

Long-tailed (4+ words) keywords can be particular, so they don’t have a lot of searches. Some advise avoiding such low-volume keywords but don’t underestimate them yet. They are easier to climb on top and better at converting visitors to buying customers, and this task is essential when you have just started.

2. The process of researching keywords

Now that we have a rough idea of what keywords are, we can start our research. The first step is the discovery phase.

Make a list of roots keywords that are most likely to be used when searching for your website online. These short keywords will allow you to “grow” other relevant phrases. Please take note of their frequency and volume.

In a big way, SEO is market research of your online customers. Thus, user behavior analysis is of utmost importance. Our second step consists of asking questions about your customers:

  • Who and how is searching for your brand?
  • When and where are they doing so?
  • Why is your product worth exploring?

4 Types of SEO That You Should Know

You have to ask these questions from the customer’s perspective. Often a mistake here is assuming that the way you see your brand is the same as your customers, and be cautious that it is not necessarily the case.

The third step is to look for competitor keywords. Competition here is defined in terms of the search result page ranking. So it is not only your direct business competition. Keeping this in mind, you have to determine low and high competition keywords. Generally, the more search volume, the more competitive and challenging the keyword is.

Depending on your strategy, it might be better to target low-difficulty keywords. Usually, they are easier for gathering at least some traffic to your website. Later on, you can build on this traffic to achieve even better results.

3. Keyword scraping

This step requires us to touch upon a burning issue – the problem of collecting keyword data. The most relevant searches are usually of the last 12 months. So to know keyword search volumes and page rankings requires a lot of information.

When the data is collected, you need a tool to adjust your keyword phrasing without extra fees, generate relevant suggestions and organize everything conveniently. All this and also can be achieved with Google Keywords API at

No long hours collecting keyword data – a web scraper will visit Google and search for relevant information on your behalf. This will equip you with relevant data, and you can move on to the next step – analysis.

4. Analysis and action plan

Now it is time to transform the raw data into guidelines for your SEO strategy. Pinpoint seasonalities and variations in location. Categorize the data according to found patterns and your priorities. Don’t forget to include existing keywords so they would perform also.

Lastly, map all the keywords to specific pages on your website and create an action plan. Many websites have one main page where most keywords are directed to – the landing page, and it connects your best keywords to your most convincing promotional material. It force be an excellent idea to consider this first.

5. Conclusion

Safe to say that keyword research is one of the most fundamental pillars of your online marketing. Sure, other factors might come into play, and changes will need to be made over time. But whatever your online marketing strategy is, keyword research can not be forgotten.

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Digital Marketing

Free Marketing Tools To Promote Blog Sites

To make your task easy, we have come forward with the best free marketing tools that you can use to solve your problems with blog posts.




7 Essential Web Development Tools For Students

If you are struggling with promoting your blog sites, you have arrived at the right corner, where you will come across the best tools that will serve your purpose of exploring.

But before I start, I would mention the WordPress Push Notifications that have entirely changed the marketing style across the globe and enabled you to promote your brands, bring more traffic to your blogs, and improve the blog sites.

And how can I forget the WooCommerce Push Notifications that have again been a blessing for your online business and have raised the growth of your business and made it more successful?

Everyone knows it is tough to survive in a market full of competition these days. It takes good strength to promote and market your blogs. The Internet is full of blogs where the marketers put efforts to promote and fulfilling the requirements of Google.

Choosing the right one needs wisdom and effort with plenty of blog-promoting tools. A couple of free marketing tools help you enhance the traffic for sure. To make your task easy, we have come forward with the best free marketing tools that you can use to solve your problems with blog posts.

No one in this era of online business can ignore promotion. Techno-savvy customers are ready to see the promotions going on online, then why do we lack. Hence, it would help adopt practical online marketing tools to take your business to great heights.

When you desire to choose digital marketing tools, you must look for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, and other trends. Our guide of marketing tools below will help you a lot without affecting your pocket. Let’s get started.

1. Trello

Trello is a free-of-cost marketing tool that will help you manage your projects. The marketing strategy you decide to promote your business will only decide its height. You can surely use Trello to streamline your blog posts. Once you start using it, you will be able to notice the progress of your blog.

2. HubSpot CRM

An All-In-One free marketing solution for you is HubSpot CRM. It has come up with everything that you need to promote your business. It has three features that include CRM, marketing, and sales. Your marketing plan will reach another level of height with HubSpot. It enables you to get more traffic for your blog site. It will build your brand image too in the market and establish your name as well.

3. MailChimp

Although it is very tricky to choose the best way to promote your business because it cannot be ignored, when it comes to marketing your blogs via email, then MailChimp is the best. It helps you send as many as 12000 emails in a month to customers numbering 2000. You can also upgrade it if you wish to send to the number exceeding this limit.

4. WordPress

If you have a website or write a blog, WordPress is the best place that serves you online marketing tools. It is one of the most preferred tools for promoting blog sites that comes with search engine optimization SEO. You will be able to have SEO-optimized content on WordPress. You need not spend a single penny promoting your business here.

WordPress Push Notifications will promote your business by ringing out multiple opportunities for increasing traffic.

5. SurveyMonkey

Being one of the best and free marketing tools, it is the most popular too. You will be able to get in touch with your clients through SurveyMonkey using a set of questions related to your product. A detailed survey will help you establish communication with your target audience with the help of the internet, email, or cell phone.

6. Hotjar

To bring more traffic to your blog site, Hotjar is another good option to prefer. It has come up with a real-time record of the actions of the visitors. Along with promoting your site, you will be immediately able to note how your audience is behaving using its tools like click maps and heatmaps. Using Hotjar, you have the facility of designing your website according to the taste of your customers.

7. Canva

Visual content lays down more emphasis than writing. You can promote your business using graphics and expose it to the market. Canva helps you design using custom visual content. It is a free online tool for marketing and promoting your business with built-in themes and templates, making your task easy anytime from anywhere.

8. Moz Local

The best digital marketing tool to analyze the presence of your business in the market is Moz Local. It will help you to get your blog site listed with Google. It enables a business owner even to get information related to their business’s virtual appearance and keyword competitiveness. To have a potent tool to bring a competitive edge to your business is a boon.

9. Hootsuite

At any cost, you cannot ignore online marketing in this era where everything is online. To derive more traffic, you cannot ignore marketing. Hootsuite, a free marketing tool, makes your marketing strategy simple. It is in touch with the social media platforms, which allow you to manage the social media posts and check their performance.

10. Google Analytics

Another best online free marketing tool here is Google Analytics, an all-in-one package with the essential features needed to check the blog site traffic. It helps you know your visitors, what they prefer, and their behaviors on your site. Once you get an idea, you can manage your promotion accordingly and optimize your site using SEO tools.

11. EngageBay

EngageBay is an All-in-One Marketing, Sales, and Support CRM supporting over 31,000+ growing businesses around the world. It is a fast-growing and popular solution that is consistently rated highly by software review sites such as G2, Capterra, GetApp, and many more.

Also FYI, EngageBay currently offers their affiliates 30% recurring revenue for each referred customer. In case of this interests you, please visit:

In a nutshell

While you get so many options to resolve your problems or solve your purpose, you may get confused. You can choose any of the above means and indeed promote your business without any hesitation.

As technology has brought the significant advancements of all time, online marketing has become a boon for every organization. When it comes to WooCommerce Push Notifications, they are also another strength in promoting your business globally, as many have already benefitted.

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