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Data Center Technician – What Does a Data Center Technician do?

A data center technician is a skilled hands-on professional who provides services to the companies data center. Data Center Technician Responsibilities, Salary, Skills.




What Does a Data Center Technician do

data center technician is a skilled hands-on professional who provides services to the companies data center. Data Center Technicians are working with servers, firewalls, routers, switches, monitors, and supporting components like backup equipment, fire suppression facilities, and air conditioning.

Most data center technicians have long-time work schedules; they are work 10-12 hours long on nights, weekends, and holidays. They are work in server rooms where usual machine noise or construction noise is present.

Data technicians give support to any business’s core operations. Data center technicians are working with computer data servers and hardware networking systems.

Data Center Technician Responsibilities

1. What Does a Data Center Technicians do?

A Data Center technicians have managed the Functions of data upgrading hardware and software/operating systems and managing data distribution and storage, backup, emergency planning, and some technical support.

The Data Server Technicians identify and fix faults in a computer network system. The skills like Troubleshooting, Hardware Repair, Inventory Tools Management, Network Equipment, and Devices will help data center technicians to excel in the field of Computer Networking System.

They provide physical security around the digital data center. Data Technician runs network cables and improves security around the data servers.

2. Data Center Technician Salary

The average salary of a Data Center Technician is $50,000 per year in the United States (USA). Cisco, Amazon, Google are paying a good salary for Data Center Technicians. In the last three years, the data center technician job tenure is less than 12 months (1 year), as per indeed, glass door employees and user analysis.

  • Cisco Data Center Technician salary: $125,451 per year
  • CoreSite Data Center Technician salary: $114,000 per year
  • Amazon Data Center Technician salary: $65,009 per year

Data Center Technician Salary

3. Data Center Technician Responsibilities

The data center technicians focus on providing the necessary tech support (IT services) at data centers.

  • Perform Preventative Maintenance
  • Server Management and Repair
  • Monitor System Processes
  • Cross-Collaborate to Protect Data
  • Technical Support and Education

4. Data Center Technician Skills and Qualifications

The Data Center Technician must have an associate or bachelor’s degree in a technical field of a computer network system.

  • Hardware Repair
  • Network Equipment and Devices
  • IT Computer Networking
  • Troubleshooting Skills
  • Physical Requirements
  • Inventory Tools Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Technical Writing Skills

5. Data Center Technicians Education Requirements

  • CCNA Data Center (Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center)
  • CCNP Data Center (Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center)
  • JNCIP-DC (Juniper Networks Certified Professional Data Center)
  • VCE-CIAE (VCE Converged Infrastructure Administration Engineer)
  • VCP6-DCV (VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization)

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How to Improve Your Marketing Department Through the Use of Technology

Is your marketing department reaching its full potential daily? If your team of advertising professionals is not consistently maximizing their workflow, it is high time you stepped in and made a few changes.




My University Assignment, Australia

Is your marketing department reaching its full potential daily? If your team of advertising professionals is not consistently maximizing their workflow, it is high time you stepped in and made a few changes. You cannot afford to produce subpar marketing campaigns, so you must seek to improve this department at all costs.

Once you decide to take on this all-important challenge, be sure to make use of all the technology that you have at your disposal. Here are just a few of the tech tools that you should be taking full advantage of in your bid to improve your marketing department:

1. Keep tabs on your spending using analytics tools.

If you want to stay on top of your marketing budget, especially, you must keep tabs on your spending at all times. This will allow you to monitor your expenditure and subsequently make changes to ensure that you are not wasting money unnecessarily.

Fortunately, there are so many analytics tools out there that will allow you to perform this all-important task. With this type of tech tool at your disposal, you will be allowed to track how much money your marketing department is spending daily.

More importantly, you will monitor the progress of each advertising campaign that you run to ensure that you are not wasting money on adverts that are not resonating with your target audience.

Improve Productivity Utilizing Technology

2. Automate the marketing process using automation tech

The advertising professionals that you employ are only human, which means that they will make mistakes, they will slow down, and their productivity levels will dip from time to time.

To help them circumvent these difficulties, you should seek to automate your marketing process using several tech pieces.

Here are the few ways technology can help you automate your day-to-day marketing process:

  • Use email automation software to help you message your audience in a targeted and timely fashion
  • Generate leads and manage your pipeline using an inbound-marketing tool
  • Deliver personalized ad campaigns across multiple touch points using a B2B cross-channel marketing solution
  • Use an enterprise-ready online proofing tool to help you automate the entire video campaign creation process — Ziflow is the perfect alternative to if you are looking to take a slightly different approach about online video proofing

Are your marketing team currently leaving a lot to be desired? If you want to optimize your company’s advertising endeavors, you must seek to improve this department at all costs.

Fortunately, you do not have to take on this crucial challenge alone. There are several different technologies out there that will help you to improve how your advertising professionals perform daily.

If you want to take your advertising efforts to the next level, you must take advantage of the technologies listed above. Keep tabs on your spending using analytics tools, automate the marketing process using automation tech, and you will be producing better advertising campaigns in no time.

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