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10 Proofs That Google Adwords is a Great Investment for Business

If you ever worked with a marketing consultant or done a quick Google search, then you would know that Google AdWords is a great way to generate high quality traffic. And by “high quality traffic” we mean landing on the top of the search results to bring people you can convert into customers to your website.

If you have the right keywords and budget, chances are, you can land yourself on top of the results pages. However, there are other cases though that the searcher still needs to scroll down before they could get past your ads.

Google AdWords makes it quite simple to spend a lot of money relatively quickly. If you do not know what you are doing, you could blow your entire marketing budget.

Which brings us to the question: Is PPC worth it for small businesses?

1. Its massive reach

Back in January 2019, a Clutch survey revealed that 49% of people click on text ads. That is HUGE, knowing that Google alone processes 40,000 search queries every second.

Meaning, pay-per-click ads can send an enormous amount of traffic to your business as long as you have the budget to pay for this traffic.

Google AdWords gives you massive reach, and sending in high-quality leads and visitors to your business site, e-commerce store, opt-in form, and so on.

Also, the people that Google sends to your site are more likely going to turn into customers, or do whatever they intend to do on your website.

2.  Its impressive analytics

Google AdWords has great analytics and charts that are built-in on its dashboard. This lets you know how well your campaigns are performing, and how you should be making changes.

The stats cover everything from your advert position, the cost per click, up to your conversion rate.

When you have these analytics at your disposal, it is much easier to make decisions on where to spend your money on. For instance, if you have a  high converting keyword, then it is best to increase your spend for that particular keyword.

3. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Google Ads has an excellent feature called the RLSA. This is important especially if you are just a small business with a limited marketing budget. In fact, in our PPC agency in NYC, we recommend remarketing to small businesses.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, or RLSA, lets you target users who are already quite familiar with your brand. These are made of people who have visited your site in the past and received a cookie.

The same thing goes for users who are using the keywords you’re bidding on. They are more than willing to make a purchase. As a result, these ads will cost you less, and you will gain more conversions.

4. Gmail Ads

One of the most used marketing strategies for businesses is email marketing. That’s why Gmail ads are important as well.

As of September 2015, Google has incorporated Gmail ads with Google AdWords making it highly available to advertisers. Meaning, you are reaching more prospects in their Gmail inbox.

These Gmail ads usually show up in the promotion tab, but it can appear on the social tab as well. They run on mobile and desktops.

Because Gmail ads are less expensive than search ads, if you have a limited budget, then you can try out Gmail ads, too. Check out these best email marketing practices for your next campaign.

5. Its expanding possibilities

Just because you started with a single set of keywords, it does not mean that you cannot expand on it later on.

What you should do is to always expand the possibilities with your keyword list. That way, you will really identify the things that your customers are really searching for.

This is also advantageous for other parts of your campaign. Later on, as you discover more keywords that are performing well with a high conversion rate, you can easily adapt your SEO efforts to integrate various topics and keywords.

6. It is a measurable platform

A lot of businesses and companies these days are giving up on conventional advertising, and switching to online advertising.

Google AdWords is one of the most measurable platforms out there, letting you get more precise information like:

  • The numbers of clicks and views on the advert
  • Costs per click
  • Conversion rate per ad set

7. It has great return on investment

Google Ads is ideal for small businesses because it offers an excellent return on investment. You can easily trace every click, the users’ interaction with your ads, and a wide range of targeting options.

The performance all comes down to your ongoing optimization, testing, and data analysis. Without these features, you will easily waste a lot of money on your end.

8. The availability of data

The greatest advantage of advertising and internet marketing is its availability of data, along with a detailed report. Through Google AdWords, it is simple to measure your ads with a wide range of KPIs or key performance indicators.

You can easily optimize your campaigns to achieve optimal results. These goals and KPIs may vary depending on the variety of metrics that are provided by Google AdWords.

9. It harnesses intent

One of the greatest distinctions between the people that you are reaching via Google AdWords and the other people that you are reaching with various types of advertising is their intent.

For instance, on social media channels, people do not expect to receive product promotions. They are less likely looking for solutions to their problems. However, it is possible that they want to be entertained, connect with a business, or ask family and friends for recommendations.

When you are marketing to someone who does not want to be advertised to in the first place, they will just tune out. When you use AdWords, on the other hand, you are letting prospects to come to you.

Help them find solutions and you will also place yourself in the best position in a way that they are well prepared to pay and pull out their wallet.

10. Your competitors are advertising in Google

Advertising on the radio, television, newspapers these days can be expensive. Aside from that, measuring your profits from these channels can be difficult as well. That is where digital marketing holds an excellent advantage.

Also, according to data that was published by Smart Insights, 76% of the participants consider digital channels to generate higher ROI than more conventional ways of advertising.

There is also a big chance that your competitors are already advertising on Google. So do not get left behind, and find out how can take advantage of Google AdWords.

Over to you

If you want to take advantage of a large number of searches that happen on Google on a daily basis, and you need a number of ways to grow your bottom line, then there is no more efficient method than using Google Adwords to get optimal results.


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