5 Resources To Know About When You’re Selling On Amazon

Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or you’ve been doing it for a few years now, there’s always something left to learn. Amazon is a vast marketplace that sold 232.89 billion dollars in the US in 2018 alone.

These vast numbers mean the opportunities to increase your sales and profits are plentiful. If you’ve ever wondered if resources are out there to help you get started, or to take you to the next level you’re in luck.

You can find everything from Amazon fee calculators to help you figure out your Amazon FBA fees to an Amazon sales rank calculator. So, if you’re seeing that your profits are a little light, and you struggle with understanding things like how Amazon FBA fees work, you’re not stuck in the dark anymore. Keep reading to learn more about these excellent resources.

1. Amazon FBA Fee Calculator

If you haven’t started using Fulfillment By Amazon yet, that’s a good move to consider making. More than 30-50% of FBA sellers have reported a profit increase after switching to using FBA services. Customers trust Amazon, and they take anything being fulfilled by Amazon as an endorsement that this product is better than others.

Once you start using Fulfillment By Amazon’s services, you’ll probably have some questions about Amazon seller fees related to this new service. This is where FBA fees calculators come into play. These types of Amazon fees calculators can help you figure out what’s going to result in better profits for you.

FBA calculators will take into account the fees you will acquire explicitly based on your item. Remember FBA you’re going to pay to store your question at one of Amazon’s over 200 fulfillment facilities, so your item’s specific dimensions and how much space you need are directly related to your profit.

You’ll also be able to take a look at which products would be more profitable than what you’re currently selling (or which products are saturating the market a little too much) by looking at the Amazon seller rank calculator features included with FBA calculators. Overall, if you aren’t using this resource yet, you need to check it soon. It’s a robust tool you shouldn’t be without.

2. AmaSuite

AmaSuite is a suite of resources all in one location. You’ll be able to download them to your computer and use them as much as you want. AmaSuite has a lot of valuable tools within their suite set. You’ll be able to look for keyword suggestions, analyze reviews, or explain what people are searching for on Amazon right now.

All of these are things you can use to see what products people want to buy, or how to better market products you’re currently selling. If you’re considering adding in a new product to what you sell, try checking out the review analyzer. You can use it to see what customers dislike about competing products and search out items that solve those issues.

Having a way to see information about searches, reviews, and get effective keyword suggestions is a great way to make you are getting the most out of your product. AmaSuite is a beautiful resource for you to learn about all of those things.

3. AMZ Tracker

Don’t write this one, as just another keyword tool in a sea of many. AMZ Tracker has been around longer than the others, so its database is naturally built to have more information at this point. That’s enough to make it highly valuable on its own, but AMZ Tracker can do a lot more.

If you have your perfect keywords already picked out, and you aren’t sure where you as a seller rank within that keyword space, AMZ Tracker can tell you that. If you’re wanting to start moving up those seller rank lists and get your product even more traffic (and make more money), then AMZ Tracker is where you need to start.

4. Splitly

Do you have a listing you know is a great idea, but you aren’t sure which part of the listing is causing a weak point in your traffic and revenue? Splitly is your go-to resource for this exact type of situation. As the name suggests, you can split up parts of your listing and test out what to tweak to make your product soar to the top of the heap.

Split’s data will analyze keywords, pricing, features, product descriptions, and a ton of other things. Change things one at a time to see what the data comes back with after each adjustment. When you find the sweet spot, make those changes part of your active listing, and see the real-time results.

5. AMZFinder

Negative reviews can happen to anyone. It’s just a part of dealing with customers and selling consumable products. Eventually, someone will be unhappy with something and leave a negative review for you on your Amazon listing.

AMZFinder is a tool to help you match up a review with the right order number. Amazon customers don’t always use their real names on their studies, so if you see a negative review, you may not still know which order caused the problem. AMZFinder helps prevent any missed connections when it comes to negative reviews.

This might seem like a resource that is a downer, but it’s one you do need. If you get an influx of negative reviews and can connect them to a specific set of items, or a batch number, etc., you can use that information to prevent a more significant more widespread problem. Knowing if something is going on that you wouldn’t have noticed is always going to help.


These are just a few of the resources you can use when it comes to selling on Amazon. There are also things like Facebook groups and podcasts directed specifically at Amazon sellers. Some of these are just there to offer community feedback and support, while others focus on telling you about even more resources, tips, tricks, and hacks.

Putting in the time to research tools that will help you be on the top of your game as an Amazon seller is never time wasted. Not every resource out there will be an excellent fit for you, but you’re sure to find at least a few that make a huge difference in how or what you sell. Use those and keep watching your profits increase. Your hard work will be rewarded.

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