Who is Mary Peltola?

Mary Peltola is a Democrat who, as a child, campaigned with her father and his friend, the state’s longtime Republican congressman. Later, she helped re-elect a Republican senator.

And she’s friendly with Sarah Palin, the state’s former governor who popularized the kind of combative, anti-establishment politics that propelled Donald Trump to the U.S. White House.

In the special election to serve the remainder of the late Rep.'s term, the Democrat defeated Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin lost to Mary Peltola in a special election, and she is now the first Alaska Native member of Congress.

After winning the Alaska house special election Mary Peltola thanked all the supporters.

The voting % of the Alaska house special election is 93%. Mary Peltola gains 51.5% votes and opposition Sarah Palin gains 48.5% votes.

Mary Peltola gains a total of 91206 (5219 ahead) votes and Sarah Palin gains 85987 votes.

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