Samsung S95B Series

The Samsung S95B is the brightest, most colourful, and most adaptable OLED TV we've ever tested, thanks to its quantum dot colour and OLED technology.

LG C2 Series

LG’s C2 Series boasts stellar performance for the price and is available in a lot of screen sizes, but it lacks the high brightness and colour saturation of our top pick.

If you want to watch movies, sports, TV shows, and play video games at your best, invest in an OLED TV.

What you need to know

OLED TVs are less common than LCD TVs on the market. We sought out the ideal balance between functionality, features, and price.

What you need to know

We use measurement equipment and Portrait Displays’s Calman software to evaluate crucial TV metrics like contrast and colour accuracy.

What you need to know

Despite improvements in brightness, OLED TVs are still not as bright as the finest LCD TVs. Consider LCD if you have a very bright or sunny room.

What you need to know

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