Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Software Development Industry

AI was since long a science fiction concept which we have seen in lots of Hollywood movies including Artificial Intelligence, Matrix, Interstellar, iRobot and more. From the past few years, AI is coming into reality, which is completely changing the world around us. We are seeing continuous advancement in technologies which is making AI part of our lives.

As per a research report, AI market was valued at $2.4 billion in 2017 which is expected to reach enormous $59 billion by 2025. AI is definitely revolutionizing various industries and now even common people have started to feel its impact.

AI has now so many applications. We see its impact in many industry verticals, including the
software development companies in Minneapolis and also across the world, which has several benefits from AI software development.

Let’s look at this Statista Chart. It tells about the growth in revenues from the artificial intelligence (AI) software market worldwide from 2018 to 2025 (in billion U.S. dollars).

Software Engineers have been studying about artificial intelligence and its applications in their course since a long time. Engineers and scientists have been trying to use AI and its algorithms to develop computers and machines with knowledge, behavior, and power similar to that of humans.

Earlier, the AI software or systems were as good and intelligent as their developers who are humans. They were developed by using techniques that involved manually growing and improving the knowledge base of the system, which had certain limits. This limited and finite knowledge made the AI systems having limited applications.

Today we develop AI systems with the new approach so that they learn from themselves and become experts and make models and abstract rules from the data that is fed to them. These AI systems keep on improving their accuracy, adapting to the new situations, and expanding their capabilities much beyond the original programming. With this, we also found an answer to the question How AI impact Software Development?

Now we see in deep learning which is the part of machine learning aspect of AI, traditional natural language processing (NLP) techniques, rule-based reasoning and knowledge representation are being used which has resulted in the emergence of new “intelligent” apps in many domains.

This new approach to implement artificial intelligence is impacting the work of software developers. Hence, you, too, should be prepared for using these AI software development tools. Developers should learn how these new AI technologies work and how they can apply them to their work in the enterprise software development life cycle and also in developing applications.

Impact of AI on the Software Development

1. Easy to Convert an Idea into Code

There are so many entrepreneurs around the world who want to implement their business idea by developing software around it. Many of them even go for Outsourcing software development to save cost. But writing code for such software is still a complex task even though we have many latest SDLC methods, Agile methods, and practical business analysis.

AI can make this process of writing the code much more straightforward. Using AI, it can be possible that software developers can describe a business idea in natural language and the AI system after understanding it turns it into executable code. Through natural language processing and expert systems, software applications can be created, changed, or improved. AI will result in easy text recognition, which will lead to better code generators.

2. To Improve the Accuracy of Estimates of Software Development

During the full activity of software development in a Software Development Company, there is an important task which is required at the start of each project. That is the estimation of the time and cost of developing a software project. Even today, it is a complicated process with low precision, also if it involves experts with extensive knowledge.

An AI-based software solution can estimate the cost of software development after analyzing the historical data from previous projects which the company has done. This solution uses statistics, correlations, predictive analytics, and business rules to provide an accurate estimate of time, effort, and cost.

3. To do Testing and Maintenance of Software Products

AI can completely transform the maintenance and testing part of the Software development lifecycle and process. By using AI in software testing, IT, companies can transform their software testing into a robust automated process requiring the minimal intervention of humans.

Many companies that have developed software testing tools are now incorporating these tools with AI capabilities to gain the maximum advantage of AI technologies, which ultimately dramatically benefits the software developers.

4. In Doing Automatic Bug Fixing

Another essential part of software development is bug fixing, which is very common in almost all software development projects. Using AI, we can transform this completely. Nowadays, we have a vast amount of data that is tested in the software testing process. This data tends to increase exponentially, and there are a lot more chances of errors happening due to human factors and unwilling ignorance of existing bugs.

Using AI and machine learning, we can power the tools which resolve bugs and generate auto-corrected software code without the need for any human intervention.

5. In Managing Customer Experience

We use many tools to implement the processes which help us achieve better customer experience. The application of AI in developing these tools can bring significant benefits. These AI-enabled devices can play a vital role in maintaining the enormous amount of data flowing in almost every second – whether it is related to social media interactions, helpdesk and complain related or feedback related.

Complex AI tools can provide real-time insights to help businesses to deliver much better customer service and achieve higher growth in revenue and profits. As many devices are being launched into the market to manage customer experience; hence, we can say AI is transforming the customer experience.

Chatbot to interact with customers is one such tools which is becoming highly popular each passing day.

6. To Build Safe and Secure Software Systems

AI can be immensely helpful in building safe and secure software systems. Most of the software deals with lots of personal and confidential data, and we all understand the importance of data security in today’s world. So many government organizations and large private enterprises store an enormous amount of customer, strategic, and other personal data of users who need to be secured at all times at all the cost.

By using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, we can provide the necessary security and processes to create a multi-layered security system that provides a high level of protection to the underlined data. Advanced AI algorithms can also help in identifying potential threats, data breaches, and vulnerabilities much in advance and not only this, they can even provide the necessary solutions to avoid any incident of data theft of hacking in future.

7. To Improve Productivity within a Software Organization

Many Artificial Intelligence algorithms can be applied and implemented to help developers in writing better source code and overcoming software bugs. Several AI algorithms are there to help in coding and provide clean, simple to understand and bug-free systems and to increase the efficiency and productivity of developers.

AI algorithms can read, judge, and understand the structure of the existing code and can provide highly useful suggestions for improvements, which ultimately help in improving the overall productivity of the organization and to reduce the development time during the SDLC process.

8. To Automate the Processes

AI can help in bringing automation within the company or organization and its processes. The benefit of such kind of automation is that almost every piece of work can be done without human intervention and interference.

By using deep learning and machine learning, organizations can quickly implement automation in the backend processes, which will ultimately lead to cost savings and reduced human needs. The good thing is that the AI-enabled systems and methods evolve and improve over time as the algorithms learn from past mistakes and past data and adjust themselves to enhance productivity.

9. To Optimize Server Operation

It has been generally seen that the organizations which have a website running on a server face issues when the hosting server is targeted with millions of requests per day. The job of a server is to open the web pages which are requested by the users. But due to such huge traffic or the continuous inflow of user requests, servers often become unresponsive, which results in server down errors for a long time.

Artificial Intelligence can significantly help the organizations in overcoming this problem. AI can optimize the host server to improve customer service and enhance operations. AI tools can also tell how much hardware or resources are required for the smooth functioning of the website and how to optimize their usage overtime in advance.

10. Conclusion

No doubt Artificial Intelligence has brought many benefits for the software development processes and software industry as a whole. You take any Software Development Company in India or elsewhere; AI has helped its developers to widen their horizons and do operations which were earlier looked impossible or very difficult.

Software developers have witnessed a rapid change in the software development life cycle, planning, execution, and even in delivering quality assurance. Ultimately, we can say that the automation which has been brought by the use of AI in software development has helped the industries, developers, organizations as well as the public and users in general. Therefore, many businesses look for Offshore software development Companies to build AI-based software at affordable rates.

After reading this article, if you are impressed with the benefits of artificial intelligence in the software development process and industry, then you should contact the Best software development company, which has expert software developers having experience in developing AI-based software. It will open new gates of success and growth for your organization.

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