GTA 5 For Mobile Device – Most Reputed Mobile Video Game

GTA is the most reputed mobile video game in the market. Therefore, it always releases a different updated version having unique features. GTA 5 for mobile is one of the best performances ever. Let me guide you on how to play it on your android device.

1. Introduction

GTA 5 initially released for consoles in 2013 and then for PCs in 2015. But mobile users are still awaited for it and looking for the different ways to play it on the mobile device.

Because it is not available officially for mobile in the market, SO let’s take a look at how to download GTA 5 apk on your mobile?

Download GTA 5 APK

2. Features

High-Resolution Graphics

Everything is available in HD graphics, so it is an exciting game.

Virus Free

It is fully updated, and with a virus-free version, there are no security issues.

More Challenges

Various challenges or missions are newly added in this version.

Fast Loading

It’s a fast-loading version of GTA in which low-speed issues are resolved.

More Vehicles

All the old versions have the same vehicles, but different new vehicles are newly added in it.


Maps is also another exciting feature that is about to guide while playing.


There is an option to customize clothes and cars by spending some cash in this game.


As the name is suggesting, this game will allow you to have more fun with your friends online.

3. How to run GTA 5 on a mobile device?

It is something tricky to play a game which is not available officially. But don’t worry in this method you can do it legally through a link which is called “Steam Link ”. There are a few steps to get this link. You have to follow them carefully. OK, let’s start it.

  • Go to the mobile browser and search “steam link”.
  • Open the first link and click on the download button.
  • After completing this process, open the app and go to settings.
  • Click on the computer tab option.
  • In the next step, it will scan for the nearest Bluetooth device and connect it with your PC.
  • After linking it with the PC, click on the settings button.
  • Click on the remote play button and select the pair steam link.
  • A pin code will appear on your mobile screen for the verification.
  • Once it is verified, then you can play and enjoy it.

4. FAQs

Is steam link free to use on mobile?

Yes, it is a free application so that everyone can use it.

How do I run GTA-V smoothly?

To play this game smoothly, you have to use a fast speed internet connection.

How much RAM does it require to run?

You must have 4GB of Ram to play this game on your device.

5. Conclusion | GTA 5 For Mobile Device

Next to giving the above details, we can say that it is straightforward to play GTA 5 on your mobile device. If you got the answer to your questions and like then must share it with your friends. You can share your feedback through the comment box and follow us for the more upcoming updates.


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