Essential Things to Know about Bing SEO

If we talk about SEO and search engines, we always refer to Google. That is because Google’s search market share is approx two-thirds. Therefore, everyone thinks of all Google, especially in the US. Then, have you considered the other third? Do you know that 35.6 percent of the search market is also quite significant? Yes, we are talking about Bing SEO together with Yahoo. They together make 35.6 percent. It implies that every third visitor use Bing or Yahoo and not Google.

Again, for quite some years now, Bing powers Yahoo search. It means that approx 51 percent of Yahoo searches depend on Bing’s ranking algorithm and Bing’s indexing. If you test, the search results are quite similar in Yahoo and Bing. Then, why not talk about Bing SEO and see what it has to offer to marketers looking for ranking higher in the SERPs.

According to an article published on, there are many ways to take your SEO to the next level these days. If you can create quality content with the relevant keywords, your SEO is bound to increase with quality inbound links as well as social shares. Therefore, let us delve deeper into understanding the essential things about Bing SEO.

1. Bing SEO has less competition

One of the best reasons to include Bing to your optimization techniques, make a serious attempt not to ignore Bing. Do you know why? That is because fewer competitors will use Bing to rank high in the SERPs. It means less competition for you. If you have quality content, you have high chances of occupying the top spots in Bing’s search results. Try it for once, and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Yes, adding Bing to your SEO strategy makes sense. With the majority of marketers moving to Google as it has such a large search market share, you will find less competition on Bing; then, why not make the most out of this opportunity. Moreover, you’re in a straight match with less of the businesses catering to the same industry, and you stand a better chance to occupy a top spot in Bing’s search results. It means more visitors will click on your website link and look for your products or services.

2. Conversions are better

Debatably, when it comes to Bing traffic, it usually has an improved conversion rate when compared to Google. It is one observation that many marketers made after studying the trends of both Google and Bing. You can see it for yourself and then make an informed decision. As per the latest study, it was found that Bing had a conversion rate of approx 20 percent, while Google had 16.5 percent. The reason could be that the demographics on Bing are more mature, mostly over 35 years, and therefore, has more money to buy your products or services.
We recommend that you do your research and look at the Google Analytics data before making a final call on this aspect. If you have more questions related to Bing SEO, you can look up platforms like Social Market Way or similar ones.

3. Bing SEO is easier

Different from Google, Bing is astonishingly candid about its ranking parameters. It is also strangely pro-SEO. Bing will never say something as “Any URLs planned to influence a website’s ranking in the SERPs might be regarded as part of a link strategy and a breach of our rules or guidelines.”

On the contrary, Bing would say something more simple and easy to understand. Build a strategy about how to build links externally as well as internally. Take into consideration social media to let you make external links or request websites for them. It is essential to plan carefully, which of the actual words shall be linked. The use of targeted keywords is necessary wherever necessary. It sounds effortless and straightforward, unlike Google. All Bing is telling you to build quality links and optimize your website and anchors.

Therefore, you see that Bing is worth your time. It is essential to understand the ranking factors that help your website rank high in Bing’s search pages.

4. Ranking Factors On Bing

a) Simple keywords

From the time when Google’s Hummingbird update in 2012, we all heard about user intent and semantic search, and little about search phrases or keywords like we learned and listened to lessons in school. Different from Google, Bing is not interested in the semantic game. Studies indicate it’s not too superior when it comes to broad-matching queries, and therefore, simple, straightforward keyword usage will work fine on Bing. It will help you to drive traffic to your business website and help it rank high on Bing.

Therefore, if you considered you could relax and depend on Google understanding the meaning of your web pages and determining that the search terms you must rank for, you are mistaken. Avoid this path. That is because user-intent keyword research is one of the essential steps if you want to perform better in Google SEO. Try Bing instead with the use of straightforward keywords.

b) Backlinks

Backlinks are essential for all search engines. When it comes to Google, we have observed a waning connection of link count as well as rankings, implying that you’ll frequently find websites having fewer links ranking better in the SERPs than those sites with free link profile. Google depends more a lot on page rank, which is the link juice passing via the backlinks.

When it comes to Bing, the opposite is exact. Based on a study by Searchmetrics, it was found that for Bing, the number of backlinks has a much better correlation as far as rankings are concerned.

Moreover, 52 percent to 53 percent of those backlinks of sites ranked amongst the peak 30 results on Bing, with search terms in the anchor text. It is approx 10 percent more compared to Google.

It seems that expanding your link profile concerning size is a particularly efficient strategy for Bing. It might not give you a similar result as in Google, but it will not damage your website SEO. However, you need to avoid spam and build links that relate to relevant websites.

5. Conclusion

Now that you know so much about Bing SEO optimize your website and see the results. You’ll not be disappointed.


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